June 6, 2007

Firefox 3.0

You all know how much I love Firefox. One reason is because they are constantly innovating and creating exciting stuff over at Mozilla. One which we hinted at before was the new ‘Places’ feature back in December. Here’s some of the latest and coolest features that might make it to Firefox 3.0 final…
  • ‘Places’ bookmark management system (shown above) which includes support for: Web Page Tagging, Smart Folders, and Saved searches
  • Changes to the Location Bar. This will prevent malicious sites from placing visual cues in the location bar (like using a lock as a favicon), and the change in text color (shown below) will help users identify the web site domain.
  • Private Browsing. Put Firefox into a temporary state where no information about the user’s browsing session is stored locally. (shown below)
Check out more details and screenshots

Firefox 3.0 may Block Sites Fingered by Google

Mozilla Corp. is considering adding a tool to Firefox 3.0 that would automatically block Web sites thought to harbor malicious downloads, but the company's security chief refused to spell out details, saying Mozilla is "not ready to talk about the feature."

Even so, there are numerous details to be found on a blog by a Firefox designer and in a back-and-forth discussion of the feature in Bugzilla, the management system that Mozilla uses to track changes in its software. Together, the two offer a behind-the-scenes look


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