November 12, 2007

Get ready for 3G services, number portability

Steering India towards a new level of wireless telephony, the government on Monday announced immediate release of spectrum for 'third generation' (3G) mobile services and allowed users to switch operators while retaining the cell phone numbers.

"The government has decided to release 3G spectrum in 2.1 ghz band with immediate effect," Communications Minister A Raja said.

Number portability, which would allow users to change their service provider while keeping the numbers unchanged, will be introduced in the four metropolitan cities at the earliest.

The department of telecommunications secretary D S Mathur said about 30 mhz spectrum can be released to accommodate three players in the first phase.

Asked whether only existing 2G players will be allowed to offer 3G services, Raja said: "No, I want healthy competition, I want all the players to bid for it. As far as foreign players are concerned, they will be allowed subject to security clearances by Ministry of Home Affairs."


unethical practices of Vodafone....

in the name of blackout days not only on diwali but also the very next day vodafone charged for the local sms {message pack was activated on my no.}... n its only after my bal got nill... i came to know about it...
ok now my story starts...
i call up vodafone customer care n the person informs me that its viswakarma day...
{tomorrow they'll say its some other special day that is celebrated in some other part of the country so its blackout day}
n then whn i tell him to connect me to his senior n some1 related to vodafone notr some call center guy... he puts me on hold n phone gets disconnected...
i try again.. n some girl answers she tell me that vishwakarma day is a national holiday...
{some1 plz tell these idiots that there are only 3 national holidays in india}
n again on my request to connect me to some senior the phone gets disconnected n same thing happens the third time i call...
finally on 4th time when i call the guy tells me that vodafone fwds all subscribers a msg stating that its a blackout day... n on my request finally he transfers me to some senior person...
who informs me that blackout days are not only national holidays but also some special day n vishwakarma day is also a special day (hey i wonder why is bhaidooj not a special day for vodafone,they could have made some money on that day too)
also he tells me that it is not mandatory from TRAI to send messages to subscribers informing them about the blackout day that is coming up- hmm i guess TRAI has no problem with vodafone sending idiotic msges about ringtones n other stuff,only sending inp messages is not mandatory. {i wonder why airtel-no1 network of the country messaged me on my other no informing me about diwali n it being a blackout day}....
i wonder when these companies will start doing business ethically....
hey any1 listening!!!!!

November 11, 2007

New iPhone Firmware 1.1.2 Hacked Before Release

When Apple announced the release of the iPhone for the UK, it also announced that iPhone and iPod touch firmware version 1.1.2 would be released at the same time. Released today, firmware 1.1.2 closes the TIFF vulnerability in mobile Safari that was used to jailbreak firmware 1.1.1.

Confirmed by DailyTech, the TIFF vulnerability no longer works. However, despite Apple's effort to lockdown the iPhone and iPod touch, firmware 1.1.2 has already been jailbroken.

Credit go to the people behind AppSnap, the same utility used to jailbreak 1.1.1 devices. According to TUAW, testing of the new jailbreak began several nights ago, when the new 1.1.2 firmware was made available for download not through iTunes, but through Apple's website.

In its current stage, the new jailbreak requires several steps in order to complete, and is by no means release ready and user friendly. AppSnap and still remains open for 1.1.1 only, but the new jailbreak is being prepared for the same single tap installation.


iPhone finally hits the UK and Germany

UK: After months of speculation and hype, Apple's iPhone has finally hits the UK and German stores. Ovum has discussed its various features and possible impact on the device market at length elsewhere. However, what does it mean for its operator partners, O2 UK and T-Mobile Germany?

O2 currently leads the UK in terms of connections and in terms of ARPU, and has reported the highest non-voice ARPU for several consecutive quarters. As such, it is a good fit for a device such as the iPhone that focuses so heavily on messaging and Internet services.

O2 is offering the iPhone with an unlimited mobile data tariff, and Ovum would argue that this is a great way for it to raise awareness of mobile data tariffs among its customers. Even if they do not buy an iPhone, the buzz surrounding it may arouse their interest in the mobile Internet. However, we think the strongest benefit for O2 is that the iPhone acts as a key differentiator in a market that has recently seen fierce competition on acquisition and retention.


November 9, 2007

themes in orkut!!!!!

so do you know whats new with orkut,,, well to my surprise... i saw "happy diwali" written just befor my email id on top of orkut page.. just out of curosity whn i clicked on it... my orkut page turned into a diwali themed page...

so from this can we say that google is considering to put themes just like igoogle themes in orkut too...
lets just wait n watch!!!
n by the way google also introduced 5 new themes for igoogle...
"happy diwali"

November 7, 2007

Google's Android platform and the Open Handset Alliance: a quick round-up

Carefully orchestrated announcements for broad, sweeping initiatives like the one staged by Google today don't always do a great job of diving straight into the meat and telling it like it is, so we thought we'd boil down the Android and Open Handset Alliance sitch as best we could into a tight, easy to digest series of bullets. If this list is still wider than your attention span, though, just know this: you can pick up your Google-powered phone in the latter half of 2008.

  • At its core, Android forms the basis for Google's operating system and supporting software for phones. In Google's own words, it's a software stack.
  • Two separate but related entities form the basis for today's announcement: the Linux-based Android mobile platform (a result of Google's 2005 acquisition of a start-up of the same name) and the Open Handset Alliance, a 33-strong group of device manufacturers, component manufacturers, software companies, and carriers that have committed to working with Android.
  • There is no cut and dried "Gphone" and Google doesn't intend (or at least it hasn't indicated an intent) to enter the hardware business. Instead, it'll leave that to established players like HTC, LG, and Samsung -- and theoretically, anyone else that wants to have a go at it since the Android platform and its code base is wide open.
  • Unlike the platform itself, there's no guarantee that devices based on the Android platform will be open to third party developers. Google says that'll be left to manufacturers and carriers to be decide, although it doubts they'll choose to lock them down (hmm, has Google ever worked with a carrier before?)

Live coverage of Google's Android Gphone mobile OS announcement

8:58AM PT - Ok, we're on the call, and there's soothing classical. We'll "be underway in a few minutes."

9:02AM PT - Ok, we're about to begin!

9:04AM PT - "Welcome everyone to the Google, Inc. conference call. Today's call is being recorded." Yeah, by us! Elliot Shraig (sp) from Google is on. "We have a number of companies here with an exiting announcement to make in the mobile space."

Sergey and Eric from Goog, Peter Chou from HTC, Zander from Moto, plenty of heavyweights. Eric Schmidt is kicking off -- Andy Rubin will join for the Q&A.

9:05AM PT - "Thanks everybody, for joining us. We're obviously very, very happy that this announcement is going out today. To give you some context, there are 3 billion mobile users worldwide... getting people access to information is very important. On Google's side we have a two part strategy... the part we want to talk about today is creating a whole new mobile experience for users, and we're going to do that with Android."

9:06AM PT - "Google along with 33 other companies are announcing Android, the first truly integrated mobile operating system. ... What's particularly notable is that it's available under a mobile open source license. It's incredibly important to say that this is NOT an announcement of the 'Gphone'... we hope there will be thousands of 'Gphones'..."


November 4, 2007

Microsoft's HD Photo picked to succeed JPEG

The venerable JPEG image-compression standard is about to get a little bigger -- the international committee that regulates the standard just approved the creation of a format called JPEG XR based on Microsoft's HD Photo spec. The Joint Photographic Experts Committee started looking at standardizing HD Photo last month (formerly known as Windows Media Photo) because it features higher compression efficiency, better image fidelity, and more flexible in-camera editing options, and major camera makers and software vendors like Hasselblad and Adobe supported the format's metamorphosis into JPEG XR.


Orkut's Application for Asking Questions

OpenSocial, Google's API for social gadgets, has been launched to the public. The API is supported by many social networks, including MySpace and orkut, but it's still not ready for prime time (Plaxo is the first site that lets you add social gadgets to your profile).

orkut added something new: an application that lets you ask your friends questions. It wasn't developed using OpenSocial, but it's a perfect example of an useful social gadget. You can find it at the top of the feeds page.

Ask Friends (or Mobius, probably a reference to the Möbius strip) has two clever features that make it non-trivial. Based on your question, orkut automatically generates a list of labels, probably from an existing database. Using these labels and other labels entered by you, orkut determines what friends are most likely to have an answer for your question. "The system will choose Orkut friends who may have an interesting answer for you based on their answering history and interests." There's also an option to select the friends that can view and answer your question.


Google to Reveal GPhone Info on Monday

Google’s big idea to launch a mobile phone handset has proved a fertile ground for rumors galore in the mobile industry for a while now. Nothing conclusive so far about the design, UI or anything else has been disclosed. It been under wraps for so long, it’s driving people into a speculative frenzy.

Come Monday and the fog should clear and we should finally be able to get a more-or-less clear picture regarding what the actual deal is. Yes, that's apparently when Google is going to announce its plans for entering the mobile world. So stay tuned.