June 2, 2007

Now EMI Music on YouTube

Earlier this week, Apple Computer announced beginning DRM-free EMI music downloads. Now, Google's YouTube is following suit...

The video-sharing Web site has reportedly struck a deal with EMI to make available to its users, music from various EMI artists.

And with this deal, all four major music labels, including Warner, Sony, Universal, and EMI are now official YouTube partners.

Hereon, YouTube users will be able to enjoy professionally-produced music videos from EMI artists like David Bowie, Coldplay, The Decemberists, Fat Boy Slim, Gorillaz, Lily Allen, Norah Jones, OK Go, and Sick Puppies.

As part of the agreement, EMI will make authorized video content available to YouTube for the first time, in order to help artists reach out to and interact with newer audiences.

Eric Nicoli, Chief Executive Officer of EMI Group, says working with YouTube under this agreement will help meet EMI objectives of offering consumers the best possible entertainment experience, and creating newer ways of connecting artists to fans.

Under the agreement, EMI will also work with YouTube and Google to develop business models through which YouTube users will be able to access user-generated content featuring EMI-owned and copyrighted media.

EMI will use YouTube's content management tools to keep a check on the use of its content, as also compensate its artists. And, using the same tools, YouTube could ask for removal of EMI copyrighted content.

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