June 28, 2007

Dell Colors Notebooks with War Paint

In what marks a significant shift from its trademark 'stoic' character, Dell has added a splash -- rather a riot of colors -- to its notebook PCs.

Yesterday, the world's second-largest personal computer maker introduced new notebooks in eight different hues along with advanced features.

he notebooks come in a mix as eclectic as: flamingo pink, sunshine yellow, alpine white, ruby red, jet black, midnight blue, and espresso brown.

An entry-level new version is available for around $749 (Rs 33,705 approx). Whereas the latest range also includes a wedge-shaped XPSM1330 notebook, which is about 23.1 mm thick and weighs-in at 1.87kg.

Commenting on the colorful development, Alex Gruzen, senior vice president of consumer hardware business at Dell, said that looks have become as important as performance both for consumers and for the company...

Apparently, a recent telephone survey conducted by Dell made the discovery that a lot of people want their notebooks in colors other than the usual drab beige or grey.


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