June 6, 2007

Big Name Cars Now Mobile Phones

It seems like everyone wants a piece of the mobile pie these days and apparently car manufacturers don't want to be left out. Porsche and Hummer have both decided they want to be part of the mobile family as well now.

Porsche has worked with Sagem to develop the P'9521 mobile phone that has a flip phone design concept. Unfortunately it's just a tease as specs and prices have not been disclosed. But what was revealed during the unveiling at the Red Dot Design Museum was that the P'9512 will have an integrated camera and multimedia player. Price-wise, don't expect it to be cheap of course considering the brand name it's associated with.

General Motors the manufacturer of the ever-popular ATV, the Hummer, has decided to join the mobile fray with their Hummer HT1car fashion phone. The phone is designed by French design company Modelabs. The HT1 car fashion phone has features that include GPRS connectivity with a 2.2-inch, 260k color TFT touchscreen. It also has a 2 megapixel camera with an internal memory of 256MB and expansion capability via microSD. It's expected to retail at around Rs. 16,395 (300 Euros).

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