December 31, 2007

iPhones upgraded to 1.1.3 can't be downgraded?

Not to say it's actually easy to get your hands on the rumored 1.1.3 firmware at this point, but in the event that you do, proceed with caution. Nate True, the guy that brought us a video walkthrough of the supposedly leaked goods, is reporting that he can't seem to downgrade to 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 after performing the install. Locked phones show an "Incorrect SIM" error -- a problem unlockers of yore are all too familiar with -- while previously unlocked phones can't be upgraded to 1.1.3 at all. Let's be honest, though: if you somehow managed to score a copy of 1.1.3, is that really going to stop you from going for it?

[Thanks, cingular#1]

Update: We're hearing that the phenomenon observed by Mr. True has existed since the very first firmware release; it's a state the phone enters whenever it finds a baseband version different...


iPhones upgraded to 1.1.3 can't be downgraded?

Not to say it's actually easy to get your hands on the rumored 1.1.3 firmware at this point, but in the event that you do, proceed with caution. Nate True, the guy that brought us a video walkthrough of the supposedly leaked goods, is reporting that he can't seem to downgrade to 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 after performing the install. Locked phones show an "Incorrect SIM" error -- a problem unlockers of yore are all too familiar with -- while previously unlocked phones can't be upgraded to 1.1.3 at all. Let's be honest, though: if you somehow managed to score a copy of 1.1.3, is that really going to stop you from going for it?

[Thanks, cingular#1]

Update: We're hearing that the phenomenon observed by Mr. True has existed since the very first firmware release; it's a state the phone enters whenever it finds a baseband version different...


iPhone firmware 1.1.3 leaked?

Looks like there may have been a possible leak of the next version of Apple's iPhone firmware, 1.1.3. According to Gear Live, it can now handle SMS to multiple recipients, the springboard (home screen) supports reordered icons and pagination (as well as web bookmarks), and Google maps gets hybrid view and that nifty cell-based location system. If this is all Steve plans to announce iPhone-wise at Macworld next month, we think there will be more than a few disappointed iPhone users out there. Then again, home screen pagination would kind of imply an SDK to make use of all those slots, so maybe the real news is under the hood.

iPhone firmware 1.1.3 leaked?

Looks like there may have been a possible leak of the next version of Apple's iPhone firmware, 1.1.3. According to Gear Live, it can now handle SMS to multiple recipients, the springboard (home screen) supports reordered icons and pagination (as well as web bookmarks), and Google maps gets hybrid view and that nifty cell-based location system. If this is all Steve plans to announce iPhone-wise at Macworld next month, we think there will be more than a few disappointed iPhone users out there. Then again, home screen pagination would kind of imply an SDK to make use of all those slots, so maybe the real news is under the hood.


iPhone firmware 1.1.3 icon rearrangement on video?

December 30, 2007

Updates from Your Gmail Contacts

One of the reasons why the chat box can no longer be disabled in the new version of Gmail is that it will include some new features: updates from your contacts. Yes, they are the same contacts you barely know, but these updates will help you learn more about them.

Gmail's code suggests that you'll be able to delete the updates you don't like, reply by email or post a comment. It's not very clear what kind of updates you will receive, but they're probably the latest important actions of your contacts from different Google services.

JavaScript code from Gmail

Picasa Web Albums already shows on the homepage a list of recent activities from the people you've subscribed to (not necessarily your contacts):

Google Reader has recently started to display shared items from your Google Talk contacts, a feature that stirred passionate debates.

Google Shared Stuff shows the web pages shared by your Gmail contacts. "A shared stuff page is a collection of all the links that you want to share online. Your shared stuff page is publicly visible, so you can use it you to share links with your friends and others on the web," Google mentions about the obscure service.

orkut, Google's social network, added in September a feature that shows the latest updates from your orkut friends:

The Gmail updates will probably gather all this information, merge it with recent activities from other Google services and display it in a continous stream, similar to Facebook's newsfeed. Deriving a social graph from your address book is not always the best idea if we take into account that Gmail automatically adds people in your list of contacts. Social applications are Google's weakest point, as it didn't manage to create strong communities around any service. Integrating these applications and adding an unified social layer might appear artificial, especially if the users didn't ask for it and they don't have the tools to control the sharing boundaries.

December 25, 2007

Google Holiday Doodle

I don't know if you have noted or not but for the past few days... there were diff. logos on google homepage.. yes a different logo everyday for past 4-5 days.. n finally the series got completed today with christmas...
here's how google constructed its holiday logo...


December 20, 2007

Windows Internet Explorer 8

internet-explorer-8 Microsoft will release the first beta of Internet Explorer 8 in the first half of 2008 that will have full support for web standards. And the new browser will be known as “Windows Internet Explorer 8″.

Website designers will be able to write websites based on standards, insert a flag that tells IE to render in IE8 standards mode, and IE will then switch its rendering engine to use this new mode.

Thus IE8 won’t break the layout of existing websites coded for previous versions of IE (IE7 or IE6, for example). They’ll behave in exactly the same way in IE8 unless website designers opt-in to IE8 standards mode by placing a simple tag at the head of their HTML document.

It is not immediately clear if Windows IE8 will be available for Windows 2000 and XP versions.

Download Official Firefox 3 Beta From Mozilla

Firefox 3, the next generation web browser from Mozilla, has been released as a beta software officially in Mozilla's web site. The Firefox 3 beta includes approximately 900 new features which improves user experience, security, stability & performance.

The English version of the browser for Microsoft Windows can be downloaded from here. If you want to download for other operating systems and with regional language support, visit Mozilla's download centre.

Read the release notes to know more about the new features introduced in Firefox 3 beta.

Windows XP SP3 RC Now on Microsoft Download Center

download xp sp3

Microsoft has just added the Windows XP Service Pack 3 (release candidate) installer to their download website.

This Windows XP SP3 installer weighs around 336 MB and includes all patches, bug fixes and security updates ever released by Microsoft since the launch of Windows XP OS.

Nothing major introduced in XP SP3 but there’s a new activation scheme which will not require a product key during XP installation on a new machine.

And unlike XP SP1 or SP2, you can easily uninstall XP SP3 from your PC using the Add Remove programs module.

Release notes for XP SP3 | Download Link [windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu.exe]

Apple in Talks to Launch iPhone in Japan

Apple Inc. is negotiating with Japan's top mobile phone carrier to launch the iPhone in Japan, though the cut of subscriber revenue that Apple wants has been a sticking point, according to a report published Tuesday.

NTT DoCoMo spokesman Shuichiro Ichikoshi said company President Masao Nakamura met recently with Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs. Shuichiro declined to comment further.

The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed people familiar with the matter, reported Tuesday that Jobs and Nakamura discussed launching the iPhone in Japan.

Apple has said it plans to launch the device in Asia in 2008 but has not provided details.


Google Talk Gets One Step Closer To The Ultimate Babel Fish

“Meanwhile, the poor Babel fish, by effectively removing all barriers to communication between different races and cultures, has caused more and bloodier wars than anything else in the history of creation.” Douglas Adams, Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

Google now offers instant machine translation in Google Talk, a step on the road to the ultimate Babel Fish.

The new service is used by adding a translation bot to a Google Talk chat, for example adding provides a translation from English to Chinese. The bot can be used as a direct look up tool for a translation, or in a group chat for translation on the fly as part of a conversation. For a two way conversation two bots are required, one for the English to other language translation, and one for the other language back into English.

A full list of languages available (and codes) can be found on the Google Talk blog here. The service also supports translation from non-English languages to other non-English languages as well, for example French to German and back again.

Lets hope that unlike the Babel Fish in Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy that Google Talk doesn’t start any conflicts; given that the service is pulling data from Google Translate some of those translations may end up being rather interesting to say the least.

what is a blog-in simple english

What is a blog.. explained here in this video in simple English in layman's language....

December 19, 2007

S60 Gets Its Own YouTube Application

YouTube is one of the best things since, well... Toothpaste! This is a site that, we, in this day and age, as internet junkies want to have accessible from every mode of communication if possible. Having it easily accessible on your mobile device is not a new concept. Apple has already seen to that with a direct link to on their iPhone and iPod Touch. Symbian users I’m sure didn’t want to be left out so a gentleman named Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz developed emTube.

emTube is a freeware that’s been developed for a the S60 3rd Edition platform. Its interface is very user-friendly and simplistic in its form and appearance. The application will allow users to search, view and even save videos onto their mobile device. The downloaded files are stored as flash video files (.flv) which can be played back using the same application.

The developer has thought of everything. Currently there are two versions out. One is for normal S60 users and the second is designed with the N95 specifically in mind. Depending on your connection speed it will take a while from videos to buffer, but the file can be downloaded as soon as it starts to play. All videos can also be played back in landscape mode as well for better viewing. The rotation is courtesy of the N95's accelerometer. I have had a chance to test the application and it’s brilliant.

YouTube fans and S60 third edition or N95 users can download the application from here.

December 17, 2007

Scrap in more indian languages...

After adding scrap in hindi feature in orkut.. google has added more indian language support..
now you can scrap in tamil,telgu,kannad and malayalam also....

hey but there's nothing about this on orkut blog!!!


December 15, 2007

Apple iPhone To Record Video

One of the bigger issues with the Apple iPhone that made everyone on the planet go 'What the...?' was the fact that this Super phone had a camera, great, but not only was it a simple point and shoot with no settings, it was also devoid of video recording capabilities. That is now about to stand corrected. Although it is NOT Apple who has revamped the camera but a third part application that will provide this facility.

A beta version of the iPhone video recording application was developed by the Monster and Friends. The latest update tells us that the application, although has it’s limitations due to the iPhone’s RAM, is able to record videos at a frame rate of 40-45 fps with no recording limit. Such was not the case with the earlier version.

Kudos to the developer and let’s just say we’re looking forward to a lot more from him.

You can download the iPhone video recording application here.

December 12, 2007

Goldman Sachs says second-gen iPhone is in "final design phase," Apple TV to get LCD screen

We're not certain why anyone treats the inevitable arrival of a second-gen iPhone sometime next year as earth-shattering news, but Goldman Sachs released a note to clients yesterday saying that the rumored 3G version is in its "final design phase." The investment firm's David Bailey says he got the info from the usual assortment of moderately-reliable Asian component suppliers, and that he expects the new model to have "similar form factor" with a "different look." Rounding out his list of obvious predictions, Bailey also said the existing model will get a capacity bump sometime next year as well, which makes sense given the proliferation of 32GB flash devices we've seen pop up lately.


Firefox 3.0 Beta 2 Due by Year's End

Mozilla Corp. said developers have handed off the second beta of Firefox 3.0 to internal testing, and will ship the next preview of the open-source browser before the end of the year.

The tentative release date for Beta 2 has been set for Dec. 21, said Mike Beltzner, Mozilla's interface designer, in a posting to a company blog Monday. "If all goes well during the testing, Firefox 3 Beta 2 will be released on [Dec. 21] in the early afternoon, Pacific Standard Time. You can track our progress on the Firefox 3 Beta 2 Release Checklist," Beltzner said.

Mozilla dropped Beta 1 on users Nov. 20; a day later, Mike Schroepfer, the company's vice president of engineering, said the goal was to get another beta out the door before 2007 ended.

On Friday, Mozilla will hold one of its all-comers test days, where it asks for volunteers to run the beta through a series of stress tests.


December 10, 2007

“Orkut is banned” virus

Today my fren faced a very starange problem... while opening orkut in ie.. a starnge error came... smthing like this... “Orkut is banned you fool, The administrators didnt write this program guess who did?? MUHAHAHA!!” and the browser closed.
n finally i got d soln. from a fren's blog... so here it is:--

its actually W32.USBWorm virus which displayed such messages while opening Orkut and Youtube. Here are a few simple steps which you can follow to remove this virus if this has infected your system too.
    • Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and go to processes tab
    • Locate svchost.exe under the image name. There will be many processes by that name but look for the ones which have your username under the username. Just kill these processes by pressing Del key.Only kill those which have your username under the username and leave the rest
    • Open the run command and type C:\heap41a and press enter. This is a hidden folder. Delete all the contents of this folder
    • Open the registry by typing regedit in the run box
    • Search for heap41a in the registry by using the find command
    • You will get something like this “[winlogon] C:\heap41a\svchost.exe C:\heap(some number)\std.txt“. Just delete the entries by pressing the del key
    • Close the registry editor

Now the virus will be gone. The virus mainly spreads through USB disks so be sure to delete Autorun.inf file and any folder which has a .exe extension in the pen drive you use. Avast and Nod32 are able to detect it. Even AVG, Norton and macfee failed to detect it.

December 4, 2007

chinese invasion on mobile market...

For quite some time i was thinking about writing something about this topic but i guess "chandigarh tribune" wrote what was there in my mind on paper...
here's what was published in todays edition of chandigarh tribune:-

Duplicate cells from China capture market

but to summarize all this i'll tell you what i feel..
i am also a big fan of these chinese fones n there no. of reasons for that..
i first came to knw about these fones when one of my frens bought a NOKLA N95 (its not nokia bt nokla) n that too jst for Rs.10000 while the original was around 29k,the best thing about this fone was exactly similar looks,filled with all the usefull features n it evn has some features that evn the original one doesn't have...
some commen features of these fones:-
  • audio quality-all these fones have really good speakers i mean none of the original fones have such loud speakers....
  • touch screen-almost all these fones are touch screen n mostly comes with windows mobile.
  • dual sim support- something i really like,how many original fones come with 2GSM sim support?? most of them can run 2 GSM sims simultaneously (incoming from both n select lines for outgoing)
  • moment sensitive-some fones have features like change the song but just giving jerk to fone.
  • price-really cheap
  • no warranty
  • no support
but these drawbacks combined with cheap prices makes this fone a "use n throw one"....

November 12, 2007

Get ready for 3G services, number portability

Steering India towards a new level of wireless telephony, the government on Monday announced immediate release of spectrum for 'third generation' (3G) mobile services and allowed users to switch operators while retaining the cell phone numbers.

"The government has decided to release 3G spectrum in 2.1 ghz band with immediate effect," Communications Minister A Raja said.

Number portability, which would allow users to change their service provider while keeping the numbers unchanged, will be introduced in the four metropolitan cities at the earliest.

The department of telecommunications secretary D S Mathur said about 30 mhz spectrum can be released to accommodate three players in the first phase.

Asked whether only existing 2G players will be allowed to offer 3G services, Raja said: "No, I want healthy competition, I want all the players to bid for it. As far as foreign players are concerned, they will be allowed subject to security clearances by Ministry of Home Affairs."


unethical practices of Vodafone....

in the name of blackout days not only on diwali but also the very next day vodafone charged for the local sms {message pack was activated on my no.}... n its only after my bal got nill... i came to know about it...
ok now my story starts...
i call up vodafone customer care n the person informs me that its viswakarma day...
{tomorrow they'll say its some other special day that is celebrated in some other part of the country so its blackout day}
n then whn i tell him to connect me to his senior n some1 related to vodafone notr some call center guy... he puts me on hold n phone gets disconnected...
i try again.. n some girl answers she tell me that vishwakarma day is a national holiday...
{some1 plz tell these idiots that there are only 3 national holidays in india}
n again on my request to connect me to some senior the phone gets disconnected n same thing happens the third time i call...
finally on 4th time when i call the guy tells me that vodafone fwds all subscribers a msg stating that its a blackout day... n on my request finally he transfers me to some senior person...
who informs me that blackout days are not only national holidays but also some special day n vishwakarma day is also a special day (hey i wonder why is bhaidooj not a special day for vodafone,they could have made some money on that day too)
also he tells me that it is not mandatory from TRAI to send messages to subscribers informing them about the blackout day that is coming up- hmm i guess TRAI has no problem with vodafone sending idiotic msges about ringtones n other stuff,only sending inp messages is not mandatory. {i wonder why airtel-no1 network of the country messaged me on my other no informing me about diwali n it being a blackout day}....
i wonder when these companies will start doing business ethically....
hey any1 listening!!!!!

November 11, 2007

New iPhone Firmware 1.1.2 Hacked Before Release

When Apple announced the release of the iPhone for the UK, it also announced that iPhone and iPod touch firmware version 1.1.2 would be released at the same time. Released today, firmware 1.1.2 closes the TIFF vulnerability in mobile Safari that was used to jailbreak firmware 1.1.1.

Confirmed by DailyTech, the TIFF vulnerability no longer works. However, despite Apple's effort to lockdown the iPhone and iPod touch, firmware 1.1.2 has already been jailbroken.

Credit go to the people behind AppSnap, the same utility used to jailbreak 1.1.1 devices. According to TUAW, testing of the new jailbreak began several nights ago, when the new 1.1.2 firmware was made available for download not through iTunes, but through Apple's website.

In its current stage, the new jailbreak requires several steps in order to complete, and is by no means release ready and user friendly. AppSnap and still remains open for 1.1.1 only, but the new jailbreak is being prepared for the same single tap installation.


iPhone finally hits the UK and Germany

UK: After months of speculation and hype, Apple's iPhone has finally hits the UK and German stores. Ovum has discussed its various features and possible impact on the device market at length elsewhere. However, what does it mean for its operator partners, O2 UK and T-Mobile Germany?

O2 currently leads the UK in terms of connections and in terms of ARPU, and has reported the highest non-voice ARPU for several consecutive quarters. As such, it is a good fit for a device such as the iPhone that focuses so heavily on messaging and Internet services.

O2 is offering the iPhone with an unlimited mobile data tariff, and Ovum would argue that this is a great way for it to raise awareness of mobile data tariffs among its customers. Even if they do not buy an iPhone, the buzz surrounding it may arouse their interest in the mobile Internet. However, we think the strongest benefit for O2 is that the iPhone acts as a key differentiator in a market that has recently seen fierce competition on acquisition and retention.


November 9, 2007

themes in orkut!!!!!

so do you know whats new with orkut,,, well to my surprise... i saw "happy diwali" written just befor my email id on top of orkut page.. just out of curosity whn i clicked on it... my orkut page turned into a diwali themed page...

so from this can we say that google is considering to put themes just like igoogle themes in orkut too...
lets just wait n watch!!!
n by the way google also introduced 5 new themes for igoogle...
"happy diwali"

November 7, 2007

Google's Android platform and the Open Handset Alliance: a quick round-up

Carefully orchestrated announcements for broad, sweeping initiatives like the one staged by Google today don't always do a great job of diving straight into the meat and telling it like it is, so we thought we'd boil down the Android and Open Handset Alliance sitch as best we could into a tight, easy to digest series of bullets. If this list is still wider than your attention span, though, just know this: you can pick up your Google-powered phone in the latter half of 2008.

  • At its core, Android forms the basis for Google's operating system and supporting software for phones. In Google's own words, it's a software stack.
  • Two separate but related entities form the basis for today's announcement: the Linux-based Android mobile platform (a result of Google's 2005 acquisition of a start-up of the same name) and the Open Handset Alliance, a 33-strong group of device manufacturers, component manufacturers, software companies, and carriers that have committed to working with Android.
  • There is no cut and dried "Gphone" and Google doesn't intend (or at least it hasn't indicated an intent) to enter the hardware business. Instead, it'll leave that to established players like HTC, LG, and Samsung -- and theoretically, anyone else that wants to have a go at it since the Android platform and its code base is wide open.
  • Unlike the platform itself, there's no guarantee that devices based on the Android platform will be open to third party developers. Google says that'll be left to manufacturers and carriers to be decide, although it doubts they'll choose to lock them down (hmm, has Google ever worked with a carrier before?)

Live coverage of Google's Android Gphone mobile OS announcement

8:58AM PT - Ok, we're on the call, and there's soothing classical. We'll "be underway in a few minutes."

9:02AM PT - Ok, we're about to begin!

9:04AM PT - "Welcome everyone to the Google, Inc. conference call. Today's call is being recorded." Yeah, by us! Elliot Shraig (sp) from Google is on. "We have a number of companies here with an exiting announcement to make in the mobile space."

Sergey and Eric from Goog, Peter Chou from HTC, Zander from Moto, plenty of heavyweights. Eric Schmidt is kicking off -- Andy Rubin will join for the Q&A.

9:05AM PT - "Thanks everybody, for joining us. We're obviously very, very happy that this announcement is going out today. To give you some context, there are 3 billion mobile users worldwide... getting people access to information is very important. On Google's side we have a two part strategy... the part we want to talk about today is creating a whole new mobile experience for users, and we're going to do that with Android."

9:06AM PT - "Google along with 33 other companies are announcing Android, the first truly integrated mobile operating system. ... What's particularly notable is that it's available under a mobile open source license. It's incredibly important to say that this is NOT an announcement of the 'Gphone'... we hope there will be thousands of 'Gphones'..."


November 4, 2007

Microsoft's HD Photo picked to succeed JPEG

The venerable JPEG image-compression standard is about to get a little bigger -- the international committee that regulates the standard just approved the creation of a format called JPEG XR based on Microsoft's HD Photo spec. The Joint Photographic Experts Committee started looking at standardizing HD Photo last month (formerly known as Windows Media Photo) because it features higher compression efficiency, better image fidelity, and more flexible in-camera editing options, and major camera makers and software vendors like Hasselblad and Adobe supported the format's metamorphosis into JPEG XR.


Orkut's Application for Asking Questions

OpenSocial, Google's API for social gadgets, has been launched to the public. The API is supported by many social networks, including MySpace and orkut, but it's still not ready for prime time (Plaxo is the first site that lets you add social gadgets to your profile).

orkut added something new: an application that lets you ask your friends questions. It wasn't developed using OpenSocial, but it's a perfect example of an useful social gadget. You can find it at the top of the feeds page.

Ask Friends (or Mobius, probably a reference to the Möbius strip) has two clever features that make it non-trivial. Based on your question, orkut automatically generates a list of labels, probably from an existing database. Using these labels and other labels entered by you, orkut determines what friends are most likely to have an answer for your question. "The system will choose Orkut friends who may have an interesting answer for you based on their answering history and interests." There's also an option to select the friends that can view and answer your question.


Google to Reveal GPhone Info on Monday

Google’s big idea to launch a mobile phone handset has proved a fertile ground for rumors galore in the mobile industry for a while now. Nothing conclusive so far about the design, UI or anything else has been disclosed. It been under wraps for so long, it’s driving people into a speculative frenzy.

Come Monday and the fog should clear and we should finally be able to get a more-or-less clear picture regarding what the actual deal is. Yes, that's apparently when Google is going to announce its plans for entering the mobile world. So stay tuned.

October 29, 2007

$100 Laptop to Get Windows XP

The much talked about $100 laptop, designed to work with the Linux operating system (OS), may soon incorporate Microsoft Windows software.

Microsoft is working on a basic version of Windows XP that will be compatible with the $100 (XO) laptop of the 'One Laptop per Child' (OLPC) foundation. The Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (R ADAG) will be bringing the XO to India.

During the Government Leaders Forum held in Washington in March 2006, Microsoft Chairman, Bill Gates, had publicly slammed the $100 laptop, saying that the last thing one would expect from a shared-use computer is the lack of a disk and the presence of just a tiny little screen.

Gates had said that hardware is only a small part of the cost of providing computing capabilities, while the big cost typically comes from network connectivity, applications, and support.

The same Microsoft is now looking to associate with the $100 laptop. The company is spending a not-so-small amount of money in getting Windows XP to run on the low specifications machines.


Apple Imposes New Limits on iPhone Sales

Apple Inc. no longer accepts cash for iPhone purchases and now limits sales of the cell phone to two per person in a move to stop people from reselling them.

The new policy started Thursday, according to Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris. Before then, there was no cash restriction and the purchase limit was five per person.

"Customer response to the iPhone has been off the charts, and limiting iPhone sales to two per customer helps us ensure that there are enough iPhones for people who are shopping for themselves or buying a gift," Kerris said. "We're requiring a credit or debit card for payment to discourage unauthorized resellers."

More than 1.4 million units of the hybrid cell phone-iPod have been sold since it debuted on June 29, according to Apple. It is expected to be a hot gift for the holidays.

Apple thinks some people already have purchased multiple iPhones to resell, including those looking to modify or 'unlock' the phones so they work on networks other than AT&T, Apple's carrier partner in the US.


October 20, 2007

Airtel unveils mChek

Airtel mobile bills can now be paid through SMS using mChek services. If you have a Mastercard or a Visa credit card, you can now pay your Airtel mobile bill anytime and from anywhere.

Airtel and mChek guarantees the safety of your transaction and assures the user that the information provided during the transaction will be secure. The registration for mCheck can be done through SMS or through the mCheck website.

The registration via SMS is very simple:

1. SMS ‘MCHEK’ to 121
2. Enter any 4-digit numeric PIN of your choice
3. Enter your credit card details
4. Re-enter your PIN
5. You are registered!

Now, there are two more steps involved for the payment procedure. Every time the user wishes to make payment:

1. SMS ‘PAY AIRTEL’ to 121
2. Enter your 4-digit numeric PIN

You will get an instant payment receipt through SMS.


Reliance Communications Gets GSM Approval

Even as Reliance Communications (RCOM) received formal approval from the government to launch GSM technology of mobile phone services in India, existing GSM players are up in arms to oppose the move.

"Reliance Communications Limited has received requisite approvals from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to offer GSM services on a nationwide basis under its existing Unified Access Services Licences," the Anil Ambani-promoted company said in a statement to the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Opposing the move, the Cellular Operators association of India (COAI), a leading GSM industry body in a letter to the DoT secretary D.S. Mathur said: "It may first be pointed out that crossover is not permissible under the present policy and license regime has been recognized by both DoT as well as TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India)".

"Without prejudice to our submissions that such crossover/dual allocation of spectrum cannot and should not be permitted, it is submitted that even if the same were to be allowed, it can only be done through change in both policy as well as license as also after following due process of law," COAI added.

October 18, 2007

Nokia N810 gets official

Details are still incoming, but here's what we know for sure:
  • Same 4.13-nch WVGA (800 x 480), 65k color display as the N800, brightness increased by ~20%
  • GPS with particular focus on the "context sensitive web" via Ovi
  • 2GB internal storage (not including memory cards), ships with maps for use with GPS
  • Has WiFi (802.11b/g), does not have WiMAX
  • Bluetooth (2.0+ EDR) DUNs to capable phones, totally Foleo-like
  • 400MHz OMAP 2420 CPU, 128MB RAM, 256MB ROM
  • Integrated frontal camera, ambient light sensor, mini USB 2.0, hardware lock switch
  • Plays back video: 3GP, AVI, H.263, H.264, MP4, ASF, WMV, MPEG-1/4, Real video; audio: MP3, WMA, AAC, AMR, AWB, M4A, MP2, Real audio, WAV
  • Battery life aimed at 4 hours of "typical use" (movies, music, internet access, etc.), 10 hours music only, and up to 2 weeks totally idle time, and 5 days active standby ("improved compared to previous generation devices")
  • Runs Nokia's Linux Maemo interface (duh)
  • 5 x 2.83 x 0.55-inches, 7.97 ounces
  • Ships in November, $479


October 4, 2007

iPhone Nirvana - Buy iPhone in India!

just got this from chirag's blog...

Just came across following advertisement on one of sites iPhone Nirvana

ITs about getting iPhone in India that too unlocked one …

September 30, 2007

Chat Rooms for Google Talk

PartyChat adds one of the many missing features from Google Talk: chat rooms. You need to add as a friend and use commands to create a room or join an existing one. To make sure nobody joins your room accidentally, password-protect it.

PartyChat is like a group chat, except that it's less obtrusive and persistent across different login sessions.

For example, say your friends are in a party chat named "drivel". To enter the chat, IM with the line "/enter drivel." After that, you'll receive messages sent in "drivel" from and all messages you send to will be broadcasted to your friends in "drivel."

If you log out of Google Talk and then log back in, you're still in the party chats you were in prior to logging out. To leave a party chat, IM "/leave" or "/exit" to the address you were chatting with (e.g.

PartyChat is an open-source project created by a Google employee: Akshay Patil in December 2005, not long after Google Talk was released. Since then, Google Talk didn't add too much features. Only Google Talk's gadget has an option for group chats, while PartyChat can be used in Gmail Chat, the desktop client or any other Jabber client.

Some useful commands:

/create chat_name [optional_password] - creates a new party chat. If you provide a password, then other users must give this password to enter the chat.

/join chat_name [password] - join an existing party chat. If the chat has a password, you must give the password to enter.

/alias [name] - give yourself an alias; if you do not specify a name, your current alias is removed

/commands - displays the list of commands

Microsoft Excel Fails Math Test

Microsoft's Excel 2007 spreadsheet program is going to have to relearn part of its multiplication table.

In a blog post, Microsoft employee David Gainer said that when computer users tried to get Excel 2007 to multiply some pairs of numbers and the result was 65,535, Excel would incorrectly display 100,000 as the answer.

Gainer said Excel makes mistakes multiplying 77.1 by 850, 10.2 by 6,425 and 20.4 by 3,212.5, but the program appears to be able to handle 16,383.75 times 4.


Apple Attacks Hacked iPhones

"Hackers Inc" are seeing red after Apple Computer released a software update that renders useless -- unlocked iPhones aka iPhones that have been altered so as to be able to work with cellular carriers other than the official one, namely AT&T.

Hackers had it coming when earlier this week, Apple Computer warned about its upcoming software -- that would not only offer access to iTunes and fix a few security bugs -- but significantly, possibly end-up permanently disabling the unlocked iPhones.

Put-on-the-defensive, the hacker community has responded saying that depending on the type of unlocking program used, iPhones may or may not continue to work after installing Apple's newest software update.

In case of unlocked iPhones that live to tell of the software onslaught, they will be workable only with the original SIM card that ties the phone firmly back to official carrier, AT&T.


Customize Your Email Address Completely for Your Live Hotmail ids

Microsoft recently unveiled its personalized email service in India,, where users can get to chose unique customized Live Hotmail id’s from a list of over 130 names/domains.

Instead of the default or address, you can now opt for other email address choices that relate more closely with your personality, interests or lifestyle.


September 20, 2007

Hutch is Now Vodafone

Come September 21, 2007, Hutch will be renamed Vodafone. Vodafone had acquired 67 per cent in Hutchison Essar from Hong Kong-based Hutchison Whampoa a few months ago, in a bid to enter the fast-growing Indian market.

Global player Vodafone completed the acquisition of Hutchison Essar in May 2007 and the company was formally renamed Vodafone Essar in July 2007.

Asim Ghosh, MD, Vodafone Essar, says, "We’ve had a good innings as Hutch in India and today marks a new beginning for us, not as a departure from the fundamentals that created Hutch, but an acceleration into the future with Vodafone’s global expertise."

This transition is estimated to touch over 35 million customers across 400,000 shops and thousands of Hutch’s own employees, as well as employees of its business associates. This makes it the largest ever transformation for Hutch, considering the fact that in India, the brand itself has undergone several changes in the past.

Presentation Added to Google Docs

Earlier this year in April, Google had announced plans to add a new, PowerPoint-like presentation application to its Web-based Docs suite.

Reportedly, starting today, the application named 'Google presentation' has been added to Google Docs. Using this application, users can create Web-based presentations, as well as view and update them from any Internet-connected PC anytime.

Similar to what Microsoft's PowerPoint offers, 'Google presentation' users will be able to create presentations, including series of slides with text and graphics on them.

Users will be able to manage, and share presentations with colleagues by sending simple email invites to the latter. This would enable them together edit online in real-time, or contribute at different times to the same presentation online.

In addition, users will be able to present and control slide shows over the Web without any additional software, and simultaneously chat with viewers via integrated chat.


DigiTimes: Google will definitely launch its own branded handset

Citing sources at "Taiwan handset makers," DigiTimes is reporting that "Google will definitely launch its own branded handset." However, the Googlephone's OS, hardware specs, production contractor and operating partners have still not been finalized. Given that we're already pretty sure that Google has developed their own mobile OS based on Linux, we'll assume that their use of "finalized" refers to the final feature set and UI polishing -- not the possibility of the gPhone running Symbian or WinMo, for example. DigiTimes' sources also note that Google is contemplating going with a 3G handset instead of EDGE for its initial foray into the cellphone market.


Gordon Moore predicts end to Moore's law in 10 years

After more than 40 years of empirical truth, Moores law -- the maxim which declares a doubling of transistors on a computer chip roughly every two years -- is under attack... by Gordon Moore himself. Ok, he's just the messenger in this case; it's the laws of physics that will render Moore's Law obsolete in "another decade, a decade and a half" according to the co-founder of Intel. Fact is, space on a chip is finite so eventually, (this isn't the first time he's predicted the end) he'll be right.


September 12, 2007

Free iPhone Unlocking Software Released Into The Wild

Only a day after the release of the iPhoneSimfree software to retailers, the enterprising "iPhone Dev Team" has managed to reproduce the functionality for a much more appealing price: free.

Twelve dedicated coders, known only as Daeken, Darkmen, guest184, gray, iZsh, Nightwatch, pytey, roxfan, Sam, uns, Zappaz, and Zf, have managed to decipher the unlocking codes for the iPhone and are making their software available to the world for download -- and at the miniscule size of 6,458 bytes.

While a direct link cannot be provided to the unlocking software, it has been tested and confirmed working. It remains to be seen if updating the iPhone will disrupt the functionality, but testing will continue and updates will be provided as events warrant.

Even with the small size of the unlock code, websites hosting the file or discussion of the procedure, such as, are being brought to a crawl by hordes of visitors. With the recent $200 price cut to the 8GB model and newfound freedom from AT&T, iPhone orders may rise sharply in the next few hours alone.

August 25, 2007

iPhone unlocked: AT&T loses iPhone exclusivity

It's high noon, Apple and AT&T -- we really hate to break it to you, but the jig is up. Last night the impossible was made possible: right in front of our very eyes we witnessed a full SIM unlock of our iPhone with a small piece of software. It's all over, guys.

The team called us up to prove their claim that they cracked Apple's iPhone SIM lock system, and prove it they did. (No, we don't have a copy of the unlock software, so don't even ask us, ok?) The six-man team has been working non-stop since launch day, and they're officially the first to break Apple's SIM locks on the iPhone with software. It's done. Seriously. They wouldn't tell us when and how they would release it to the public, but you can certainly bet that they'll try to make a buck on their solution (and rightly so).

Lots More.....

Orkut Redesign

The new look for the second biggest social network on the planet is below.

Looks Good isn't it....

August 7, 2007

iPhone Unlocked in Europe

So someone did what everyone's been waiting for a long time. Hackers in Europe have claimed to have unlocked iPhone by making use of a SIM reader/writer and a blank SIM card. And what they have is the iPhone making calls with full SMS capabilities on their home network. And the cost? $96!! How? Well you can read it on the hackintosh Forum.

This has been tested, and apparently a reader managed to unlock the phone successfully. I wonder how long before someone discovers a software-based unlocking mechanism.

July 30, 2007

Kazakhstan DSL Net Costs $3,355 Per Month

The next time you complain about the high prices of Indian ISPs, think about Kazakhstan where the 4% of that population that even has an internet connection has to pay between $111 (dial-up) to $22,032 (6 Mbps cable) per month for their internet connection.

Most users (and only four percent of the country even has access) hook up through state-owned Kazakhtelecom, a company not concerned with competitive pricing for its services. An unlimited dial-up plan costs about €82 ($111) in a country where the average monthly wage is €292 ($399). As for DSL, an unlimited 1.5Mbps connection costs €2,458 ($3,355) a month, and doesn't even included the required ADSL modem. Want a 6Mbps cable connection? It'll cost you, to the tune of €16,144 ($22,032) a month. As the OSCE report drily notes, this is more than a thousand times the price of such a connection in Western Europe.


Apple wants your iPod to stop charging for thieves

Hey, it's no shocker that Apple's iPod is a coveted item even for those who acquire their wares in less than legal manners, but a recent patent application from Apple shows that someone at Cupertino cares about you rightful owners out there. Essentially, the technology would invoke a "guardian" recharge circuit, which would disable any further charging if the computer (or "other recharger") it was paired with was of the unauthorized variety.


July 26, 2007

iPhone Dev Wiki update: the floodgates have opened

Thanks in large part to the work by the gents at the Dev Wiki, a working toolchain -- including a compiler, assembler, and linker -- and the dedicated efforts of many inspired types, the iPhone apps are arriving en masse. So far the list includes tools like a working Apache we server, python, shell -- and a pile of associated binaries like ls, rm, echo, csh, and tsh -- and while these might not be terribly thrilling for Joe everyday user, they are a pretty kicking start. We could start to see all manner of fun stuff arriving in the coming weeks, unless, of course, Apple pulls the plug via an update.


MySpace Purges 29,000 Perverts

Social networking Web site MySpace found and purged more than 29,000 sexual predators using the site, a number described by Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal as an "exploding epidemic."

The figure is more than quadruple the amount MySpace said it found two months ago. In May, MySpace -- which allows users to create their own Web pages -- said it banned from its site about 7,000 people discovered to be sex offenders.

The information was divulged only after state attorneys general took legal action against the Fox-owned MySpace. "Our information demands reveal shocking new skyrocketing numbers of convicted sex offender profiles on MySpace," said Blumenthal on Tuesday. "Each of these 29,000 separate profiles reflects a potential predator willing and able to exploit a child. These alarming and appalling numbers dramatize the urgent need for stronger protection against predators who may prey on children."


iPhone hacked for untethered EDGE data on laptop

While this would be all the more sweet on a 3G iPhone, a new series of hacks will now give you untethered EDGE networking from your laptop. Starting with jailbreak as any proper iPhone hack must, the latest hack installs a new SOCKS server on your iPhone. Join your iPhone and laptop to the same ad-hoc WiFi network and you're pretty much good to go. The procedure is a bit cumbersome if this is your first hack attempt so be sure to check the YouTube video-how-to before you get going.


July 22, 2007

NASA tests future moon landing robots on Canada's fake moon site

NASA is testing two new robots designed to for future moon landings in a crater in Canada, both of which are equipped with some high end kit designed to analyze their surroundings. Loaded up with "GPS, stereo cameras, laser scanners and sun trackers," the K10 Black and K10 Red can laser map terrain over 3,000 feet away, and fire radar into the ground and detect features up to 16.4 feet down. Running on regular laptop batteries, the robots are able to cover over 120 acres of ground and operate for up to five hours at a time, providing far more information than the restricted space-suit wearing astronauts are able to gather. Now all NASA's gotta do is get the robots onto the moon by the around-2020 date that the adminstration keeps mentioning.

July 21, 2007

Sunita 'forgot' to walk in space

She says a bowl of tomato soup is the best thing you can have before you embark on your journey into space.

It is smooth and comes up easily during the time that the human body is adjusting to weightlessness. With six months in micro-gravity on the international space station, NASA astronaut Flt engineer Sunita Williams should know.

A month after her return from the record-breaking space-sojurn, Ms Williams spoke to Indian scientists, students and the media via video conference from Johnson Space Centre in Houston about space diets and a variety of other subjects.

Ms Williams trained for the mission for eight years before she boarded the Atlantis in December last year. “It takes about 24 hours to adjust...the human body is remarkable and is able to adjust to a variety of things,” she said.

Somewhere during the middle of her stay in space, she felt she had forgotten how to walk because of the time spent in reduced gravity. Flying from one place to the other within the space station, she learnt to use her feet `like a monkey’ to grasp on to the hand-rails around, she says.

“The bird like movements forward made me wonder if my neck was growing,” she added. Over a period, the whole frame of reference begins to change because there is no up and no down.


Reuters shocked that OLPC testers using XO for XXX

You know it's a pretty slow summer Friday on the Reuters news beat when one of the biggest stories making the rounds focuses on the shocking revelation that Nigerian students are using their shiny new OLPC XOs to do what hormonal young men have being doing since the dawn of time: look at naked women. The esteemed wire service's African correspondent breathlessly reports that a journalist from the News Agency of Nigeria had seen pornography on a few children's notebooks, which led the country's publication of record to surmise that "efforts to promote learning with laptops in a primary school in Abuja have gone awry as the pupils freely browse adult sites with explicit sexual materials." Why, the NAN report makes it sound like these kids are spending their days at some seedy adult bookstore and not even attending school at all. Luckily for the porn-addicted youngsters, administrators of the pilot program are aware of this snowballing crisis, and will soon be installing filters that will very likely block out a slew of legitimate pages while still allowing curious students to see all the flesh they want on Myspace. Will someone please think of the children?

Vista's successor now known as "7," due out within three years

Although Vista still seems fresh as a daisy, that hasn't stopped Microsoft from planning their next major OS release, and it looks like a part of the plan is changing the internal codename from Vienna to "7." The switch was disclosed at at a Microsoft sales training conference in Orlando this past week as part of the company's new "iterative" information-sharing plan, which aims to provide customers and partners with more and more info as part of a predictable release schedule. Microsoft also confirmed that 7 is scheduled to be in development for three years,


'Refrigerator-sized' device to be heaved into space

If you thought hoisting a giant banana above Texas was outrageous, you may indeed chuckle to learn that a 1,400-pound refrigerator-sized container of ammonia will be jettisoned from the International Space Station next week. On July 23rd, to be precise, Expedition 15 crew member Clayton Anderson will have the, um, privilege of heading outside in order to toss "two large hunks of unneeded equipment towards Earth," and once ejected, they will be tracked by NASA for an entire year until they finally begin to enter the atmosphere. Notably, officials are still not sure where the debris will land just yet, but if you happen to find your fridge replaced with a partially disintegrated (albeit similarly sized) container of fetid material in the next year or two, you'll know exactly what went awry.

Google Discontinues Click-to-Call and Related Links

Two small but useful Google services are no longer available. Click-to-call, the Google Maps feature that allowed you to call a business for free in the US, was removed. "This feature was a long-running experiment, and in the end it was decided to discontinue it. There are however lots of other features we're adding to maps in the hope of making it even more useful," says a Googler who recommends trying GOOG-411, an automated voice-based mobile search engine. You can also try Microsoft's local search engine, which continues to include a click-to-call feature.

Haochi Chen was reminded of that strange day from October 2006 when Google's Official Blog was hacked and somebody posted that "Google has decided not to continue with Google Click-to-call project". Apparently, he was right.

Another discontinued service is Related Links, that showed links to news, videos and searches related to the content of a page in a small box which looked similar to an AdSense unit.


July 20, 2007

Samsung's 5 Megapixel Phone Confirmed

It's official! Samsung has confirmed that their latest camera phone, the Samsung G600 is going to be out soon. The G600 is 3G enabled camera phone that is equipped with 5 megapixel. The phone is a slim slider with a width of just 14.9mm. The SGH – G600 will have features like Bluetooth 2.0, an FM radio with RDS, a USB port and a microSD slot for external memory. It's also equipped with a 2.3 inch TFT QVGA display with a 240x320 pixel resolution. Unfortunately neither the price nor availability is known.

Space Adventures offering $100 million trip to space

While there's long since been ways to get a piece of your mind (or your best Photoshop effort) launched into space, getting your person up there isn't exactly feasible if your pay stub isn't stamped by NASA. Now, however, Space Adventures is looking to hoist a pair of untrained civilians into space in 2008 and 2009 aboard a Soyuz craft, and the firm will soon be selling seats for the low, low price of $100 million apiece.