May 9, 2008

Yahoo "Glue Pages" Show All-In-One Search Results

Yahoo released a new type of search result for India called “Glue Page.” Instead of the usual text listing, some queries – like blog, einstein or asthma – will now trigger a comprehensive and very visual result page. This page contains different elements laid out in boxes; there’s “normal” search results, encyclopedic information from health sites or Wikipedia, news results, YouTube videos or Google blog search results (yes, they’re integrating results from competitors, though Google is also a partner of Yahoo in some areas) and more.

This is a very interesting prototypical service; part meta search engine and part original results from Yahoo, and a bit like Google’s universal search approach taken to the extreme.

Note many queries also still return more traditional results; perhaps Yahoo only triggers the “glue” approach when the topic is broad enough to yield lots of results from diverse services.


Google’s Office Filter Program

Google Web Security for Enterprise (based on Postini) is an offering by Google which, according to the company, “provides real-time malware protection and URL filtering with policy enforcement and reporting.” On top of that, it “extends the same protections to users working remotely on laptops,” Google says. The program also enables monitoring of “online activity with comprehensive reporting” and “Quota support by surfing time” and protecting “your staff from undesirable web content.”

I guess what Google’s really trying to say here is that their service, besides being an anti virus program, will be able to block Flash games and dubious blogs or news sites and alert the boss whenever employees look at nekkid people on the internet, or hang out in chat rooms or web mail clients. Based on the screenshot Google shows off, some of the content categories the administrator is able to censor include...

  • Job Searches

  • Erotic/ Sex

  • General News/ Newspapers/ Magazines

  • Chat

  • Alcohol

  • Shares/ Stocks

  • Online Shopping

  • Political Parties

  • Education

  • Weapons

  • Illegal Drugs

  • Dating/ Relationships

  • Private Homepages

  • Web Mail

  • etc.


May 7, 2008

Intel brings DirectX 10 to integrated graphics, NVIDIA says not so fast

Intel has been boasting of DirectX 10 support for its various integrated graphics options for some time now, but it's only just recently gotten around to actually releasing a Vista driver that brings its GM965 and G35 Express chipsets up to speed. Of course, NVIDIA just couldn't help itself from getting a few (more) digs in at Intel's expense, and it's now kindly provided a few benchmarks to show just how badly Intel's integrated DirectX 10 solution stacks up against the bleeding-edge DirectX 10-ready games it now ostensibly supports. They couldn't find a single game that was able to crank out more than 5 fps, even at a lowly 1280 x 1024 resolution and with the usual graphics intensive settings turned off. Then again, 4.4 fps in Crysis is pretty much par for the course.

Read - Crave, "Intel updates graphics with multimedia capabilities"
Read - Hardware Secrets, "Are Intel chipsets really capable of running DirectX 10 games?"


Windows xp SP3 out,Vista sp1 makes a comeback...

Finally Microsoft has released SP3 for your Windows Xp and this time just run your windows update
to get this sp3 update which promises speed boost and various other security features found in Vista.

If you're a Vista user you're also in luck, since Microsoft has restarted its Vista SP1 distribution after some compatibility problems with Microsoft Dynamics RMS.

May 6, 2008

ORKUT--New New New

Everday i think about posting an entry about orkut... but the moment i start writing orkut introduces a new feature..

it startded with launch of apps in Estonia then apps went live in India... some of these apps are really cool but being a facebook user i still expect a lot from orkut apps...

Then came the new status box just above your scrap count in orkut profile... which is just like putting your twitter update in 'My bloglog' or any other site... oh yeah i remember google also bought jaiku but haven't used it till now so there can e a possibility that google can integrate jaiku with orkut... but thats just my assumption..
This box is a cool feature but everytime you have to change your status you have to open your own profile, I think this box should also be placed in our home page so that we can update it there...

Hey do you know orkut has also increased our album limit well you can now post 10000 images but a maximum of 100 per album.
& just in>>>> you can now comment on each others photographs and these comments will be visible at the bottom of your profile...

UPDATE>> i almost forgot to mention some other new features like now you can also rearrange pics in an album just like picasa... n also orkut now has a mobile(low bandwidth) site also just redirect your mobile browser to and enjoy orkut!!!

New> orkut has included rediff in the find your friends drop down menu but yahoo is still missing details...

Accidently discovered> is blocked in our university and since they are installing a new server subdomains of orkut are not blocked and you'll be surprise to know that acts as a tunnling site for orkut... yes by opening you can use orkut just as normally as you use

Will update this entry if i find anything new...