June 30, 2007

Post iPhone release articles [final update]...

i think its high time i end this post.... no more updates in this post.. all new updates will be posted individually...

ufff!! well now am badly tired cant edit this post again oops i again edited this post i have already updated it 7 times since its launch, i have even added a small feed widget of engadget {the site which has provided maximum update about iphone} on the left sidebar.. plz check it... will continue to include all thoose feeds in this single post..if i get some updates from other sources i'll update this post{will hange the title of this post so that u cn know whn i hv updated it}.. in a nutshell this post can be termed as all about apple iphone

original updated post:-
well guys yesterday night i was awake till iphone came out.. n posted you with some really cool unboxing iphone pics courtesy:-Engadget....

now post iphone release there are lots of kool stuff that you should know about... but their were lots of stuff so instead of posting them seprately am posting it in 1 entry only.. so here we go...

for now i guess this is enough.. will keep you updated with all the latests...
but i wonder why there isn't anything kool about iphone on all of my fav blog sites...


well the wait is over,,,iphone is finally out... but only in US unfortunately here in India we'll have to wait till next year to grab this revolutionary phone... n who knows what price tag will it come to india.. add all those custom duties n taxes n the price will reach around RS50000.. nyways.. the big thing is iphone is here.... n is available for $499 n $599..

iPhone first hands-on and unboxing


Conan - iPhone Commercial

chk out this funny video.... which features some of the additional benefits of iphone...

June 29, 2007

Yahoo, Google Upgrade Their Photo Products

Yahoo Image Search now incorporates images on Yahoo's photo sharing website, Flickr.
The company said this integration will now offer web users a database of over 300 million images in addition to their regular indexed images from the web. The images hosted on Flickr would be credited to the photographer, and will link through to other shots taken by that person.

Yahoo hopes this new addition would boost the quality of the image searching. Company representatives told the media that they wanted to build a scalable integration that surfaced the freshest, most relevant content from Flickr. As a result, Yahoo! built this integration via a direct feed versus an API, ensuring timely results for image queries, including any modifications or additions that are made in Flickr.

Meanwhile, Google has also made significant changes on its photo sharing product, Picasa web albums. Picasa users now have the option to place images in their Picasa Web Albums on an online map where people with whom those photos have been shared, can then see where the images were captured using either Google Maps or Google Earth.

USA Lags Behind in Internet Speeds

There's a surprise in store in the form of a recent study titled, 'US Broadband Speed: A Communications Union Report', which reportedly reveals that "high-speed Internet Broadband connection speeds in the US are actually 'pathetic' as compared to other industrialized nations."

Instituted by Washington-based Communications Workers of America (CWA), the study aims at getting the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to revisit, and possibly redefine what constitutes high speed in the US.

Among others, the study finds that the median US Internet speed is just 1.97 mps. The state of Iowa is stuck with one of the lowest speeds of 1.2 megabits. Figuring lower down than Iowa are the states of Alaska, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

US states that fare better include: Rhode Island with the fastest speed of 5.01 megabits; followed by New Jersey with 3.68 megabits; New York with 3.44 megabits; and Massachusetts with 3.00 megabits.

Effectively what the study says is that what might take just 15 seconds to download in Rhode Island would take over 2 minutes to download in Iowa.

Then again, when compared to Internet speeds of other countries, the US as-a-whole lags behind. There's Japan with speeds of 661 megabits per second, South Korea with 45 mps, France with 17 mps, and Canada with 7 mps on an average.


MySpace Launches YouTube Rival

Popular social networking website, MySpace attempts to rival video sharing site, YouTube, with the launch of its new global video platform, MySpaceTV.

MySpaceTV in beta will be an integrated component of the company's community and content platform, and will aim to offer the best elements of video to view, create, and share in new ways, throughout the community. MySpaceTV will serve as the community's primary video channel and as a stand-alone user destination.

October Launch Planned for '.asia' Domain

Internet addresses ending in ''.asia'' will be open to governments and trademark owners starting in October, with general registrations coming in 2008.

The initial round, which starts Oct. 9, is limited to governments desiring geographical names such as ''china.asia'' and those with trademarks applied before March 16, 2004, and actively in use. Registrations for other trademarks and for company names begin Nov. 13.

The Internet's key oversight agency for domain names, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, approved the ''.asia'' domain in October.

DotAsia Organization Ltd., an organization made up of groups that run domain names for China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and other countries, will operate ''.asia,'' which it sought as a way to unify businesses and other users in the Asia-Pacific region.


Apple's iPhone Gets Its First Reviews

AppleThe first iPhone reviews have arrived, with many reviewers calling it a "breakthrough" device while still noting the lack of some features and the drawbacks of its cellular capabilities.

The iPhone is "a beautiful and breakthrough handheld computer," wrote Walter Mossberg and Katherine Boehret on the Wall Street Journal's Web site. Its software "sets a new bar for the smartphone industry," they added, and its "clever finger-touch interface" works well, "though it sometimes adds steps to common functions."

Mossberg and Boehret went on to praise what they called "the best Web browser" they have seen on a smartphone and the largest and highest-resolution smartphone display.

No 3G, No IM, No Flash ... Oh My!

But, like other reviewers, they noted several shortcomings. They pointed out that the iPhone doesn't have 3G capabilities and can only use the much slower EDGE technology. The compensation for this shortcoming is that the iPhone can automatically switch to Wi-Fi networks, when available, for Internet browsing. On Wi-Fi, they report, the iPhone "flies."


Dell Launches New Inspiron Desktops

Dell today killed off its famous Dimension range and in its place has launched a new line of desktops which will now be marketed under the Inspiron brand-name.

The new launches that are available straight away are the 530/531 series and the 530s/531s series। The 530/531 will be fully customizable with processors starting from the low-end 1.6 GHz Sempron to AMD‘s dual-core offerings like the 4400+ processor. For their graphics these desktops will be able to use from variety of cards ranging from Intel’s onboard 3100 series to the Nvidia 7300 LE /8600GT/8300GS cards.


June 28, 2007

Nokia launches its most advanced smartphone

World's largest mobile handsets maker Nokia on Thursday launched its most advanced smartphone in the latest 'Communicator' series aimed at business people.

Priced at Rs 40,500, E90 Communicator gives businessmen the facility of two cameras, video conferencing, high-speed internet and email access and maps application for location-based services.

The smartphone also has a new feature called Active Notes, which allows taking notes and tag it to an individual name helping as a reminder when talking to that person.

It also offers fast connections on third generation mobile services on voice, video and data as well as on enhanced 3G services like HSDPA.

Nokia Enterprise Solutions General Manager Chakrapani GK said E90 also allows users to view, open and edit email attachments with 'Quick Office' besides offering Adobe Acrobat Reader and Zip Manager.

The addition of E90 is expected to push up the already 1.5 lakh Communicator user-base in India, he said.


Want to buy Unlocked iPhones ? Indian Dealers Promise to Unlock iPhone for ~$25

If you are among the millions of souls who live outside the US but crazy after the new touch screen Apple iPhone, here's something interesting - you could get an unlocked iPhone in the grey market of India and other Asian countries very very soon that will work with your existing GSM SIM card.

unlocked iphone quad band gsm

iPhone is a quad-band GSM mobile phone so it will working in countries outside the US though you'll have to ask AT&T to turn on international roaming on the iPhone.

Officially, the iPhone won't be in India until 2008 but you could get the unlocked version from the grey markets of Palika Bazar or Sarojini Nagar in New Delhi for around Rs 30,000 (~$650).

Or you could purchase an iPhone from Apple store, get it unlocked in India and pop in your GSM SIM card. The grey market dealers told BS that they can unlock the iPhone cellphone for ~$25 so that it can be used on any GSM carrier network.

It's a surprise that Indian phone dealer are so confident of breaking the iPhone though they have never touched the device and only seen it in pictures.

Though the iPhone has a slot for the SIM Card, you need to activate the iPhone via iTunes so even if phone dealers manage to unlock the iPhone, it could possibly be used only for voice, video or music - the other "cool" features may not work on carriers that are unsupported by Apple.

Reuters has reported that Vodafone (and possibly Deutsche Telekom) are in talks with Apple to launch iPhone in Europe. Though France Telecom's Orange had also been in the running to bring the iPhone to Europe, but that Apple had a preference for Vodafone.

Another site called PureMobile, which is a CNet retailer, has claimed to offer iPhone units in US or Canada that will work with Cingular, T-Mobile and other GSM Carriers. Let's see who gets to break the iPhone first - wait until Saturday.

Also Read: Apple May Came to India via Reliance Retail

All About NORTON 360

Norton 360
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The last few years have been particularly rough for Windows users. The Windows platform has been attacked, hacked and cracked so many times, that the whole concept of security has become a joke. Windows is often described as being as porous as sandpaper, with the number of vulnerabilities that are discovered every week. At first we only had to deal with Virii... now there are separate categories like malware, spyware, Trojans, root-kits. The list just goes on...