January 30, 2007

Vista's midnight launch fizzles

RALEIGH, N.C. — Retailers across the country stayed open through the wee hours of Tuesday morning to sell the long-awaited Windows Vista operating system, even though most knew customers wouldn't be lining up out the door for the midnight launch of Microsoft Corp.'s latest product.

At a CompUSA store in Raleigh, only about a dozen people waited around to be among the first to get Vista. The store reopened at 10 p.m., offering customers coffee and discounts on other items including printers and recordable DVDs, and planned to stay open until at least 2 a.m.

The low turnout wasn't surprising, especially after Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said the company wasn't pushing the midnight sales events.


Microsoft debuts Vista in global marketing blitz

NEW YORK/LONDON (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. rolled out Windows Vista at retailers in 70 countries on Tuesday, delivering a PC operating system that aims to better manage the explosion of digital media and protect users from the dangers of the Internet.

The world's biggest software maker marked the launch of its first all-new Windows operating system in five years with a marketing blitz including commercials featuring basketball star Lebron James and appearances by Bill Gates, Microsoft chairman and most recognizable face.

"We have just begun to see what we can do," Gates said at an event at the British Library in London. "We will be taking entertainment to a whole new level ... even education we believe will be changed very dramatically."



Today's YouTube addict, tomorrow's Web tycoon?

Joe Eigo, a martial arts expert in Toronto, used to pay hundreds of dollars a month for computer and hosting services to distribute his own acrobatic and martial arts videos on the Web, in the hope of raising his profile in the TV and film industry.

Today, not only is he able to distribute his content to millions of people at no cost using a popular online video-sharing site, he has also been paid nearly $26,000 (U.S.) by the site owner.

Welcome to the new world of user-generated content on the Internet. What some people consider quirky material at best, companies are increasingly starting to view as a valuable asset. So valuable, in fact, they're willing to pay for it.


A Guide to Explore Google’s Hidden Features

Google is ranked as best search engine over the Internet with simple and humble features :-)Google is no more just a great search engine; it has lot more to do with it. Google has tons of hidden features, some of which are quite fun and most of which are extremely useful -- if you’re aware about it. I use lot of the features with Google.

Simple Calculator


E-Learning Software Patent Challenged

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has announced that it will re-examine a patent held by e-learning software company, Blackboard, in response to a challenge from a free and open software group, Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC).

The patent, called 'Internet-based education support system and method' was granted to Blackboard in November 2006. It permits only the Washington-based company to sell Web-based software that enables teachers and students to interact outside of the classroom. Blackboard had even filed a lawsuit against rival Desire2Learn, which is scheduled to go to trial in about 13 months.


Quake Wars Delayed… Again!

Splash Damage's much awaited online shooter Enemy Territory Quake wars has been pushed back to 2008, according to as Activision's financial report. This is the second or the third time the game's got delayed after it was announced way back in 2005.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars pits the armies of Earth against the invading alien Strogg in an online strategic shooter. Players choose to battle as one of five unique classes in either the EDF (Earth Defense Force -- humans) or the barbaric alien Strogg armies. Troops use 40+ conventional and futuristic vehicles, deployable structures, and defense systems like quad-bikes, tanks, and alien walkers for epic ground assaults; or helicopters and anti-gravity ships to lend firepower from the air.

It'll be a real shame if Duke Nukem Forever comes out before this game.


China Goes 4G, Bypasses 3G

China's mainland has completely bypassed the release of 3G communication devices and has moved right ahead to 4G. China’s first 4th generation mobile phone was launched Sunday in Shanghai's Changning district. Thanh Nien Daily reported that the release has come after a field test in October of 2006 and the rollout of the technology totals roughly 150 million yuan ($19.2 million USD).

The new 4G system provides wireless transmission speeds of up to 100Mbps, which is much faster than current generation technologies, running at speeds that match optical fiber. "It testifies that the technology we've developed is feasible and brings us one step closer to put it into commercial use," said You Xiaohu, a leading expert involved in the program.

The 4G research program was first initiated in 2001, dubbed the FuTURE Project (Future Technology for Universal Radio Environment), as part of China's high-tech development plan. It is composed of 10 leading domestic institutions.


File Downloading Speed from Rapidshare Gets a Boost in India

Rapidshare [both rapidshare.com and rapidshare.de] are one the most visited sites in India according to Alexa India rankings. At the same time, a recent BSA report says that software piracy in India is as high as 72%.

Not sure if we can relate the two figures but Rapidshare does receive fairly significant traffic from India.

The good news for Rapidshare users in India is that they can download / upload data from Rapidshare at better speeds now since the file hosting service has added a new server in India itself (dl30vsnl.rapidshare.com)


January 27, 2007

Mobile Linux group names itself

A mobile Linux coalition between several major handset manufacturers and operators has finally been christened.

The group was formed six months ago with the goal of creating an open-source platform for mobile phones. From Friday, it will be known as the LiMo Foundation. Its membership includes Motorola, NEC, Panasonic Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics, NTT DoCoMo and Vodafone.

Symantec Warns of New Zero-Day Word Attack

Hackers are exploiting a new, unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft Word that could allow them to take control of a victim's computer, Symantec has warned.

The zero-day vulnerability is the fourth in Microsoft's widely-used Word 2000 software that has not yet been patched, the security company said in its Security Response Warning.

A zero-day vulnerability refers to a security hole for which exploits are already available when it was discovered. This latest one affects most versions of Windows running Word, Symantec's advisory said.


Moore's Law seen extended in chip breakthrough

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Intel Corp. and IBM have announced one of the biggest advances in transistors in four decades, overcoming a frustrating obstacle by ensuring microchips can get even smaller and more powerful.

The breakthrough, achieved via separate research efforts and announced on Friday, involves using an exotic new material to make transistors -- the tiny switches that are the building blocks of microchips.


Hacker Releases Tool to Add Third Party HDD to Xbox 360

Microsoft’s advice to those with their Xbox 360 consoles filled to the brim with demos and videos is simply to just buy another hard drive. That solution may not be cheap, as the official 20GB drive retails for $99.99. The Xbox 360 modding community, however, has discovered a solution that could prove to be much more economical.

A hacker who goes by the handle “TheSpecialist,” has released a tool that allows any Western Digital BEVS SATA hard drive to be used on the Xbox 360. A quick price search for WD hard drives find that twice the drive can be had for half the price – the lowest-end 40GB WD Scorpio drive for $50 – a cost effective, but adventurous alternative.


AACS LA confirms the work of hackers

The AACS LA, those behind the advanced access content system protecting HD DVD and Blu-ray Discs, today responded to the recent defeat of its technology.

“AACS LA has confirmed that AACS Title Keys have appeared on public web sites without authorization,” read a statement from the AACS Web site. “Such unauthorized disclosures indicate an attack on one or more players sold by AACS licensees.”

The AACS is taking the stance that the exploit found is a wake-up call to all licensees to ensure that the technology is implemented securely. PC software players, such as WinDVD, are particularly vulnerable to hackers.


IBM, Nokia, Sun and others call Microsoft Vista ‘Illegal’

In 2004, the European Commission found that Microsoft pushed out RealNetworks and other makers of audio and video streaming software and made Windows deliberately incompatible with rivals’ server software.

Now, IBM, Nokia, Sun Microsystems, Adobe, Corel, Oracle, RealNetworks, Red Hat, Linspire and Opera are filing a complaint with the European Commission regarding Vista.

The group said Microsoft’s XAML markup language was “positioned to replace HTML”. They also say Microsoft’s own language would be dependent on Windows, and discriminatory against rival systems such as Linux, the group says. They said a so-called “open XML” platform file format, known as OOXML, is designed to run seamlessly only on the Microsoft Office platform. Vista is set to launch on Tuesday.

January 26, 2007

January 25, 2007

Orkut India in Trouble Over Malicious Profile

Google-owned social networking site, Orkut, is in trouble again in India. This time, a Delhi court has ordered an investigation into the portal, over a complaint by an air hostess whose obscene profile was allegedly posted on the site by some unidentified Oorkut user.

The air hostess says someone opened an account in her name and described her as a 'sex-struck woman'. She said the phone numbers given in the account belongs to one of her neighbors, an official at the Lok Sabha Secretariat, who has incidentally been receiving vulgar calls for sometime now. A case has been registered in this regard in Delhi, and authorities have directed its specialized cell to conduct investigations into the allegations and file a report by February 9.


Dell Launches its First Ruggedized Laptop

Dell today announced the Latitude ATG D620 (All-Terrain Grade), its first semi-rugged laptop computer for customers who work in tough environments. The Latitude ATG is now available in the U.S. and will be available in other Dell regions in the next couple weeks.

The Latitude ATG meets military standards for vibration, humidity and altitude and is designed to protect against accidental bumps, moisture, and other elements that customers encounter while on the field.

The new system features a shock-mounted hard drive, spill-resistant keyboard, port covers and high durability paint and is designed to withstand challenging conditions commonly associated with military environments, construction sites and first responders, such as police and emergency organizations.


Fox subpoenas YouTube after "24" clips posted

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - 20th Century Fox served YouTube with a subpoena Wednesday demanding the Google-owned viral video site disclose the identity of a user who uploaded copies of entire recent episodes of primetime series "24" and "The Simpsons."

The subpoena, which first came to light on the blog Google Watch (http://googlewatch.eweek.com/index.html), was granted by a judge in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California after being filed by the News Corp.-owned studio on January 18. It is not yet known whether YouTube has complied with the request.

In addition, a second, lesser-known video site, LiveDigital, was also served with a similar subpoena.


January 24, 2007

Tech-Crunch:-Mini-glossary: Windows Vista terms you should know

Access control list (ACL)

A list of access control entries (ACEs) that contain permissions defining who or what can access the object to which it is applied.


A technology developed by Microsoft that is an outgrowth of Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) and Component Object Model (COM), which allows Web developers to make Web pages interactive and provide the same types of functions as Java applets.

Ad hoc wireless network

An 802.11 wi-fi network that operates in a computer-to-computer manner instead of going through a wireless access point (WAP).

Admin Approval Mode


Donations to Temples : Just an SMS away

Airtel has launched the `Temple Offering’ service, which allows you to make a donation to a temple via SMS.

SMS offerings can currently be made to four temples: Mantralaya (AP); Siddi Vinayak (Mumbai); Dharmasthala (Karnataka); and Jalaram Temple (Bangalore). It will be soon extended to Tirupati, Shirdi Saibaba, Vaishnodevi and Mahalakshmi temples.

An Airtel user, who wishes to send a donation, just needs to type the temple keyword, the amount he/she wishes to donate and SMS “temple code amount” to 64655. As soon as the SMS is sent, it gets updated immediately in the temple records through a software deployed at the temple’s premises, which will record the amount donated, time, date and the number from which it has been made. Everything happens in real time and the donation amount goes to the temple. The customer pays Rs 4 per SMS sent.

China to surpass U.S. as biggest Internet population

BEIJING — China is on pace to surpass the United States within two years as the nation with the most Internet users, the government and news reports said Wednesday.

China's online population grew by 23.4 per cent last year to 137 million people, about 10 per cent of its 1.3 billion population, the China Internet Network Information Center reported on its website.

“We believe it will take two years at most for China to overtake the United States,” the official China Daily newspaper quoted an official of the agency, Wang Enhai, as saying.

About 210 million of the United States' 300 million people are online, according to the U.S. government. China would reach 210 million users in two years if it keeps up a 24 per cent annual growth rate.


Kingston Announces DataTraveler Mini

Kingston today introduced the Kingston DataTraveler Mini with Migo. This drive was earlier featured at CES 2007 and is now launched in India. As the latest addition to Kingston 's family of miniature USB Flash drives, the DataTraveler Mini with Migo uses the Migo Software, Inc. technology to give consumers the ability to seamlessly transform any PC into their personalized workspace, making it one of the most convenient, customizable multifunction USB drives on the market.


Vista-compatible Products for the Disabled

Microsoft and assistive technology (AT) vendors have unveiled an array of innovative products and services for people with disabilities at the Assistive Technology Industry Association's eighth annual conference. The products will be available when Microsoft launches the Windows Vista operating system and the 2007 Microsoft Office release next Tuesday.

"Today marks the culmination of a process that began almost two years ago, when we brought over 30 AT companies into our labs to give them a first look at Windows Vista," said Rob Sinclair, director of Microsoft's Accessible Technology Group. "We've made these companies an integral part of our development process, and as a result an unprecedented number will have updated versions of their products available simultaneously with the launch of Windows Vista and the 2007 Office release.


Microsoft India Announces Plans to Expand

Microsoft India has announced plans to strengthen its foothold in the country, with plans to open offices in six major Indian cities. Microsoft says that these plans are in keeping with the company's vision to empower a broad section of small and mid market organizations understand better, the role which technology can play in driving growth and competitiveness, of the local industry, in the local and global arena. Offices will be shortly opened in Ahmedabad, Indore, Nagpur, Chandigarh Cochin, and Coimbatore.


The New Google Groups Is Out Of Beta

The slick new Google Groups launched in October last year and available at groups-beta.google.com is now out of beta and moves to groups.google.com.

You'll find a cleaner homepage, search results that look more like web search results, topics that borrow a lot from Gmail's conversations. Each group has 100 MB storage space you can use to upload files or to collaboratively edit documents. Groups are much more customizable: you can change the colors and add welcome messages.

Now Google should focus on creating some filters for spam posts and a way to discover potentially interesting groups.


January 22, 2007

What does Vista have that XP doesn't?

NEW DELHI: The countdown to Windows Vista's consumer launch has begun. Microsoft has kick-started roadshows for what is being touted as the next step in the company's operating system evolution.
As the due date approaches for Microsoft's biggest rollout since Windows 95, here's a look at what Windows Vista have that the current OS Windows XP does not have in order to help you make a decision.

Google to Give Full Access to Books Online

The University of Texas, Austin has joined Google's book search project, by allowing the search giant to digitize all its books. According to the multi-year project, Google will digitize at least one million volumes from the University of Texas Libraries' collections, working from selection lists prepared by the Libraries.The digitized books from the University of Texas will all be fully searchable through Google Book Search, to allow internet surfers to view, browse and read the university's public domain books, including books in the Libraries' historic collections.


Motorola Unveils the MOTORIZR Z3

While the phone has been on the market for about a week now, Motorola today officially launched its slider, MOTORIZR Z3, which combines a powerful digital imaging system with sophisticated multimedia features.

While the slider glides open with a subtle push, the inside of the phone reveals a large, easy-to-use keypad and abstract tattoo markings.

The phone features an integrated 2.0 megapixel digital camera with high intensity camera light and programmed point-and-shoot keys.

With the landscape viewfinder and dedicated side camera key, the RIZR Z3 can be held and used just like a regular digital camera.


‘Biggest ever’ online phishing heist nabs $1.1m over 15 months

Over the past 15 months, Swedish bank Nordea has lost around 7-8 million Swedish kronor (about $1.1 million USD) to an online phishing scam by no less than 121 Russian organized criminals. Emails were sent to bank customers with attachments entitled “raking.zip” or “raking.exe.” The attachments were disguised as anti-spam software, but contained a Trojan which security companies called “haxdoor.ki.” According to the bank, users were redirected to a false home page, where they entered important log-in information, including log-in numbers. After users entered information an error message appeared, and said the site was having problems. Criminals then used the gathered customer details on the real Nordea website to take money from customer accounts. More via ZDNet UK

The best way to avoid this type of attack is be very skeptical of every e-mail/attachment that you open, even if you do have the greatest anti-virus software. Here are 44 tips on avoiding phishing scams!


Roaming rates likely to be slashed soon

Minister of IT and Communication Dayanidhi Maran's wait like yours may soon be over within the next two to three days.

"I am anxiously waiting for roaming rates to come down," said Maran.

The telecom regulator is likely to come with an order of slashing roaming rates, a long-standing demand of the consumers.

Once a subscriber steps out of the home network, making or receiving mobile calls is an expensive option.

Costly roaming

Presently on a post paid connection the rental for roaming is Rs 49 and a surcharge of 15 per cent per minute on an average for different tariff schemes.


Intel Chips in Some Sun Servers

According to reports, Sun Microsystems has decided to use chips from Intel in some of its servers.

Although there is no official announcement from either company yet, it is expected sometime this week.

The specifics of the deal are not clear but it is certain that Sun will use Intel's Xeon processors in its x86 servers.

If reports are to be believed, the first servers from this partnership will be launched in the first half of 2007, and Sun will also sell Xeon-based workstations.


Linux Groups to Unite Vs Microsoft

The Open Source Development Labs and the Free Standards Group, two major forces behind the drive for commercialization of Linux, will merge to form a new all-embracing group.

Due for announcement today, the new group is called Linux Foundation, which is being backed by major vendors, including IBM, HP, Oracle, Novell, and Intel. The group will have 70 vendor sponsors in all, with members, including Fujitsu, Hitachi, and NEC.

In this way, two groups committed to the business adoption of Linux will merge to streamline operations, and represent Linux versus its challengers with one voice. And the main mission of the new organization is to help the Linux community compete more effectively against its closed source opponent, Microsoft.


Now Internet Code to Protect Privacy

Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, and Vodafone have signed an agreement with online activists, human rights groups, and press freedom groups to draw up an Internet code of conduct to protect free speech and privacy of Web users.

These four companies will together develop a code of conduct with a coalition of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to promote freedom of expression and privacy rights. Besides, they will establish a set of rules that will govern how they deal with censorship and other restrictions on human rights.

In a joint statement, the companies said that they aim to come up with a code of conduct by the end of this year that would counter such trends as the increased jailing of Internet journalists, monitoring of legitimate online activity, and censorship. They would also develop a framework that would hold signatories accountable for their actions in the areas of freedom of expression and privacy rights.


Tech-Dirt:- A Story About Google and Yahoo

Wired unfolded an interesting story this week. How Yahoo blew it tells us how Yahoo tried to buy Google, was turned down and tried to be better than Google in search and advertising.

As Semel and his top staff sat around the table in a corporate conference room named after a Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor (Phish Food), $5 billion sounded unacceptably high. Google's revenue stood at a measly $240 million a year. Yahoo's was about $837 million. And yet, with Yahoo's stock price still hovering at a bubble-busted $7 a share, a $5 billion purchase price would essentially mean that Yahoo would have to spend its entire market value to swing the deal. It would be a merger of equals, not a purchase.

Terry Semel -- a legendary Hollywood dealmaker, a guy who didn't even use email -- had not come to Silicon Valley to meekly merge with the geeky boys of Google. He had come to turn Yahoo into the next great media giant. Which might explain why the face of the famously serene CEO was slowly turning the color of Yahoo's purple logo, exclamation point included. "Five billion dollars, 7 billion, 10 billion. I don't know what they're really worth -- and you don't either," he told his staff. "There's no fucking way we're going to do this!"

Semel could talk tough because he had a backup plan. Yahoo would go out and buy its own top-notch search engine and its own search-advertising technology, and it would beat Google in the emerging arena of little text ads that pop up next to search results. Semel's decision to opt for this plan B was a fateful one. It was a smart play -- but Yahoo fumbled, bungled, and mishandled its execution at every step. (More on that in a moment.) As a result, Google today controls nearly 70 percent of the search-related advertising market, an industry worth more than $15 billion a year and growing at roughly 50 percent a year.
And now Yahoo's CEO regrets they didn't buy Google. Yahoo's mistake was that it didn't understand the importance of search. When web pages started to grow exponentially, they said it's just a commodity and used third-party search engines (Altavista, Google). Why invest in a technology that just sends people away from your site? Now Yahoo has a good search engine, but most of its users don't use it because it's better (it's not), but because they use other Yahoo services and it's more convenient.

January 21, 2007

Google Blacklist Contained Confidential Information

Internet security firm Finjan will confirm on Monday that Google’s much-discussed anti-phishing blacklist contained confidential usernames and passwords of individuals, including credentials for accounts at banks and other financial institutions. See the screen shot below for an example - click for a larger view.
Google’s current anti-phishing blacklist, which has no access protection, is here. It’s It used by the Google Safe Browsing for Firefox extension which is now part of the Google Toolbar for Firefox, according to Michael Sutton, who has spent some time analyzing it.

booBox To Help Bloggers Sell Stuff

Brazil-based booBox is preparing to launch a set of tools for bloggers and other website owners that will help them sell items they are writing about. They’ve submitted some basic information to us, but there is clearly a language barrier and we are still digging into the details.

For now, the best way to understand how it works is by walking through the working demo on the booBox site. Go to this page and click on one of the images. Clicking on the iPod brings up a lightbox above the blog content with a number pictures of related items. Clicking on any of the items then brings up Amazon, within the lightbox, where a purchase can be made. I went through the entire checkout process and completed a purchase, so the demo works. At any point the box can be closed by the user, and they will return to the original site.


Google plots e-books coup

GOOGLE and some of the world’s top publishers are working on plans that they hope could do for books what Apple’s iPod has done for music.

The internet search giant is working on a system that would allow readers to download entire books to their computers in a format that they could read on screen or on mobile devices such as a Blackberry.

With 380m people using Google each month, the move would give a significant boost to the development of e-books and have a big impact on the publishing industry and book retailers.

Jens Redmer, director of Google Book Search in Europe, said: “We are working on a platform that will let publishers give readers full access to a book online.”


Blu-ray cracked by muslix64

Hacker ‘muslix64′, who made it happen with HD DVD, has apparently done it again with Blu-ray. On the doom9.org forum, ‘muslix64′ says, “In less that 24 hours, without any Blu-Ray equipment, but with the help of Janvitos, I managed to decrypt and play a Blu-Ray media file using my known-plaintext attack…”

Tech-Crunch:-World’s first microrobot for surgery, wide as two human hairs

In August, we looked at a micromotor powered by bacteria created by researchers in Japan. This new microrobot will also based on bacteria, and will use flagella as power to move through the human bodies.

Wired writes that the surgical microrobot will be “small enough to pass through the heart and other organs, will be inserted using a syringe. Guided by remote control, it will swim to a site within the body to perform a series of tasks, then return to the point of entry where it can be extracted, again by syringe.”

The prototype for this microrobot (image above, video below) is as small as a grain of salt. Amazing…

January 20, 2007

Future Watch:--Kingmax 4GB microSDHC Memory Card

It's not so difficult to believe that all things can be brought down to any size. But you'd really need to have a look at this to believe. 4 GB in a microSDHC. It's the first microSDHC to hold 4GB of memory by Kingmax. The specs prove that it's not only just size but even better. The card has set the performance level quite high. It can do 22.5 MBps in dual channel with read speeds of 150x the normal.
This card will now get popular even in the digicam and DAP categories along with it being a standard for mobile phone memory. This format of memory not only consumes less space but puts a much lower load on the batteries of the particular device it's inserted into. No idea on the pricing or availability of this small wonder.

LG "Me Too" after Apple iPhone

Apple Computer made headlines with its recent release of iPhone. Now LG intends to take some of the attention away...

Yesterday, LG Electronics (Korea), along with world-renowned fashion label, Prada, announced a new mobile phone, which sports a buttonless, touch-screen interface very much like that of Apple's iPhone.

The LG Prada Phone, alias the KE850, features a no-button interface with the entire phone face covered by a touch-sensitive screen.

Like the iPhone, this phone too, is super-thin; it's just 12 millimetres thick, which is only about 0.4 millimetres thicker than the iPhone.


Acer Intros Toll Free Service for NBs

Acer India has announced the launch of their new toll-free customer service number, 1 800 11 6677 for notebooks in India.

Acer, which already provides toll-free customer support for Acer consumer desktops, will extend this service to notebooks through an Automatic Call Dispatch (ACD) system with Integrated Voice response (IVR). Calls will be routed to Acer-certified agents, trained specifically on the product category. The cases that cannot be resolved over the phone, will be assigned and dispatched to the nearest Acer Customer Service Centre along with a case history.

Partnering with RT Outsourcing Services Limited, a Delhi-based organization, Acer has initiated this complete service package to empower their notebook customers with effective tele-support and onsite service.


"Storm Worm" Virus Hits Computers Worldwide

Finnish data security company F-Secure told reporters today that a computer virus called "Storm Worm" was sent to hundreds of thousands of email addresses globally. Knowing how many e-mail users do not blind-copy (BCC) their friends when sending mass e-mails, the numbers could be much higher. According to F-Secure, "Storm Worm" is spreading very quickly.

Representatives from F-Secure said "the Small.DAM (Storm-Worm) we posted on earlier spread very fast during the night, Helsinki time. The heavy seeding through spam was quickly obvious on our tracking screens. The worm was spread throughout the world very rapidly." The actual virus is called Small.DAM and at this time the origin of the virus is unknown.

F-Secure indicated that those who receive any of the following lines in the subject line of an email are likely recipients of the "Storm Worm" virus:


January 18, 2007

Adobe Flash Player 9 for Linux Announced

Adobe Systems has announced the availability of Adobe Flash Player 9 for Linux.

"With the proliferation of video on the Web, Adobe Flash Player is quickly becoming the de facto industry standard for delivering engaging interactive content and applications," said Emmy Huang, senior product manager at Adobe. "Now the Linux community has full access to the high volume of Flash content and applications available on the Internet today, bringing Linux developers and users to the forefront of the Web 2.0 experience."


AOL Phisher Faces 101 Years in Prison

Jeffrey Goodin, a 45-year-old man from Azusa, California, has been found guilty under the CAN-SPAM Act of sending phishing emails to AOL subscribers asking for their confidential information, and now faces a maximum sentence of 101 years in a federal prison for his crimes.

Goodin used several different compromised Earthlink email accounts to send thousands of unsolicited emails posing as AOL's billing department, and directed recipients to bogus payment websites. He was also convicted on a number of other counts including wire fraud, possession of unauthorized credit cards, misuse of the AOL trademark, and attempted witness harassment.


CAS to be Extended Beyond Metros

After the first phase rollout of the Conditional Access System (CAS) in the notified areas of Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata, the government of India is planning to extend the system beyond metros to other areas. A decision on this is expected soon.

Talking about the government's plans, P R Dasmunshi, Information and Broadcasting Minister, said that they are satisfied with the implementation of CAS in the notified areas, and are now looking to expand further as part of CAS Phase-2 and Phase-3.

According to sources, among the new cities to see implementation of CAS are urban metros like Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Bangalore, Pune, Indore, apart from remaining areas in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai. It is, however, not clear whether Delhi's satellite towns like Noida and Gurgaon will be covered as well.

Meanwhile, after orders from the Delhi High Court, CAS was rolled out in notified areas of Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata from December 31 last year. The system is under implementation in Chennai since 2003.


Adobe RoboHelp 6 Released

Adobe has released a major upgrade to Adobe RoboHelp, "Adobe RoboHelp 6", a flexible user-friendly system to create, manage, and publish software help systems, knowledge bases, and documentation for desktop and Web-based applications.

According to the company, RoboHelp 6 provides all the desktop functionality that authors need to create advanced help content such as table of contents, index, glossary, graphics, special effects, and context-sensitive help. The software is compatible with most formats, and leverages the benefits of other Adobe products, thus providing a richer experience.

Adobe RoboHelp 6 also integrates Adobe Captivate 2 for improved workflow and more engaging content with simulations and demonstrations.


Future Watch:-- Pegasus, PDA Phone from Asus

It looks like Asus has a new PDA phone in the works. At least that's what the iF Design Awards product gallery is telling us.

Named Pegasus, this super slim (15.4 mm) Windows Mobile gadget combines phone, PDA, and GPS navigation system into one sleek package. It has a numeric keypad, jog dial, and allows for simple one handed control. The camera body is finished with brushed aluminum and diamond-cut edges to accentuate superior taste and a feeling of luxury.

No further details are available at this time, but the name of this PDA phone (Pegasus was the original name of Asustek. They dropped first 3 letters for higher directory listings), makes us wonder just what plans Asus has for Pegasus' future.

For the rest of the specs, not to mention details on pricing or availability, it looks like we'll just have to wait for an official announcement.

January 16, 2007

Tech-Crunch:-Mobile phone with a difference for farmers

Radio frequency identification service by Bharti, SBI allows cashless buying.

It is a mobile phone with a difference. It comes with a card embedded with a radio frequency identification technology by which banks can store an array of data: saving accounts, loans taken and repayment schedules. And, of course, all the details now put on a piece of paper called the Kisan credit card.

Bharti Airtel has tied up with the State Bank of India for a pilot project that could dramatically transform the face of rural banking. Launched a few months ago by creating bank accounts with data on a radio frequency identification card instead of in a passbook, the project hopes to superannuate the Kisan credit card.

Being tried in nine villages in Pithoragarh (Uttaranchal), Medak (Andhra Pradesh) and Mizoram, its proponents say commercial launch could be just a year away.

January 14, 2007

New Pan-Asia Travel Information WAP Portal launched

The Bridge Mobile Alliance, of which India’s Bharti Airtel is a member, has launched a mobile WAP travel portal called ConciergeGo. ZDNet reports that travel information is currently limited to “eight Asian markets and 13 major cities, including Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane), Hong Kong, India (New Delhi, Mumbai), Indonesia (Jakarta, Bali), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Philippines (Manila), Singapore and Taiwan (Taipei).”
Content includes the city specific information for tourists on the weather, sightseeing, shopping, dining, events. Also provided is information on embassy contacts, emergency numbers. The monetization? Local promotions.

Future Watch:--This will be a treat—Nokia N-95

Nokia N-95 is due out the first quarter of 2007. Learn more at the N-95 WOM blog As Scott might say, Frigg’in sweet.

Yahoo! India Launches Ask The Planet 2007

Yahoo! India has launched its 'Ask The Planet 2007' initiative, on Yahoo! India Answers. This open forum, which was launched in June 2006 in the US, is deigned to provide answers and opinions to questions relating to socially relevant issues in the Indian subcontinent.

The 'Ask The Planet 2007' series in India, inaugurated by Indian President, APJ Abdul Kalam will feature questions from prominent personalities, around global issues of concern, in several categories.


NRI's Gandhi Video On YouTube Under Fire

Hawaii-based NRI comedian, Gautham Prasad has created a huge controversy in India, with his parody of Mahatma Gandhi. The 3 minute 24 second act, on Google's video sharing site, YouTube, has resulted in angry protests across Ahmedabad , Bhubhaneshwar, Varanasi, with the vulgar portrayal of Gandhi.

The video, shot in the US, shows Prasad clad in Gandhi's trademark attire, pole dancing and stripping for an audience. Records on YouTube show the video, called 'Time to get sexy' was uploaded a month ago.

video link...

Future Watch:--Motorola MotoRIZR Z6

Based on the currently running MotoRIZR Z3 Motorola has launched the MotoRIZR Z6. This is an EDGE version of the phone.

The Z6 will have an upgraded interface supporting Windows Media Player 11 connectivity. The phone will have a new better QVGA screen and will weigh 10 grams less. The same 2 MP camera with some improvements is expected and the whole phone will be available in the mid of this year.

Animax Grand Gaming Challenge '07

Animax, in association with Sify Gamedrome, has announced the first annual "Animax Grand Gaming Challenge 2007" to be conducted across 66 cities in the country.

This gaming competition will see gamers compete with each other in several online gaming categories, including Sports, Racing, Strategy, and first person shooter. Games like Counter Strike, FIFA, NFS UG2, Defense of the Ancients, and Gunz Online will feature in the competition.

Registration is open Jan 10, 2007 onwards. Participants can register at any of the Sify Gamedromes or Sify iWays spread out across the 66 cities. All they need do is enter "password of the day", which would be flashed on air on Animax, and can also be accessed online or through short messaging service on 2525.

The preliminary rounds are scheduled to end on Feb 2, following which, four zonal semi-finals will be conducted in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Bangalore, starting Feb 8, 2007. The mega event will round-off with a final showdown at the Atria Mall in Mumbai on Feb 28, 2007.


Google Talk to Interoperate with AIM This Year

One of the interesting things from the Google - AOL deal in 2005 was this line: "Enabling Google Talk and AIM instant messaging users to communicate with each other, provided certain conditions are met." Apparently, Google didn't forget about that.

Justin Uberti, who joined Google after working on AIM for almost 9 years, comments on this issue:


January 11, 2007

If You Copy Digg, At Least Thank Them

go2web2, normally an even tempered blog, points out that new startup SuperGu copies everything about Digg except their name and goes off on them a bit. And to add insult to injury, they say it was “inspired by Meneame, Del.icio.us and Reddit,” ignoring Digg completely.

The screen shots do look just about identical - SuperGu hasn’t just copied the Digg idea but the look and feel as well. We’ll see if Digg fires up the lawyers, or turns the other cheek.


New Online Fraud Tool Kit Discovered

Fraud detectors at RSA Security have found a demo of a new online fraud toolkit that automates the process of setting up fake websites that sit between a user and a real site, such as a bank, she is trying to access with passwords or other authentication. Users must first click on a fake link, usually embedded in a "phishing" email for the fake website to load and steal the username and passwords.


Nokia launches N76 multimedia computer

The Nokia N76 is a slim and stylish folding portable multimedia computer supporting WCDMA 2100/EGSM 850/900/1800/1900 or EGSM 850/900/1800/1900 for some regions. Take pictures with the 2 megapixel camera or play music without opening the phone using dedicated media keys and the external (128 x 160 pixels) 262k color display. Enjoy videos and graphics with crystal clarity on the 2.4” QVGA (240 x 320 pixels) 16M color main display in portrait or landscape mode and listen to music using stereo headphones with the built-in 3.5mm headphone jack. The Nokia N76 also features Java MIDP 2.0 support with additional Java API’s, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 2.0 and MicroSD memory card support.


Nokia says iPhone "quite interesting": report

Apple's (AAPL.O: Quote, Profile , Research) iPhone is an interesting product, but its sales goal is not very high, Anssi Vanjoki, the head of the multimedia unit at Nokia (NOK1V.HE: Quote, Profile , Research) was quoted as saying on Thursday.

Apple unveiled its much-anticipated take on the smart phone on Tuesday, presenting a sleek device with a large screen that combines a phone, an iPod and instant messaging.

"It is quite an interesting product but it is lacking a few essential features, such as 3G, which would enable fast data connections," Vanjoki, whose multimedia unit is a direct rival to Apple, was quoted as saying by Finnish business daily Taloussanomat.


MyBlogLog Got Spammed

Michael Jensen shows that it is quite easy to spam MyBlogLog (recently acquired by Yahoo), and he used TechCrunch as the guinea pig for his experiment. We, like many other blogs, display the MyBlogLog widget (right bottom sidebar), which shows recent visitors, along with their photo, to the site.
All he did was create a new account with the advertising he wanted included as the image. He then opened TechCrunch in the Opera browser and set it to autorefresh every minute or so. The result was that the “user” kept coming back to TechCrunch and popping to the top of the widget. Some of the traffic that clicked through to the user page on MyBlogLog made its way back to the destination site.


Microsoft – Upgraded 360 Prototype Exists

Last week, Engadget got their hands on some leaked pictures of an upgraded Xbox 360 nicknamed Zephyr (the original 360 is called the Xenon, for those of you that didn't know). This upgraded 360 will feature an HDMI port, full 1080p support, and a 120 GB. However, the existence of such a prototype wasn't confirmed until Chris Satchell, general manager of the game developer group at Microsoft shed some light on it, in an interview with Gamespot. Here is what Chris had to say:


Cisco Sues Apple over 'iPhone'

No sooner has Apple Computer unveiled its "iPhone" at the ongoing MacWorld 2007, Cisco has announced filing a lawsuit against Apple in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

The suit seeks to prevent Apple from infringing upon and deliberately copying and using Cisco's registered 'iPhone' trademark.

The 'iPhone' trademark was obtained by Cisco in 2000, after completing acquiring Infogear, which till then owned the trademark and sold products under that name.

Since obtaining the 'iPhone' trademark, Linksys, a division of Cisco, has been shipping new iPhone products. On Dec 18, the company further added new products to its iPhone family.


January 10, 2007

iPhone is out

Capping literally years of speculation on perhaps the most intensely followed unconfirmed product in Apple’s history — and that’s saying a lot — the iPhone has been announced today (9 Jan 2007)

Yeah, we said it: “iPhone,” the name the entire free world had all but unanimously christened it from the time it’d been nothing more than a twinkle in Stevie J’s eye (comments, Cisco?).

iPhone Features:-

Warner's Blu-ray+HD-DVD Disc

Following LG's combined Blu-ray and HD-DVD player, Warner has decided to tackle the problem in a different way by launching a dual-format disc, calling it the 'Total Hi Def' disc. The disc will have both Blu-ray and HD-DVD compatible content and will also be dual-layer capacities. A Superman Returns THD disc was used to demonstrate the concept.

No titles have been announced yet, but Warner has announced that discs in this format should be out by the second half of the year.

Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo All Sued For Patent Infringement On Joystick Design

It appears that all three of the game console makers, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are facing a patent lawsuit from a patent holding company for the way they designed their controllers. The patent in question is for a low-voltage joystick interface -- though, the fact that all of the game consoles on the market today use a similar technique suggests it's not a particularly non-obvious idea. As the link above notes, the patent holding company has been involved in a few other high profile patent lawsuits, but hasn't done so well with a few of them. Apparently, though, that's just incentive to keep on trying.

Polaroid WiFi Media Players

Polaroid has just shown off a few products in their Swinger series of portable media players, two of which have WiFi support.

The MPA-28216 has WiFi, a 30GB hard drive, a 2.8-inch screen, and also plays back AVI and WAV files. The expected cost is around $280 (Rs. 12,400) or if you want, a WiFi-less version for $260 (Rs. 11,500), around the third quarter this year.

The MPA-44315 is also a WiFi media player, but it has a larger 40GB hard drive and a wide-aspect 4.3-inch touch screen. This is expected for around $350 (Rs. 15,500) and a WiFi-less $330 (Rs. 14,600).


Video games on Zune by 2008

Within 18 months Microsoft will introduce gaming to the Zune in order to compete with the game capable iPod.

From Bloomberg: “Zune, introduced in November, has failed to take market share from Apple’s iPod, partly because the device lacks iPod features such as games and TV programs, said Michael Gartenberg, an analyst at JupiterResearch.”

So even if Microsoft does add gaming and wireless video sharing to the Zune, it’s still not the cultural icon that the iPod so is. Will the Zune ever outrun the iPod? When will Microsoft drop the Zune phone is the question…

January 9, 2007

Yahoo Buys MyBlogLog. No, They Didn’t. Wait, Yes.

Ok so it’s official and confirmed from Yahoo: They bought MyBlogLog. This was first rumored to be happening in November, but was never confirmed and we updated our post to reflect that. This morning the news broke again but was pulled immediately afterwards. Now it’s popped up again. Since I had no idea if it was going to stick this time, I called Bradley Horowitz, Yahoo’s VP Product Strategy, and he confirmed the acquisition. And Om Malik was actually at dinner with co-founder Scott Rafer when the deal was finalized, so it’s a definite deal.

MyBlogLog will be part of the Yahoo Developer Network and report in to Chad Dickerson (who reports to Bradley). The size of the deal is not being confirmed, although rumors put it at $10 - $12 million.


'Counterstrike' Won by Team Mumbai

The weekend (Jan 5 to 7, 2007) witnessed some intense, cut-throat gaming at the Logitech Crossfire PC Gaming competition held at Nehru Center in Mumbai.

According to the organizers, at the fest, both gaming pros and amateurs donned their annihilating best avataars - using Logitech gaming peripherals - mice, keyboards, game-pads, racing wheels, the works.
Thousands of people, young and old, competed against each other in popular multi-player games like "Need for Speed", "Counterstrike", "Warcraft Frozen Throne", and "Corporate Challenge - Need for Speed Most Wanted", vying for that oh-so-elusive crown.

A team of five from Mumbai calling itself 'Accuracy Teamwork Experience' or 'ATE' emerged undisputed winners in "Counterstrike", which was incidentally the most popular game at the event.


Can't talk, my phone's buying groceries

LAS VEGAS — The world's largest credit card network is ready to replace plastic with silicon.

Visa International says it will make purchases by cellphones commonplace in the next few years, thanks to a collection of technology it rolled out Monday.

The company's decision to throw its weight behind a concept that has been around for nearly a decade comes as the use of smart phones is exploding.

“Clearly what is happening in the world of handsets is very germane to our business,” said Patrick Gauthier, a senior vice-president for Visa. “It was very important that we start to step up.”


Acrobat flaw threatens both Firefox and IE browsers

A recent conference of the Chaos Computer Club hacker group in Germany included a discussion of an Adobe Acrobat Reader flaw that affects both Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. While initially thought to only cause exposure to random code on Web sites, the vulnerability can also expose the contents of a user's local hard drive to hackers. To address the problem, upgrade to Adobe Reader 8 immediately.

In other browser news, Opera users need to update to version 9.10 in order to eliminate two threats. The first threat is a vulnerability in createSVGTransformFromMatrix (JavaScript/SVG), which can allow execution of arbitrary code on the vulnerable system. (Disable JavaScript as a temporary fix.) The second threat involves both a denial-of-service threat and an arbitrary code execution threat caused by a malformed JPEG file header.


Future-Watch:-Samsung finger-touch concept phone

Designed by Sunman Kwon, this is The Finger Touch concept phone, and as you can see it has a Samsung logo on it. A very unique concept of all the phone concepts i’ve seen.

The keypad is projected from the round part of the actual device onto your hand, while your fingers act as the keypad. Sort of like the Bluetooth virtual laser keyboard, only on your hand.

Brazilian ISPs Told To Block YouTube Until Google Shuts It Down

Following the Brazilian court order last week demanding Google shut down YouTube because of a racy video involving a well-known model having sex on the beach, a Brazilian ISP has stepped up to block all access to YouTube. The judge's order did note that ISPs should block the site until Google either takes it down or can guarantee that the video in question will no longer be available -- but so far it appears that only this one ISP has complied. This whole thing seems particularly pointless.


A Place For Lonely Searchers

Lonely? Want someone to talk to? Go to ChaCha, a new search engine, and talk to a guide real time about your search. As long as you remain somewhat on topic, I’ve found that the guide will talk to you as long as you like.

There are two ways to search on ChaCha. They have a more traditional search engine that has good but not deep results. But the cool service is guide driven, via an instant message screen on the page. While I found that the results were not nearly as good as Google, it is a lot of fun to talk to the guides.


New Phone on the Walkman Block!

Sony Ericsson has broadened its Walkman phone portfolio by introducing the "W200".

The W200 Walkman phone, according to Sony Ericsson, includes all key features needed to take the first step towards 'music on your mobile'.
The W200 can store up to 37 full length tracks, and can support up to 18 hours of music listening. It enables simple transferring of music from the PC with the Disc2Phone music management software bundled with it.

Talking about the new Walkman phone, Steve Walker, Head of Product Marketing, Sony Ericsson, said, "The W200 is an affordable music phone that compliments existing MP3 players. It's not everyday that you want to carry lots of devices with you; and with the W200, you have enough music storage for your current playlist, and if you get tired of these, the FM Radio allows you to quickly tune-in to your favourite drive-time show."


January 8, 2007

Nokia unveils new, thinner multimedia phones

LAS VEGAS/HELSINKI (Reuters) - The world's largest cellphone maker, Nokia, unveiled slim new multimedia handsets at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in an answer to stiff competition from rivals such as Motorola.

The Finnish company, which makes one in three phones sold globally, has suffered from a lack of thin models in the last two years as consumers sought slimmer phones following the success of Motorola's RAZR.

At 13.7 millimeters, the new Nokia N76 phone is as slender as most slim-line models from smaller rivals. The RAZR is 14 mm thick and lags far behind in terms of features.

Nokia plans to launch the new ultra-thin Barracuda phone later in the year, although it has not yet revealed the measurements of this offering.


Yahoo To Preview Messenger For Windows Vista

Yahoo will give users a preview of what it will be like to use a new and improved version of Yahoo Messenger on Microsoft's Windows Vista at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show this year.

Yahoo will show off an early version of Yahoo Messenger optimized for Vista, with new features that take advantage of some of the user interface enhancements Microsoft has added to the OS.


Tech-Dirt:-Who's Killing MP3 and iTunes?

Everyone knows the MP3 format is used by more devices and people than any other file-based digital-audio format. Most also know that record labels prefer DRMed alternatives such as the ones sold by Apple's iTunes, because they make it harder for people to share music.

But wait -- was that a pig flying past my window just now? Evidence is mounting that major labels may start to prefer the MP3 format, as impossible as that used to seem.

Here are seven reasons why MP3 is the future of the music industry:


Future-Watch:-LG brings compromise to DVD format wars

LAS VEGAS — LG Electronics will begin selling a dual-format high definition player designed to call a truce in the continuing war between rival DVD formats.

The model BH100, dubbed “Super Multi Blue,” will play discs in the Blu-ray format, backed by a group led by Sony Corp. LG is a member of the Blu-ray consortium.

It will also play discs in the rival HD DVD format, which is backed by a consortium headed by Toshiba Corp.

But while it will display the full range of interactive features contained on Blu-ray discs, such as menus that appear while the film is playing, it will not play similar interactive elements contained on HD DVD discs.


Tech-Crunch:-Gates aims to be digital content king

LAS VEGAS — Sunday night, Bill Gates made it clear that his ambitions do not end at controlling the world of personal computers.

The chairman of Microsoft Corp. wants his company to be the dominant player connecting people with digital content, in their homes and on the go.

During the opening keynote speech of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, an advance copy of which was obtained by The Globe and Mail, he described how the company's massive reach, which touches an estimated one billion customers each month, makes Microsoft ideal to be the master of tomorrow's digital entertainment world.

Mr. Gates said the Redmond, Wash.-based company will turn its Xbox 360 game console, which already connects to the Internet, into the gateway for television programs coming into the home.


Sony TVs to Play Internet Video

Sony Corporation has announced it will enable most of its new televisions, including high-definition flat screens, to play video from the Internet.

The company, which unveiled this plan at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, said that the drive to combine Internet and other digital video with traditional devices was part of a bid to showcase its four strategic growth areas, including video gaming, digital imaging, high definition, and mobile products.

Going further with this move, Stan Glasgow, President and Chief Operating Officer, Sony Electronics, unveiled the company's first Internet video system. Glasgow announced that starting this year, the majority of new Sony televisions, starting with several 'BRAVIA' flat-panel LCD TVs, would accept an attachable module that can stream broadband high-definition and other Internet video content with the push of a remote control button.


January 7, 2007

Adobe To Issue Patches for Reader Vulnerability

Adobe will issue patches next week for older versions of its Reader and Acrobat Reader software, which contain a dangerous vulnerability that could be used for phishing attacks or to remotely access files on a computer.

The problem affects versions 7.0.8 and earlier of the Acrobat and Reader programs. Adobe is telling users of those versions to disable the Acrobat and Reader plug-in in their Web browser until the patches are issued.


Google Partners With Chinese P-to-P Site

Google has struck a partnership with a Chinese peer-to-peer file downloading service, Xunlei Networking Technologies.

The partnership will give users of the Xunlei service easier access to Google search services and multimedia content via a search link on Xunlei's home page, the companies said Friday. The deal also involves marketing development and product cooperation.

The companies did not provide financial details of their partnership.


damaka Talks to MSN, Yahoo!, GoogleTalk

Communications software firm, damaka, has launched Instant Messenger (IM) connectivity, allowing damaka users to chat with contacts across MSN Messenger,Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and AIM , without launching multiple IM clients.

Satish Gundabathula, CTO of damaka says, "With the addition of multi-platform IM to its white-label product suite, damaka now allows carriers, service providers, and online communities to cost-effectively deliver unified communication and collaboration services to their user base.


Social Network For Moms Goes Live

Recently launched social networking site, MomJunction.com is aimed at uniting all the mothers in the world, in an effort to foster some cyber-bonding among them. The portal includes features such as customized profile pages with pictures, forums for discussions, public groups, calendar, organizer, instant messenger and a journal.


RIM to add PTT to BlackBerry

RIM has just made a deal with Kodiak Networks to add Push-to-Talk capabilities to their BlackBerry series of handhelds. The service is expected to hit Cingular very soon.

Kodiak plans to offer improved versions of the PTT service offered by Nextel by allowing the users to switch between regular and PTT calls and also a conference call option between the two. They also plan to integrate call waiting and presence checking features to the service.

The BlackBerry series of handhelds were always intended to be for the corporate segment, but they didn't have Push-to-Talk support. With more enterprises picking up the devices in bulk, Push-to-Talk will offer the customers more convenience in team-based communication.

F-Secure Intros Internet Security'07

F-Secure has said its "Internet Security 2007" will provide consumers with advanced protection against new and unknown threats.

The company said the new product features remarkable new features to help further strengthen its leadership in the data security market.

Speaking about the new product, Ari Alakiuttu, Vice President of Product Marketing, F-Secure, said, "Consumers have a right to data security products that offer them protection at every possible level of interaction with the online world. We believe at F-Secure that the latest version of F-Secure 'Internet Security 2007' incorporates world class features, and will set the standard for all other data security products serving the home and small office segment."



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January 4, 2007

U.S. group sues Nokia, Samsung over Bluetooth

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A U.S. research institute has sued Nokia (NOK1V.HE: Quote, Profile , Research), Samsung Electronics (005930.KS: Quote, Profile , Research) and Matsushita-owned (6752.T: Quote, NEWS , Research) Panasonic for violating a patent for Bluetooth technology, potentially putting the free wireless standard at risk.

The Washington Research Foundation, which markets technology from the University of Washington, is seeking damages from the three mobile-phone makers for using a radio frequency receiver technology without paying royalties, according to court papers obtained by Reuters on Wednesday.

A University of Washington scientist Edwin Suominen was awarded a patent in 1999 for "simplified high-frequency broadband tuner and tuning method".


BenQ Mobile Shuts Down

BenQ, a spin off of Acer Corporation, has shut down their mobile phones division, which it had acquired from Siemens about two years ago.

BenQ Mobile incurred heavy losses a few months ago when the business didn’t pick up as well as they had hoped it would. They tried to find an investor to salvage the company, but were unable to do so. Ultimately, they filed for bankruptcy in Germany. The liquidation will leave around 3,000 people unemployed, who will be registered with a local agency for providing replacement jobs.

I never liked BenQ mobile phones much. Their designs never appealed to me and the user interface was also quite unintuitive and shabby, such as the one in the CL71. Overall, I have never found BenQ mobiles worth the money.

BSNL, IOL Broadband Tie for IPTV

IOL Broadband (India on Line Broadband) has reportedly tied up with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) for Internet Protocol television (IPTV) services to BSNL subscribers.

The company has already started trials of the IPTV service on the BSNL broadband network in Bangalore, and its IPTV and video on demand (VoD) services will be formally launched in Bangalore on 14 January, 2007, with other cities following suit later this year.


New Red Hat Linux OS Due In March

Red Hat will soon release Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), its enterprise Linux product on February 28, with major virtualization technology as one of the operating system's highlights. Originally slated to be released by the end of 2006, Red Hat began giving itself some room to work with when the first RHEL 5 beta was released in September. The second OS beta was released in November.