December 15, 2007

Apple iPhone To Record Video

One of the bigger issues with the Apple iPhone that made everyone on the planet go 'What the...?' was the fact that this Super phone had a camera, great, but not only was it a simple point and shoot with no settings, it was also devoid of video recording capabilities. That is now about to stand corrected. Although it is NOT Apple who has revamped the camera but a third part application that will provide this facility.

A beta version of the iPhone video recording application was developed by the Monster and Friends. The latest update tells us that the application, although has it’s limitations due to the iPhone’s RAM, is able to record videos at a frame rate of 40-45 fps with no recording limit. Such was not the case with the earlier version.

Kudos to the developer and let’s just say we’re looking forward to a lot more from him.

You can download the iPhone video recording application here.

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Anonymous said...

Its interesting to read older posts on the iPhone. We are now 200 days post sales on iPhone, and Apple has sold 4M units. That's a WOW! >20% market share in smart phones.