January 30, 2007

China Goes 4G, Bypasses 3G

China's mainland has completely bypassed the release of 3G communication devices and has moved right ahead to 4G. China’s first 4th generation mobile phone was launched Sunday in Shanghai's Changning district. Thanh Nien Daily reported that the release has come after a field test in October of 2006 and the rollout of the technology totals roughly 150 million yuan ($19.2 million USD).

The new 4G system provides wireless transmission speeds of up to 100Mbps, which is much faster than current generation technologies, running at speeds that match optical fiber. "It testifies that the technology we've developed is feasible and brings us one step closer to put it into commercial use," said You Xiaohu, a leading expert involved in the program.

The 4G research program was first initiated in 2001, dubbed the FuTURE Project (Future Technology for Universal Radio Environment), as part of China's high-tech development plan. It is composed of 10 leading domestic institutions.


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