November 24, 2008

ONGC website defaced by pakistani hackers

A pakistani hacking group "pakistan cyber army {PCA} hacked ONGC website and a few other indian sites and as per the message on the hacked pages this is in response to defacement of pakistan's OGRA's website by an indian group called "HMG". The message left by the hackers reads:

This is a message from PCA for HMG(script_kiddies) in return to the ogra defacement.

Backoff , go read some course books else you will loose both , your name and this game.
We will literally SMOKE YOUR DOORS OFF like other groups did before.

This is just a warning to Indian authorities either to launch inquiry against HMG or get ready for more action.

We were sleeping but not Dead. Now Face the consequences


Here are the screenshots of ONGC website after the hack...

And here's a screen shot of the defacement that the indian group did on OGRA's website on 17th nov,2008 :

While Indian group H M G is run by a guy called Sneak and they call themselves Guards of Hindustan and some define this group Hindu Militant Group, They share the ideology of extremist Hindu organizations like Shiv Sena. This group HMG is very active in Orkut and they have hacked a number of Pakistani communities and after taking ownership, turned those communities into anti-Pakistan ones , Not much information is available about the pakistani group Pakistan cyber army except that the deface page is hosted on yahoo geocities under the username doser_dalnet here the link.

The other indian sites hacked by PCA are:-

Here's an article that gives insight about this cyber war between the two countries.

This is a serious matter of concern for both ONGC and indian goverment and some serious steps will have to be taken to deal with the ongoing INDIA-PAKISTAN cyber war.

Ack:- Amol Gupta


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