January 20, 2007

Future Watch:--Kingmax 4GB microSDHC Memory Card

It's not so difficult to believe that all things can be brought down to any size. But you'd really need to have a look at this to believe. 4 GB in a microSDHC. It's the first microSDHC to hold 4GB of memory by Kingmax. The specs prove that it's not only just size but even better. The card has set the performance level quite high. It can do 22.5 MBps in dual channel with read speeds of 150x the normal.
This card will now get popular even in the digicam and DAP categories along with it being a standard for mobile phone memory. This format of memory not only consumes less space but puts a much lower load on the batteries of the particular device it's inserted into. No idea on the pricing or availability of this small wonder.

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