June 26, 2007

Google Apps Adds Five New Features

Google has introduced five new features within Google Apps, to make it easier for organizations and schools to start using Google Apps email services without leaving any of their email data behind.

Google has introduced the 'shared address book' which is designed to make it easier to get in touch with everyone in the organization without going to a separate list or company directory. When composing a new email, or sharing a document, users now have the option to search through all the users on the domain, even if they aren’t in the users’ personal contact list.

The new chat feature allows the user to interact with colleagues and friends directly from within the Google Apps start page. The new Google Talk gadget also allows for multi-person chat, so users can schedule a meeting or get input from multiple people without switching back and forth between chat tabs.

In addition, the start page is now a central place to preview and access the calendar and inbox, find company information, and search the web. Now users have access to even more options to customize the start page thanks to the new start page directory, which features thousands of Google Apps gadgets.


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