With the ongoing growth drive, India is set to become the second largest wireless network in the world. By the month of April the subscriber base of the country is set to cross the 300-million mark. The user base has already crossed the 250 - million mark.

Presently, China is the largest wireless network in the world and is adding up around 6-7 million subscribers every month. The US which is currently the second largest mobile market with 256 million wireless subscribers is adding up about 2-3 million subscribers in a month. But, India is expected to surpass this by April as it adds subscribers in the range of 8-9 million a month.

With this growing trend we can expect some more telecom players in the market bringing in pocket friendly schemes for the consumers and at the same time telecom players who already form a part of the pie would further innovate their services to surpass competition.

More users, more choices, more offers, more schemes, more money…. Future of our telecom market