July 30, 2007

Kazakhstan DSL Net Costs $3,355 Per Month

The next time you complain about the high prices of Indian ISPs, think about Kazakhstan where the 4% of that population that even has an internet connection has to pay between $111 (dial-up) to $22,032 (6 Mbps cable) per month for their internet connection.

Most users (and only four percent of the country even has access) hook up through state-owned Kazakhtelecom, a company not concerned with competitive pricing for its services. An unlimited dial-up plan costs about €82 ($111) in a country where the average monthly wage is €292 ($399). As for DSL, an unlimited 1.5Mbps connection costs €2,458 ($3,355) a month, and doesn't even included the required ADSL modem. Want a 6Mbps cable connection? It'll cost you, to the tune of €16,144 ($22,032) a month. As the OSCE report drily notes, this is more than a thousand times the price of such a connection in Western Europe.


Apple wants your iPod to stop charging for thieves

Hey, it's no shocker that Apple's iPod is a coveted item even for those who acquire their wares in less than legal manners, but a recent patent application from Apple shows that someone at Cupertino cares about you rightful owners out there. Essentially, the technology would invoke a "guardian" recharge circuit, which would disable any further charging if the computer (or "other recharger") it was paired with was of the unauthorized variety.


July 26, 2007

iPhone Dev Wiki update: the floodgates have opened

Thanks in large part to the work by the gents at the Dev Wiki, a working toolchain -- including a compiler, assembler, and linker -- and the dedicated efforts of many inspired types, the iPhone apps are arriving en masse. So far the list includes tools like a working Apache we server, python, shell -- and a pile of associated binaries like ls, rm, echo, csh, and tsh -- and while these might not be terribly thrilling for Joe everyday user, they are a pretty kicking start. We could start to see all manner of fun stuff arriving in the coming weeks, unless, of course, Apple pulls the plug via an update.


MySpace Purges 29,000 Perverts

Social networking Web site MySpace found and purged more than 29,000 sexual predators using the site, a number described by Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal as an "exploding epidemic."

The figure is more than quadruple the amount MySpace said it found two months ago. In May, MySpace -- which allows users to create their own Web pages -- said it banned from its site about 7,000 people discovered to be sex offenders.

The information was divulged only after state attorneys general took legal action against the Fox-owned MySpace. "Our information demands reveal shocking new skyrocketing numbers of convicted sex offender profiles on MySpace," said Blumenthal on Tuesday. "Each of these 29,000 separate profiles reflects a potential predator willing and able to exploit a child. These alarming and appalling numbers dramatize the urgent need for stronger protection against predators who may prey on children."


iPhone hacked for untethered EDGE data on laptop

While this would be all the more sweet on a 3G iPhone, a new series of hacks will now give you untethered EDGE networking from your laptop. Starting with jailbreak as any proper iPhone hack must, the latest hack installs a new SOCKS server on your iPhone. Join your iPhone and laptop to the same ad-hoc WiFi network and you're pretty much good to go. The procedure is a bit cumbersome if this is your first hack attempt so be sure to check the YouTube video-how-to before you get going.


July 22, 2007

NASA tests future moon landing robots on Canada's fake moon site

NASA is testing two new robots designed to for future moon landings in a crater in Canada, both of which are equipped with some high end kit designed to analyze their surroundings. Loaded up with "GPS, stereo cameras, laser scanners and sun trackers," the K10 Black and K10 Red can laser map terrain over 3,000 feet away, and fire radar into the ground and detect features up to 16.4 feet down. Running on regular laptop batteries, the robots are able to cover over 120 acres of ground and operate for up to five hours at a time, providing far more information than the restricted space-suit wearing astronauts are able to gather. Now all NASA's gotta do is get the robots onto the moon by the around-2020 date that the adminstration keeps mentioning.

July 21, 2007

Sunita 'forgot' to walk in space

She says a bowl of tomato soup is the best thing you can have before you embark on your journey into space.

It is smooth and comes up easily during the time that the human body is adjusting to weightlessness. With six months in micro-gravity on the international space station, NASA astronaut Flt engineer Sunita Williams should know.

A month after her return from the record-breaking space-sojurn, Ms Williams spoke to Indian scientists, students and the media via video conference from Johnson Space Centre in Houston about space diets and a variety of other subjects.

Ms Williams trained for the mission for eight years before she boarded the Atlantis in December last year. “It takes about 24 hours to adjust...the human body is remarkable and is able to adjust to a variety of things,” she said.

Somewhere during the middle of her stay in space, she felt she had forgotten how to walk because of the time spent in reduced gravity. Flying from one place to the other within the space station, she learnt to use her feet `like a monkey’ to grasp on to the hand-rails around, she says.

“The bird like movements forward made me wonder if my neck was growing,” she added. Over a period, the whole frame of reference begins to change because there is no up and no down.


Reuters shocked that OLPC testers using XO for XXX

You know it's a pretty slow summer Friday on the Reuters news beat when one of the biggest stories making the rounds focuses on the shocking revelation that Nigerian students are using their shiny new OLPC XOs to do what hormonal young men have being doing since the dawn of time: look at naked women. The esteemed wire service's African correspondent breathlessly reports that a journalist from the News Agency of Nigeria had seen pornography on a few children's notebooks, which led the country's publication of record to surmise that "efforts to promote learning with laptops in a primary school in Abuja have gone awry as the pupils freely browse adult sites with explicit sexual materials." Why, the NAN report makes it sound like these kids are spending their days at some seedy adult bookstore and not even attending school at all. Luckily for the porn-addicted youngsters, administrators of the pilot program are aware of this snowballing crisis, and will soon be installing filters that will very likely block out a slew of legitimate pages while still allowing curious students to see all the flesh they want on Myspace. Will someone please think of the children?

Vista's successor now known as "7," due out within three years

Although Vista still seems fresh as a daisy, that hasn't stopped Microsoft from planning their next major OS release, and it looks like a part of the plan is changing the internal codename from Vienna to "7." The switch was disclosed at at a Microsoft sales training conference in Orlando this past week as part of the company's new "iterative" information-sharing plan, which aims to provide customers and partners with more and more info as part of a predictable release schedule. Microsoft also confirmed that 7 is scheduled to be in development for three years,


'Refrigerator-sized' device to be heaved into space

If you thought hoisting a giant banana above Texas was outrageous, you may indeed chuckle to learn that a 1,400-pound refrigerator-sized container of ammonia will be jettisoned from the International Space Station next week. On July 23rd, to be precise, Expedition 15 crew member Clayton Anderson will have the, um, privilege of heading outside in order to toss "two large hunks of unneeded equipment towards Earth," and once ejected, they will be tracked by NASA for an entire year until they finally begin to enter the atmosphere. Notably, officials are still not sure where the debris will land just yet, but if you happen to find your fridge replaced with a partially disintegrated (albeit similarly sized) container of fetid material in the next year or two, you'll know exactly what went awry.

Google Discontinues Click-to-Call and Related Links

Two small but useful Google services are no longer available. Click-to-call, the Google Maps feature that allowed you to call a business for free in the US, was removed. "This feature was a long-running experiment, and in the end it was decided to discontinue it. There are however lots of other features we're adding to maps in the hope of making it even more useful," says a Googler who recommends trying GOOG-411, an automated voice-based mobile search engine. You can also try Microsoft's local search engine, which continues to include a click-to-call feature.

Haochi Chen was reminded of that strange day from October 2006 when Google's Official Blog was hacked and somebody posted that "Google has decided not to continue with Google Click-to-call project". Apparently, he was right.

Another discontinued service is Related Links, that showed links to news, videos and searches related to the content of a page in a small box which looked similar to an AdSense unit.


July 20, 2007

Samsung's 5 Megapixel Phone Confirmed

It's official! Samsung has confirmed that their latest camera phone, the Samsung G600 is going to be out soon. The G600 is 3G enabled camera phone that is equipped with 5 megapixel. The phone is a slim slider with a width of just 14.9mm. The SGH – G600 will have features like Bluetooth 2.0, an FM radio with RDS, a USB port and a microSD slot for external memory. It's also equipped with a 2.3 inch TFT QVGA display with a 240x320 pixel resolution. Unfortunately neither the price nor availability is known.

Space Adventures offering $100 million trip to space

While there's long since been ways to get a piece of your mind (or your best Photoshop effort) launched into space, getting your person up there isn't exactly feasible if your pay stub isn't stamped by NASA. Now, however, Space Adventures is looking to hoist a pair of untrained civilians into space in 2008 and 2009 aboard a Soyuz craft, and the firm will soon be selling seats for the low, low price of $100 million apiece.


Apple patent attack 2: iPod karaoke, iPod remote

It looks like Apple is on a roll with its latest round patent applications. Hot on the heels of the recently seen illuminated touchpad and Home on iPod filings, comes two new applications that should have only the fiercest of fanboys excited. First up is a technology which the Cupertino camp calls "Dynamic lyrics display for portable media devices," or as we would describe it -- karaoke on your iPod. Nothing really groundbreaking here: obviously lyrics would be displayed while you belted out your favorite Pat Benatar song, which is pretty unexciting and definitely unoriginal. Patent number two seems a bit more promising, as it addresses the possibility of using your iPod or other "portable media player" as a wireless remote for your PC or media center,


July 19, 2007

iPhone Dev Wiki team gets closer to unlocking

Well, the team over at the iPhone Dev Wiki is claiming to have made some inroads into unlocking the mysteries of the iPhone. While a complete unlocking solution isn't yet available, they updated the Wiki this morning to let us all know that by using iASign -- a bit of software they have created -- the phone can purportedly be made to work with prepaid Cingular, AT&T, and AT&T's MVNO's SIM cards. Where's the beauty you ask? Well, this lets you pick up an iPhone sans contract, slap in your current SIM, and enjoy. We're really feelin the love they are tossing about freely, and are looking forward to the full unlocking solution that they reportedly will not be giving up on any time soon. At the request of the iPhone Dev Wiki team, we aren't including the link. Google is your friend.


iPhones Bug Infestation Quite High

The iPhone in all its glory may be "all dat" but in reality and this would be expected, it does have a few bugs. Nothing's perfect. But the guys over at SPI Labs have issued a warning urging iPhone users not to use the internet call option in the phone. This feature essentially allows you to make a telephone call using the internet. SPI says that this feature could be misused as a bug in this feature cold probably trick a user into making calls to ‘900’ numbers that cost a lot of money and also keep track of calls made by the user over the net.

Google Developing Search for Mobile Content?

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Google is working on a search engine designed to help users find mobile content such as ringtones, games, wallpapers and other paid content.

The WSJ said Google's new service would provide mobile phone users with a list of companies that provide a desired item, and Google would make money by charging companies for high placement on the list. The report said Google has been working on the project for months with unspecified content providers, but has run into some technical delays.

The Internet company is also considering the inclusion of a social-networking component that would let users of the company's Gmail email service exchange content. Overall, the service would work much like the Google Product Search service, formerly known as Froogle.


UK teen buys PS2 on eBay, receives box stuffed with £44,000

A young man in the UK got a serious shock when the PS2 that he'd won on eBay arrived at his home in Aylsham, Norfolk. The game system -- which he'd paid £95 for -- arrived without the two games promised by the seller, but with £44,000, or about $90,378. The boy and his family turned the money over to police, who are holding it until late September under the UK's "Proceeds of Crime Act" while they investigate the case. A spokesman for eBay described the situation as "somewhat unusual," while the boy was overheard mumbling that he "Would have rather gotten Gran Turismo 3." In related news, the cast of Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels said that they would "Find that box no matter what kind of uniquely British hi-jinks are required."

Xbox 360 hack changes DVD key, game region

A clever gent who goes by the name SeventhSon has discovered a method to alter both the DVD key and game region code on Microsoft's Xbox 360, at least for the Hypervisor exploitable 4532 and 4548 kernels. If you're not sure what that all means don't feel bad, part of this hack involves desoldering your Xbox flash chip -- something most of us aren't getting around to anytime soon. However, for the tenacious and technologically handy, this opens up all kinds of diabolical possibilities like, um... playing UK games on your US Xbox.

Apple's patent attack: light-up touchpads, iPod booters

Apple, a funky little start-up based in Cupertino, has recently filed a couple of patents which will have hairs standing on end and eyebrows rising incredulously across the globe. Patent one describes a technology the company is working on called the "illuminated touchpad" -- a kind of input device which could track your movements and provide visual feedback via a lighted surface. The application suggests that the optic effects will be linked to input on the device's facade, and that the display might be capable of glowing, ambiguous color effects, as well as direct and specific reaction to motion. Patent two is something of a historical filing. With the launch of Panther (10.3, for you youngsters),


Google Snips Cookie Lifespan for Privacy

In a move that has surprised critics, Google has promised to cut down on the amount of private data it collects about web users, by reducing the lifetime of 'cookies' installed on the computers of Google users.

A post in the official Google blog says, "We are committed to an ongoing process to improve our privacy practices, and have recently taken a closer look at the question of cookie privacy. How long should a web site 'remember' cookie information in its logs after a user's visit? And when should a cookie expire on your computer? Cookie privacy is both a server and a client issue."

Cookies are essentially small files stored on a computer so that it can be recognized when a particular user revisits websites, enabling the site to remember the user's preferences for things like e-commerce and sites that require log-in. Google previously designed its cookies to expire in 2038 but now, according to the new policy, the cookies will expire after every two years.


Second generation iPhone for $249 in September?

Remember all those version 2 iPhone rumors rumbling about back in May. Well, they're back and running amuck in Taiwan. According to DigiTimes, Taiwan's Chinese-language Commercial Times says that Taiwan's Wintek has gained the touch-screen panel orders for the second-gen iPhone. The report claims that Wintek has already begun test production in small volumes with Apple intent on selling their newest model of the iPhone in September for somewhere between $249 and $299. Unfortunately, the article doesn't state where this flavor of the iPhone will be sold. An important omission given that September is the same rumored delivery for Quanta's iPhone variant meant specifically for non-US markets.


Yahoo! to Rival Adsense with Tyroo Ads, Jajah Now in India

Yahoo! India today picked up a 35% stake in yahoo tryrooTyroo, a non-contextual Cost-Per-Click advertising program that is primarily focused on Indian website publishers.

This could mean some good news for thousands of bloggers and site owners in India who were looking for alternatives to Google Adsense - Yahoo! will possibly leverage it’s existing sales and marketing resources to bring more publishers and advertisers into the Tyroo program - that means more ad inventory and more ad revenue.


July 17, 2007

Nokia Launches N77 TV Phone

Finally it's here. Nokia's candy bar N77 TV phone has been launched in India today. This DVB-H enabled mobile supports LIVE TV Broadcasts.

"Television viewing has come a long way with close to 500 million viewers in the country today. With the growing popularity of mobile devices and its capability to offer instant access to information and entertainment, the launch of N92 and N77 will bring in the perfect synergy between television content and the mobile platform," said Vineet Taneja, Director Multimedia, Nokia India.


Streakr Launches: MySpace + StumbleUpon = Something

streakrlogo.pngStreakr, a site that in private testing had a lot of buzz in beta today.

Streakr is pitched as follows:

Streakr brings users the best of the web. They simply download a ‘discovery’ bar onto their browsers which, at the touch of a button, finds dozens of new websites that match their interests. They can then rate the sites they like and dislike by stamping them with a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ icon. Once selected, the URLs are saved onto their personal profile page and indexed for future reference. The sites, which users can also review, can then be shared with fellow Streakrs via the social network.

The politest way of describing Streakr: MySpace and StumbleUpon got together and had a learning impaired child.


Intel launches Mobile & Internet Linux Project website

Hearing that Intel now has a relatively fond view of Linux is far from surprising, especially considering that the chipmaker already has quite a few open-source projects out in the open. To help consolidate its efforts and spearhead future developments, Intel has apparently launched the Mobile & Internet Linux Project website, which showcases a number of ideas to improve "power management, user interfaces, use of wireless networks, web browsing, chatting, and software development for mobile devices."


July 16, 2007

Microsoft University in Bangalore, India For Computer Courses

Microsoft is setting up a university in Bangalore, the Silicon valley of India, to impart computer education.

Though Microsoft does fund education and research projects in many universities across the world, this Bangalore based university will be wholly owned by the software giant and it's first-ever independent educational venture in the world.

microsoft university india

TOI says that the Microsoft university may train around 1,000 students and it may well be India's first run by a multinational company.


Microsoft Search Appliance In Response to Google Search Appliance

microsoft search appliance

The upcoming google search applianceMicrosoft Search Appliance (picture above) will help enterprise customers enable Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 search capabilities without requiring any complicated set-up.

Mike Pallot of Microsoft says that Microsoft Search Appliance is "not a ploy to go head-to-head" with the Google Search Appliance or the pizza box shaped Google Mini.


Make Hindi a Strong Internet Language: PM

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Friday called for making Hindi a strong internet language and the development of better Hindi software and search engines.

He also said books by non-resident Indian (NRI) authors should be included in the syllabi of educational institutions in India as the 8th World Hindi Conference began here Friday.

The prime minister's message was delivered by video to the conference.

Anand Sharma, India's minister of state for external affairs, said, "Hindi's cause would be better served if it were to be made more flexible, more accommodating, and we favor spoken language over bookish one."


Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix (PS2)

Harry Potter is a prodigy among thousands all over the world. The story revolves around this character who attends the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This simple boy (or so he thinks) is overwhelmed with the responsibility and legacy that he has to live up to. The books follow his life as he learns more about magic and himself. There are very few who haven't read the books or heard his name. I haven't read all the books, but I'm still a big fan of the series, and the movies as well. You don't have to be a genius to realize that Harry Potter as a part of interactive media is a great idea; basically a game on Harry Potter makes a lot of sense. But sadly, the past games based on the various movies have been a major disappointment, with none of them even remotely representing the Harry Potter universe in its full glory. This time around, although the game looks a little better, it plays just the same. You will enjoy the game for the first 1 hour or so, but then the rest is just plain. But I would recommend every Harry Potter enthusiasts to try the game; you never know, you might like it. Let's read more about the game.

Firefox attack uses Internet Explorer

A new attack has been found in which Internet Explorer could be used to activate Firefox and run malicious code. It’s done through a Firefox protocol handler used to to execute ‘firefoxurl://’ commands. According to Vnunet, “If Internet Explorer is used on a page that tries to use the ‘firefoxurl://’ the browser will activate Firefox automatically and allow malicious code to be run in JavaScript.”


July 13, 2007

No 3G on the iPhone, but why? A Battery Life Analysis

In Most of the initial reviews of Apple's iPhone
shared one complaint in common: AT&T's EDGE network was slow, and it's the fastest cellular network the iPhone supported.In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Steve Jobs explained Apple's rationale for not including 3G support in the initial iPhone:

"When we looked at 3G, the chipsets are not quite mature, in the sense that they're not low-enough power for what we were looking for. They were not integrated enough, so they took up too much physical space. We cared a lot about battery life and we cared a lot about physical size. Down the road, I'm sure some of those tradeoffs will become more favorable towards 3G but as of now we think we made a pretty good doggone decision."

The primary benefit of 3G support is obvious: faster data rates. Using dslreports.com's mobile speed test, we were able to pull an average of 100kbps off of AT&T's EDGE network as compared to 1Mbps on its 3G UMTS/WCDMA network............

Final Words

Without a doubt, current 3G implementations do require more space and consume more power than simply outfitting a phone with support for EDGE. Using the Samsung Blackjack as an example, turning on 3G reduces battery life by around 25% under web/email use. The biggest impact of all is, surprisingly enough, talk time; with 3G enabled, the Blackjack's talk time is cut in half, with absolutely no benefit realized from the higher bandwidth standard.

At the same time, Apple's choice to include 802.11b/g support in the iPhone makes a lot of sense. Battery life actually increases with Wi-Fi over EDGE whenever the data connection is being used, not to mention that performance goes up tremendously as well.

Apple had to make a number of tradeoffs with the iPhone, and without a doubt its power hungry screen was not worth sacrificing, even for better network performance. The iPhone's biggest selling point is its UI, and Apple seems to have made the right tradeoff by embracing Wi-Fi for the first generation - as frustrating as it may be for users.


LG Launches 5 MP Autofocus Camera Phone

LG has just launched their new 5 megapixel auto–focus camera phone the - KG920. LG has decided to go with a twist and shoot design not unlike the Nokia 5700. Though it may be only similar it is, of course far more advanced when it comes to the camera. The KG920 also has the ability for the camera to be rotated 180 degrees so you can take self-portraits.

H. S. Bhatia, Product Group Head, GSM Mobile Phones, said, "Today’s customers are very design conscious. They want a phone that is not only feature-rich, but also good looking. The KG920 is compact considering the features that it provides. With a 5-megapixel camera phone there is no need to carry a separate digital camera. LG KG920 is extremely attractive in terms of style, fully loaded with unique features and is available at attractive price of Rs. 22,000 only."


Blogger Kicked Out of Stadium for Live Blogging the Game

This is unbelievable but true - a blogger had to leave the stadium because he was posting live updates of the NCAA baseball tournament game on his newspaper's website. Even his press credentials were revoked for the crime of "blogging."

The argument was that live reporting of a "game in progress" violated the broadcasting rights which were sold exclusively to ESPN and CBS.

The NCAA says bloggers can write about the game before it starts or after it's over. In between, they can blog about "the atmosphere, crowd and other details," but not about the game itself.

What's the next restriction for such college sporting events ? No carrying cameras or cellphones inside the stadium. No calling friends from the stadium for giving ball-by-ball updates.


Doctors Warn iPods Can Convert to Lightning iRods

Constantly wearing a portable music player, such as an iPod, may be the next stage in evolution for some members of our species. But Mother Nature apparently does not approve.

A letter to the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) from doctors at Vancouver General Hospital in Canada relates the case of a 37-year-old man, brought to the emergency room of the hospital after being hit by lightning while jogging and listening to his iPod. The lightning first hit a nearby tree before reaching him, and witnesses said he was thrown about eight feet.

iPods and 'Disrupted Flashover'

The incident, which the Journal called an "uncommon" hazard, may seem laughable, but his injuries are not. He received second-degree burns on his chest and left leg, and there were two "linear burns" along his chest, neck and sides of his face, tracing the lines of his earphones. Both of his "tympanic membranes" -- eardrums -- were ruptured, small bones in his middle ears were dislocated, his jaw was broken, and he had a "severe conducive hearing deficit."


Google Takes Swipe at Viacom

Google Inc. on Friday took a swipe at media conglomerate Viacom Inc. which is suing for $1 billion over "massive copyright infringement" by its video sharing Web site YouTube.

Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt, speaking with reporters at a hotel bar at the 25th annual Allen & Co. moguls meeting, said litigation was the foundation of the company that owns the MTV Networks, Paramount movies studio and video game developer Harmonix.

"Viacom is a company built from lawsuits, look at their history," Schmidt said on early Friday.

"Look who they hired as CEO, Philippe Dauman, who was the general counsel for Viacom for 20 years," he added.

Viacom has demanded that YouTube takes down thousands of segments from its popular programmes including The Daily Show with John Stewart, The Colbert Report and South Park.


Rootkit hack taps Greek prime minister's phone

In 2005, Greek authorities discovered a plot hatched and executed by unknown sources which allowed the tapping of wireless phones on the Vodaphone network belonging to the country's Prime Minister and other top officials, making it one of the furthest reaching covert infiltrations of a government in history. A recent report from IEEE Spectrum shows that the tap was made possible by a 6,500 line piece of code called a rootkit, the first-ever to be embedded in a phone switch's OS. The complex hack took advantage of aging phone systems by disabling transaction logs on calls and allowing call monitoring on four switches within the teleco's computers, thus sending the call to another phone for monitoring (similar to a legal wiretap).


July 12, 2007

Airtel Announces GPS Navigation

Bharti Airtel, in collaboration with Sweden-based Wayfinder Systems, today launched its GPS-based Navigation Application on compatible mobile handsets.

The company said the application is so designed that it turns compatible mobile phones into whole GPS-based navigation systems -- complete with detailed maps and points-of-interest of several cities across the country.

For starters, the application will be available on the BlackBerry 8800, Airtel said. And, it will cover information on cities including
Delhi and NCR (Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad), Bangalore, Mumbai & Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Chandigarh.

Speaking at the launch, Sanjay Gupta, chief marketing officer of mobile services, Bharti Airtel, said, "We are now introducing in India a state-of-the-art GPS-based navigation system that will largely benefit all frequent travelers using compatible mobile handsets like the BlackBerry 8800."

To download the application, Airtel BlackBerry 8800 users need send NAV as SMS to the shortcode 3636. For further instructions, they can refer to the Airtel Web site.

On offer is a six-months free trial for all Airtel BlackBerry 8800 users. Under the scheme, customers will not be required to pay any subscription charges on the application during this period.

However, there will be data download charges applicable as per subs
cribers' BlackBerry plans.

Could Microsoft Knock Off Yahoo To Become Google’s Biggest Competitor?

According to the latest search market share figures released by Compete, MSN/ Live increased its market share by 67% from May to June 2007, putting Microsoft’s share of search at 13.2% behind Yahoo at 19.6% and Google on 62.7%. Over the year, Microsoft’s search traffic is up 47%.

Despite a $100 million Crispin, Porter + Bogusky advertising campaign, Ask saw its share of the search market decrease from 3.5% to 3.3%, although to be fair to Ask, Compete recorded a 2.6% rise in traffic.



Infosys to hire 26,000 people this fiscal

India's second largest IT company Infosys Technologies Ltd will be on hiring spree in this fiscal too.

In a bid to stem the growing attrition rate it faces due to competitive pressures from the booming IT industry, especially the multinationals, the company plans to hire a whopping 26,000 people for the year (FY 2008).

"Hiring continues to be strong and attrition is under control. We plan to hire 26,000 people for the year. In the first quarter (April-June), the gross addition was 7004 employees and net addition 3730," Infosys head for HRD and education & research T V Mohandas Pai told the media after the firm announced its Q1 results.

As a result, by the end of the quarter under review (Q1), the total number of employees in the company and its susbidiaries worldwide stood at 75,971 as against 58,409 a year ago and 72,241 a quarter ago.


Touch-screen iPods by August?

Now that the iPhone is out, the Apple rumor mongers have shifted their attention to the next generation iPod. Well, some of them anyway. Specifically, will it or won't it feature a device-wide touch-screen running OS X -- a stripped down iPhone if you will. Enter DigiTimes, with their hit-or-miss record of Taiwanese sources, who are calling for a touch-screen iPod to launch in August.


Will it Blend: the iPhone smoothie

check out this cool video.....

JP Morgan retracts iPhone nano insinuations, hints at 3G flavor in 2008

Oh c'mon, it did sound too good to be true, did it not? To just about everyone's chagrin, the hope-filled comments made yesterday by Kevin Chang have now been retracted by JP Morgan, and it looks like the iPhone nano will return to the depths of our imagination for the moment.


BSNL launches India’s first Location Based Services

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd scores an ace by successfully launching location-based services (LBS) on Telenity’s Canvas LES, Location Enabling Server. With the launch, BSNL has become the first operator to make available the personalised value added location-based services to its mobile customers in India through Telenity’s location solution. The Web-based service allows real-time tracking and monitoring.

A range of LBS has been launched in the East Zone of BSNL’s network :

1) Now enterprises can locate, monitor and manage their mobile assets and employees in a secure way using a simple Web browser named ‘Real time fleet and asset management’.

2) Another service is ‘Friend finder’ which alerts subscribers when one of their friends in their buddy list is in close proximity to their location or vice versa.

3) Another service, ‘Location-based advertisement’, broadcasts advertisement/promotion information to subscribers.

4) Also, there is the option of ‘Location-based chatting service’ that enables users to communicate and/or meet someone with same interests within the same vicinity.

The step is being viewed as BSNL’s marketing strategy to take an edge over its competitors in the country.

This new service will attract new customers for BSNL and will also help in retaining existing customers.

July 11, 2007

Rediff Launches Networking Site iShare

Rediff has launched iShare , an amalgamation like YouTube and Orkut, which enables a user to share music, videos or exchange profiles along with other features.

"With broadband becoming affordable and social networking taking off in India, we believe that iShare will provide users a context to connect and enjoy a more comprehensive multimedia entertainment experience on the Internet, creating new opportunities for our partners to reach out to their audience," said Ajit Balakrishnan, chairman and CEO, rediff.com.

The company also announced its tie-up with Zee TV to provide a platform for budding singers through one of its popular music shows.

iShare comes with a utility tool which users can install in their computers and upload multiple files even at low speed. Users will be able to upload picture and videos made on mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders and music from mp3 players like ipods.

July 10, 2007

Web site Delivers Last Messages After Death

Planning a will entrusts your last wishes to chosen family and friends, but what if you died suddenly? Would your child know of that old locker - or is there a skeleton you'd want out of the closet?

A new Web site www.YouDeparted.com delivers all your last "e-wishes" to family and friends after you pass away, as well as letting them know where to find important documents like passports and insurance policies.

You can even specify how you would like to be dressed for your own funeral and arrange to have video messages and photos sent to loved ones after you have gone.


Apple Plans Cheaper, Nano-based Phone

Apple Inc. plans to launch a cheaper version of the iPhone in the fourth quarter that could be based on the ultra-slim iPod Nano music player, according to a JP Morgan report.

Kevin Chang, a JP Morgan analyst based in Taiwan, cited people in the supply channel he did not name and an application with the U.S Patent and Trademark office for his report dated July 8.

Apple filed a patent application document dated July 5 that refers to a multifunctional handheld device with a circular touch pad control, similar to the Nano's scroll wheel.

Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris declined comment.

Long lines of people turned out on June 29 when U.S. sales began for the iPhone, a mobile phone with a music player and Web browser. Analysts have estimated that sales in the first weekend were as high as 700,000 units.


N95 vs. iphone-really cool videos.....

hey check out these cool videos....

N95 vs. iPhone - Internet

N95 vs. iPhone - Camera

N95 vs. iPhone - MMS

obviously iphone is a gr8 revolutionary cell phone.. but frankly does it deserve all this buzz... i mean it doesnt have mms,no flash,only2Mpx camera,no 3G, i mean does only the looks n touch screen matters.. what about other features...

Google Buys Postini to Expand Enterprise Offering

After the launch of Google Apps Premier Edition, more than 100,000 companies switched to Google's hosted services, but large companies couldn't use it "due to issues of security and corporate compliance". To provide better services for these companies, Google bought Postini, "the global leader in on-demand solutions that deliver on the promise of communication security and compliance". Postini is also a variation of postino, the Italian word for postman. Like Google Apps, Postini doesn't require you to install special software or hardware, as all the data is hosted and processed on their servers. "Postini invented the software as a service approach to providing communications security and compliance, and holds two fundamental patents in the space, with more patents pending."


July 9, 2007

BSNL to drop 3G plans in GSM

IT and Communications Minister A Raja, on Monday, said that he has advised state-run BSNL to drop the 3G component from its 45.5 million line GSM tender, citing the lack of a policy for implementing third generation network.

If BSNL were to take the minister's advice, the public sector company may have to reconsider disqualification of US equipment supplier Motorola and its Chinese partner ZTE from the tender - a quarter of which was for rolling out 3G lines.

"I have advised BSNL to drop 3G and go for 2G as there is no 3G policy in the country," Raja said.

He, however, said that it was for BSNL's Board to decide whether or not to go with the suggestion.

BSNL had selected Sweden's Ericsson and Finland's Nokia for executing the contracts, while disqualifying Motorola on the ground that it did not have any expertise in 3G networks.

Motorola had taken BSNL to the Delhi High Court over the move, but it later dropped the case.


Google, Yahoo Both Working On Next Generation Social Networks

Yahoo Mosh

We don’t know much yet, other than the project exists, it will be launched at mosh.yahoo.com and is being called a “new cool social network product” within Yahoo. No screen shots are available yet.

Google Socialstream

Google Operating System is reporting that Google is sponsoring a project at Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute to “rethink and reinvent online social networking.” The project is called Socialstream. Click on the image for a larger view.

The project goal is to “create a system for users to seamlessly share, view, and respond to many types of social content across multiple networks.” More information is available deeper in the site:


July 8, 2007

Deadly orkut scripts

i just got a mail from 1 of my frens which goes like this:--

Hey this is great try this one,, its funny try this, m sure u vl enjoy this..
Just open ur scrapbook and past this link in the adrresse bar and enter..
Cant tell u more, see urself,,, it will change the way orkut used to look

Copy the long link and paste in the adresse bar of ur scrap book


its safe I have tried it,,

well if u recieve any such mail plz don't try this...
it will
1. destroyes your profile,
2. resets all your orkut settings to default. {will change the default language to chinese making things more difficult}
3. changes your gender , marital status etc,
4. delets your photos and vids,
5. delets some scraps,testimonials.
last but not the least
6. sends that link to your enitre freind list.
n if am nt mistaking it also sends ur crushlist to some user... {well the script shows this not very sure to which user}

n if you are a victim of this script click on settings link(1st link on top just after ur email id) then use the options in the first dropdown menu{i.e display language menu} n then click on the left button{submit} at the bottom of those options. once you manage to change it back to english..just reconstruct your profile.

note this is just a temp 1 time soln.. this problem will keep on coming trying to find a permanent soln.. plz help me if u know...
well i guess i got a solution.. after you reconstruct ur profile... plz delete ur browswers cookies n cache....
Also read

Appleopolis: iPhone App Portal

As you probably know, Apple decided not to release an SDK, but to get 3rd party developers to create web applications instead.

A new site called Appleopolis has launched, to act as a sort of portal for applications. The idea is that you set your homepage to it, and you can access all your apps from there. It also acts like a directory of available applications.


July 7, 2007

iPhone hacked for shell access

Well, that didn't take long -- the hacker crew of IRC channel #iPhone has managed to enable shell access to the iPhone just a week after its release. There's not a lot to the hack -- the iPhone's 30-pin dock connector features the same pinouts as the iPod, so creating a serial connection simply involved connecting up a resistor, ground, and RS-232 level converter and running a few commands from iphoneinterface. The resulting shell is pretty basic, but features a TFTP client -- meaning that we should see a flood of attempts to open the iPhone up in the coming weeks (as if we wouldn't anyway).

Read - hackint0sh announcement
Read - iPhone shell command list

July 6, 2007

The Perfect Handheld Photo Printer - No Computer Needed

canon photo printer canon 1

Canon today introduced a new light-weight printer for your digital photographs that is very compact and prints photos directly from the memory card without requiring a computer.

Called the Canon Selphy CP740, this photo printer prints borderless photos from credit-card size to 4" x 8".

Plugin the camera card in the available memory card slots, select the pictures that you want to print using the LCD screen at the top and press the Print button. Canon Selphy also works with USB compatible cameras and Bluetooth enabled camera phones.

Selphy CP740 [Official Canon Website]

Nokia updates N800 with Skype and more

Listen up N800 owners, Nokia just released an update to their Internet Tablet OS 2007 Edition. The update brings Skype client support, Flash 9 browser support, 8GB memory card suport, and "remarkably longer" battery performance when surfing bits over wireless. Yeah, it's not enough to spark mass market appeal, but current owners will surely be stoked. Version 4.2007.26-8, available now.

Talking Trojan Deletes PC Files

A new Trojan has been talking PCs into being infected, while it simultaneously deletes all the files on the computer and gets away by wishing you a nice day.

Image Source: Sophos Plc

The BotVoice.A Trojan, detected by PandaLabs, uses Windows text reader to say, "You have been infected I repeat you have been infected and your system files have been deleted. Sorry. Have a nice day and bye bye."

These comments are repeated in a loop as the trojan tries to delete all the files in the computer's hard disk. It also renders computers unusable as it modifies the Windows registry so that none of the programs installed on the computer nor the task manager can be run. It also disables the Windows registry editor in order to safeguard its actions.


July 5, 2007

activate iPhone without AT&T

Considering to purchase an iPod ? Why not get the iPod++ (aka iPhone) that has all the features of an iPod, plus a camera, internet access, touch screen keyboard and an excellent interface.

iphone ipod macbook

Lech Johansen (aka DVD Jon), who became world-famous after writing a DVD copying software, has published a hack to activate the iPhone without iTunes or the two year voice and data contract from AT&T.

Add " albert.apple.com" to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Download iPhone Activation Server to activate your iPhone for iPod+WiFi use.

Once you circumvent the iPhone activation process, the iPhone will work perfect as a touch screen iPod, email device, YouTube video player and will have Wi-Fi enabled internet access though you'll not be able to make or receive phone calls.

Source with inputs from engadget

Nokia N95 one-ups Apple's iPhone via unrefined display 'hack'

There's no denying that we were fairly taken aback by the beauty of the iPhone's screen, but leave it to a clever (and likely bitter) N95 owner to trump Apple's best shot with his very Nokia. While not nearly as ingenious as converting the device into a mapmaker, this crude demonstration explains how to increase the screen real estate linked to the N95 if you're willing to sacrifice your left (or right) arm. Granted, the "hack" did begin with a broken N95, so strapping a portable TV onto one's forearm and utilizing the device's video output was about the only real solution within arm's reach (ahem). Like it or not, it's laced in utility, and you can catch a video of the action after the jump.


Nokia's N-Gage coming to PCs

When you hear the word N-Gage, you probably get weird, grossed-out feelings and maybe a little stabbing pain in your side, right? Well, Nokia is attempting to make the transition from the N-Gage as a handheld gaming device (and a bit of a failed one at that), to N-Gage as a standalone game platform -- one which can be implemented on the PC as well as other mobile systems. The company is currently in the thick of development on a top-secret title known as "Project White Rock", which will be the first bound for the PC. The game is being developed by RedLynx (creators of popular handheld fare like "Pathways to Glory"), and produced by Scott Foe, who's known for his work on the first mobile MMOG "Pocket Kingdom: Own the World". According to reports, the game contains over a thousand lines of recorded dialogue, though sources say the game-play experience will be largely the same on both the PC and handheld platforms. Whatever the case may be, the few glimpses we've seen of the "next generation" N-Gage look pretty promising, and this scheme may just be the shot in the arm Nokia's gaming division is looking for.

Yahoo! Celebrates 25 Years of The 'Emoticon'

The year 2007 marks the 25th anniversary of the emoticon, which was first introduced in 1982 and is now a popular symbol in digital communication.

As the first person to use this form of non-verbal communication, Professor Scott Fahlman of Carnegie Mellon University said, "When I first created the ':-)' text smiley face, I never thought it would take off the way it has. It started as a way to show humor to a community of computer scientists, but now, 25 years later, consumers far and wide have really embraced the emoticon in their non-verbal communication to show emotions like happiness, love and concern, especially while instant messaging. The smiley has come a long way."

Nokia Announces Bluetooth Speakerphone

Nokia’s latest innovative accessory is their new Bluetooth speaker phone that can be used in your car. The HF-300 boasts a powerful speaker and microphone and its audio quality is enhanced with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that cancels out excess noises and echoes. The device also has an auto power off feature. That means it turns itself off after you stop talking.

"We are committed to providing convenient communications in the car - and out of it too. The beauty of the Nokia Speakerphone HF-300 is in its mobility, it goes where you go, when you want to talk. We are excited to have the speakerphone as part of our expanding enhancements portfolio to meet the needs of our consumers," said Wolfgang Gärtner, senior category manager, Nokia Automotive.

The device runs on battery power so it's totally mobile and apparently offers up to 20 hours of talk time. When the battery runs low, the LED indicator provides an alert. There are also simple keys that are illuminated for taking and ending calls. The HF-300 weighs 80g. It's equipped with a sunvisor clip for easy positioning of the device in your car and has rubberized pegs at the bottom so it can easily stay firm on your desk. The speakerphone will automatically turn off after five minutes after the connection to the mobile device has been severed.

The HF-300 is compatible with a wide range of Nokia mobile devices supporting Bluetooth Specification 1.1 and higher and Handfree Profile 1.0 and higher. It is expected to be available globally in the third quarter of 2007 and will cost an estimated Rs. 4960, excluding taxes.

July 4, 2007

Google Gets Web Phone Service

Google has reportedly acquired California-based GrandCentral Communications, a company that provides Web-based services for managing voice communication.

GrandCentral's Web services allow users to integrate all of their existing phone numbers and voice through one simple interface.

In its blog post, Google said, "We think GrandCentral's technology fits well into Google's efforts to provide services that enhance the collaborative exchange of information between our users."

GrandCentral's Web services complement existing phone services. For instance, users with multiple phone numbers can get one phone number programmed to ring all/some/none of the numbers, depending on who is calling.

The services also feature a central voice mailbox, where calls can be recorded and then accessed online or from any phone, as well as forwarded to other phones.


iPhone hackers turn up a few vulnerabilities

To no one's surprise, hackers have been hard at work on the iPhone since day one, and it looks like they're already turning up a few vulnerabilities. As The Register reports, the folks at Errata Security seem to have been the most successful to date, finding not one, but two "bugs" with the phone. The first is apparently similar to one of the bugs recently found in the Windows version of Safari which, in this case, allows someone so inclined to take control of the browser and run applications by causing a buffer overflow. The second, somewhat simpler flaw Errata discovered is that the device can apparently be easily locked up when exposed to a so-called Bluetooth "fuzzer." Despite that, the Errata folks say that they think the iPhone "is inherently more secure than competing smartphones," largely due to its dependence on iTunes and its ability to push out security updates faster than carriers are able to. As The Register points out, some intrepid "researchers" also recently discovered the passwords required to give an application root access although, as of yet, no one's actually found anything useful to do with them.

Microsoft apologizes for not-so-Ultimate Extras

As anyone's that's sprung for the top-end Vista Ultimate can tell you, the much-ballyhooed "Ultimate Extras" have been anything but, having all but ceased after a brief Texas Hold 'Em-fueled flurry when they first went live. Now it seems that even Microsoft itself has owned up to their utter lameness, with Vista Ultimate director Barry Goffe taking the somewhat unusual step of issuing an apology on his blog. In addition to saying sorry for "taking so long to provide a status update to customers," Goffe says that Microsoft is on track to release the long-in-development DreamScene add-on by the end of the summer, along with an additional 20 language packs, and a couple of yet-to-be-announced mystery extras.

July 3, 2007

Final iPhone review-engadget

The first solid info anyone heard about the iPhone was in December of 2004, when news started to trickle out that Apple had been working on a phone device with Motorola as its manufacturing partner. About ten months later, under the shadow of the best-selling iPod nano, that ballyhooed device debuted -- the ROKR E1 -- a bastard product that Apple never put any weight behind, and that Motorola was quick to forget. The relationship between Apple and Motorola soon dissolved, in turn feeding the tech rumor mill with visions of a "true iPhone" being built by Apple behind the scenes. After years of rumor and speculation, last January that device was finally announced at Macworld 2007 -- and here we are, just over six months later -- the iPhone, perhaps the most hyped consumer electronics device ever created, has finally landed. And this is the only review of it you're going to need.

We've gone into serious detail here, so here's the review split into multiple parts. Trust us, it's a quick read. Enjoy!

Part 1: Hardware, interface, keyboard

Part 2: Phone, Mail, Safari, iPod

Part 3: Apps and settings, camera, iTunes, wrap-up