June 29, 2007

USA Lags Behind in Internet Speeds

There's a surprise in store in the form of a recent study titled, 'US Broadband Speed: A Communications Union Report', which reportedly reveals that "high-speed Internet Broadband connection speeds in the US are actually 'pathetic' as compared to other industrialized nations."

Instituted by Washington-based Communications Workers of America (CWA), the study aims at getting the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to revisit, and possibly redefine what constitutes high speed in the US.

Among others, the study finds that the median US Internet speed is just 1.97 mps. The state of Iowa is stuck with one of the lowest speeds of 1.2 megabits. Figuring lower down than Iowa are the states of Alaska, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

US states that fare better include: Rhode Island with the fastest speed of 5.01 megabits; followed by New Jersey with 3.68 megabits; New York with 3.44 megabits; and Massachusetts with 3.00 megabits.

Effectively what the study says is that what might take just 15 seconds to download in Rhode Island would take over 2 minutes to download in Iowa.

Then again, when compared to Internet speeds of other countries, the US as-a-whole lags behind. There's Japan with speeds of 661 megabits per second, South Korea with 45 mps, France with 17 mps, and Canada with 7 mps on an average.


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