July 8, 2007

Deadly orkut scripts

i just got a mail from 1 of my frens which goes like this:--

Hey this is great try this one,, its funny try this, m sure u vl enjoy this..
Just open ur scrapbook and past this link in the adrresse bar and enter..
Cant tell u more, see urself,,, it will change the way orkut used to look

Copy the long link and paste in the adresse bar of ur scrap book


its safe I have tried it,,

well if u recieve any such mail plz don't try this...
it will
1. destroyes your profile,
2. resets all your orkut settings to default. {will change the default language to chinese making things more difficult}
3. changes your gender , marital status etc,
4. delets your photos and vids,
5. delets some scraps,testimonials.
last but not the least
6. sends that link to your enitre freind list.
n if am nt mistaking it also sends ur crushlist to some user... {well the script shows this not very sure to which user}

n if you are a victim of this script click on settings link(1st link on top just after ur email id) then use the options in the first dropdown menu{i.e display language menu} n then click on the left button{submit} at the bottom of those options. once you manage to change it back to english..just reconstruct your profile.

note this is just a temp 1 time soln.. this problem will keep on coming trying to find a permanent soln.. plz help me if u know...
well i guess i got a solution.. after you reconstruct ur profile... plz delete ur browswers cookies n cache....
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