May 7, 2007

Microsoft, Yahoo! to Co-operate?

With all the speculation over Microsoft pursuing a Yahoo! acquisition on the one hand, and on the other, counter speculation regarding possible pitfalls of such an integration, latest reports have cleared the air... to a certain extent...

It is learnt that Microsoft-Yahoo! merger talks are no longer active, even as possibilities of mutual co-operation between the two remain.

Which means, there is still room for Microsoft and Yahoo! to cooperate as part of a partnership or a JV (joint venture), in which Microsoft will likely spin-off some of its online properties to Yahoo!, a report in the Wall Street Journal says.

The report reads, "both companies discussed a possible merger or other match-up that would pair their respective strengths."

A Microsoft-Yahoo! merger, had it happened, was being seen as a potentially powerful combined front versus Google's dominance of online search and advertising.


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