June 27, 2007

German Gmail May Shut Over Privacy Issues

Google's email service, Gmail, has threatened to shut down its services in Germany if the new bill on monitoring of telecommunication and internet services is passed in the country. The new bill requires Internet service providers (ISPs) and email providers like Gmail, to collect and store information on users' mailing and internet habits.

Germany seeks to impose a new rule that requires Gmail and other email users to register for an account with their real names and address, so the government can keep track of them. Since this rule is conflict with Google's policy of anonymous email accounts, the IT giant is now in a dilemma on whether to shut down its service or adhere to the rules.

The German Government says the new bill was drafted, keeping in mind the growing terrorism threats. According to the government, keeping a tab on individuals' email activities and double checking addresses will help the government filter out suspects.


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