March 31, 2009

Skype for iPhone now live in US

It's finally here, and even a few minutes early. Skype for iPhone is now available in the US iTunes store, free of charge. We've heard great thing from the folks in Japan who've been fiddling with it for the last twelve hours, and so far it's sounding pretty good for us, too, with only minor hiccups. Not sure if it's a glitch, but despite what we heard earlier, we seem to be able to dial out while on 3G and not over WiFi (at least running OS 3.0 beta). Hit up the image for quickest route to the app store page, and let us know what you think. Betcha wish you could ditch that AT&T voice plan now, huh?

Update: We're getting reports the app is crashing for jailbroken iPhones -- and possibly non-jailbroken ones as well. We just got our first denial when dialing out over 3G via a popup notification, but it only happened once and we were back to old habits one call later. We did experience a brief period where no sound was coming through, but that might have something to do with using OS 3.0 and was remedied by restarting the phone.

[SOURCE:- Engadget]

Gmail gives Email the desi touch...

A very remarkable update for all Gmail Indian Users, now you can Email in Indian languages...

Here's what the official Google post says >>
It's hard for me to imagine going without email for a day. It's such an easy and convenient way to communicate with my friends and family. However, there was one limitation that bothered me: my family members and friends who prefer to communicate in Hindi did not have an easy way to type and send email in their language of choice. I am extremely happy to announce the launch of a new feature in Gmail that makes it easy to type email in Indian languages.

When you compose a new mail in Gmail, you should now see an icon with an Indian character, as the screenshot below shows. This feature is enabled by default for Gmail users in India. If you do not see this function enabled by default, you will need to go the "Settings" page and enable this option in the "Language" section.

When you click the Indian languages icon, you can type words the way they sound in English and Gmail will automatically convert the word to its Indian local language equivalent. For example, if a Hindi speaker types "namaste" we will transliterate this to "नमस्ते." Similarly, "vanakkam" in Tamil will become "வணக்கம்." We currently support five Indian languages -- Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam -- and you can select the language of your choice from the drop-down list next to the icon.

We built this new feature using Google's transliteration technology, which is also available on Google India Labs, Orkut, Blogger and iGoogle. I hope you find this feature useful to communicate with those of your friends and family who prefer to write in their native language, and it will be available soon to businesses and schools using Google Apps. Now back to replying to all those Hindi emails I got from my family and friends today!

Twitter - Replies Are Now Mentions

Twitter today updated the replies feature and it will be now referred as Mentions as @replies page will now be displayed as @username and will feature not only the tweetsstarting with your @username but also the tweets that mention you anywhere in the body...

here's what the official twitter post says >
We're updating the Replies feature and referring to it instead as Mentions. In your Twitter sidebar you'll now see your own @username tab. When you click that tab, you'll see a list of all tweets referencing your account with the @username convention anywhere in the tweet—instead of only at the beginning which is how it used to work. So for me it would be all mentions of @passionvaibhav. For developers, this update will also be included in the APIs.

Why The Update?

The @Replies feature was introduced because we noticed lots of folks putting the @ symbol in front of Twitter usernames as a way of addressing one another. For example: @biz what are you drinking in your avatar? (It's a soy latte.) So, we started linking the @username references and collecting any tweets that began with @username on one page to make them easier to track.

However, folks started getting more inventive as they often do. Now people include @username mentions in the middle of tweets as a way to simply reference another account. For example: I'm flying @jetblue to Boston. Also, folks reference multiple accounts in a single tweet like this: I'm flying @jetblue to Boston with @ev @crystal and @goldman.

Translate Gmail Messages

PCWorld reports that Google plans to offer users a gift for Gmail's fifth birthday.

"Google will announce the next step in Gmail's evolution, a new product with a European multilingual angle on Monday. At an event in Brussels to mark Gmail's fifth birthday, Google will look at the impact of cloud computing on how people manage their daily tasks, review Gmail's evolution to date and announce the next step in its progression, the company wrote in an invitation."

Most likely, the new product is a Gmail Labs feature that lets you translate messages written in a foreign language. I've found the screenshot that will be used for the feature, which will probably be another great use of the Google Translate API.

Similar features that use Google Translate have been implemented in Google Reader, YouTube, Google Maps, Picasa Web Albums, but the future is a powerful client that translates pages on the fly.


March 28, 2009

~EARTH HOUR INDIA~ Do your Bit to save Earth!!!


“Switch Off Lights for 1hour ~EARTH HOUR INDIA~ MARCH 28 ~ 08:30 PM - 09:30 PM ~ & Join the world in making a statement aganst Global Warming”

March 20, 2009

Don't regret after sending a mail - just undo it!!!

New in Gmail Labs today - Undo Send , something we all will find useful sometime or the other... Here's the details from Gmail Blog >>
Sometimes I regret sending a message the morning after. Other times I send a message and then immediately notice a mistake. I forget to attach a file or email the birthday girl that I can't make her surprise party. I can rush to close my browser or unplug the Internet — but Gmail almost always wins that race.

An email to the wrong Larry pushed me over the edge. I could undo just about any other action in Gmail — why couldn’t I undo send? Many people agreed, including Yuzo Fujishima, an engineer in the Tokyo office. My theory (which others shared) was that even just five seconds would be enough time to catch most of those regrettable emails.

And now you can do just that. Turn on Undo Send in Gmail Labs under Settings, and you’ll see a new “Undo” link on every sent mail confirmation. Click “Undo,” and we’ll grab the message before it’s sent and take you right back to compose.

This feature can't pull back an email that's already gone; it just holds your message for five seconds so you have a chance to hit the panic button. And don't worry – if you close Gmail or your browser crashes in those few seconds, we'll still send your message.

Although a very nice feature but i wish we can get Pull Back feature in Gmail...

March 18, 2009

Apple previews iPhone OS 3.0, adds copy and paste, Spotlight search, MMS and plenty more

As promised Apple just debuted its upcoming iPhone OS 3.0. Much of the news seemed developer-centric, but there are certainly plenty of consumer implications down the road, along with long-awaited functions like copy and paste, A2DP, MMS and universal Spotlight search. Improvements include:

App and developer functionality (more here)

  • Peer-to-peer connectivity over Bluetooth for gaming and other info-swapping.

  • Paid apps will have the potential to be subscription fee-based, and can include optional paid content that can be bought from right inside the app.

  • Developers can now build apps that call out to Google Maps, and can also finally bring Apple-blessed turn-by-turn to the phone.

  • Devs can also connect with hardware accessories over in their apps now, such as a blood pressure monitor -- or perhaps a keyboard? Connectivity works through the dock connector or over Bluetooth.

  • Long-promised push functionality will at last be included, but apps won't run in the background.

  • Developers can add streaming video and audio to their apps, along with in-game voice use.

General functionality

  • Cut, copy and paste. At last! You can shake the phone to undo and redo the action, and it works with both text and photos, allowing Mail to send multiple photos at a time. (more here)

  • MMS, along with forward and delete for multiple messages. (more here)

  • A2DP stereo Bluetooth.

  • Unlocked Bluetooth functionality on 2G iPod touch. (more here)

  • Spotlight has been added to a new home screen page to the left of existing pages, allowing for universal search on the phone. (more here)

  • Tethering is built into 3.0, and Apple will work with carriers on that -- who will have the last say on its implementation, most likely.

  • App Store will be available in 77 countries.

Apple apps

  • A new app called Voice Memos which lets you record notes and reminders.

  • A revised Stocks app, with news stories and a landscape view.

  • Landscape keyboard available in all major apps.

  • CalDAV support has been added to Calendar, along with subscriptions support in the .ics format.

  • Apple's major apps have all been expanded with search functionality.

  • Note Sync to sync your notes.

  • YouTube account support.

  • Form auto-fill.

  • Phishing protection.

A developer beta of OS 3.0 is available today, and the 3.0 update will be coming to consumers this summer as a free update to all iPhone 3G customers. It'll also work for 1st gen iPhone owners, though they won't receive A2DP or MMS due to hardware limitations. iPod touch owners will be able to update for $9.95, just like last time.


Google Chrome has a new beta and a new Blog too!!!

We all know how Google removed the BETA tag from Chrome in a hurry, The reason given by Google then was “We have removed the beta label as our goals for stability and performance have been met" but TechCrunch gave another explanation for this >>
Google Chrome is not out of beta because it’s ready, but because Google wants to sign some deals with computer manufacturers like Dell that will pre install the browser. ” The Google’s open source browser has a number of eager customers, including OEMs who can’t offer the browser until it is in full release.

Whatever might have been the reasons Google today started a new Beta channel and released a new BETA version..

It also started a brand new dedicated Google chrome Blog and here's what the first entry says >>

Since we took the "beta" tag off Google Chrome in December, we've been updating two release channels: developer and stable. With our latest release, we're re-introducing the beta channel for some early feedback — and if you're reading the brand new Google Chrome blog, you are probably just the person to give it a try.

The best thing about this new beta is speed — it's 25% faster on our V8 benchmark and 35% faster on the Sunspider benchmark than the current stable channel version and almost twice as fast when compared to our original beta version.

Some of the new features you can try out include form autofill, full page zoom and autoscroll (both thanks to a new version of WebKit), and a cool new way to drag tabs out to get a side-by-side view (shown below).

Getting on the beta channel means your version of Google Chrome will regularly get updated with new speed enhancements, features, and bug fixes before most users see them. We're doing our best to quickly churn out new features as they are available rather than saving them up for occasional major releases. Riding the beta channel is a great way to let us know about what's working and what's not, but don't be surprised to find some rough edges. Also, if you're looking for an even earlier (and rougher) sneak preview of things to come, you can always move to the developer channel.

Try out the latest Google Chrome BETA.

March 17, 2009

Facebook's New Privacy Controls Encourage Openness

Today, Facebook announced new privacy settings which let you selectively open up portions of your personal profile to everyone on the Facebook social network. As an alternative to the new "Public Profiles" (formerly called "Pages"), these additional settings allow you to pick and choose which parts - if any - of your private Facebook profile are available for anyone to see. According to a company blog post, this means that now people won't need to friend you in order to view the content you want to make public.

Here's the Exact post from Facebook blog >>

One of the top priorities at Facebook is offering privacy controls that let you choose exactly what you share with whom. We have largely focused on enabling you to give access to your profile to people you confirmed as friends and people in your networks. While these controls remain important and a priority for us, many of you have explained that you also want to open parts of your profile to a wider audience. Starting today, you can choose to make your profile and any of your content available to everyone on Facebook.

None of your existing privacy settings have changed. This is an additional setting for those of you who wish to share with a broader audience.

Just go to your privacy page and change the settings you want to the new "Everyone" option. You can opt to make one or all of the following profile elements more open: Profile, Status Updates, Links, Wall Posts, Basic Info, Personal Info, Education Info, Work Info, Photos of You and Videos of You.

By changing your Profile setting to "Everyone", anyone who finds you through a search on Facebook or sees a post or comment you make can now click on your content and view the elements of your profile you've opted to make open. While some special rules remain in place about who can see your profile if you are a minor, people generally won't need to be friends with you or share a common network in order to view your content if you choose the new "Everyone" setting.

In the past, searching for friends you haven't seen in a while or someone who has a common name may have been difficult. You may have only been able to see their search listing and a small thumbnail version of a photo, if that. With this change, people can use the "Everyone" option and make it easier for you to find and connect to all the people you know.


Finally Hotmail Rolls Out POP3 Access To Everyone

Windows_Live_Logo Windows Live Team has announced that it rolled out POP3 access of Hotmail to all the users across the globe. They have been rolling out this feature for a while and now everyone has got the POP3 access finally.

Want to setup hotmail access on your desktop or mobile device? Here are the details you need to configure POP3
POP server: (Port 995)
POP SSL required? Yes
User name: Your Windows Live ID, for example
Password: The password you usually use to sign in to Hotmail or Windows Live
SMTP server: (Port 25)
Authentication required? Yes (this matches your POP username and password)
TLS/SSL required? Yes

I feel that its too late and too little from Microsoft. GMail has POP3 access since many years and new features are added to it very often.


Orkut birthdays on Google Calendar, There's something missing!!!

Fulfilling one of my old wishes orkut joined hands with google calendar to show all orkut birthdays on google calender...

here's what orkut blog posted, titled "Never miss a birthday again with orkut birthdays on Google Calendar"

Upcoming Birthdays is one of the most popular features we've added to orkut, but we recognize that it doesn't always give you all the information you need. It's great to know about birthdays coming up in the next couple weeks, but sometimes it's also important to see the birthdays that have already passed and the ones coming further down the line.

Now, in conjunction with Google Calendar, you can see all of your orkut friend's birthdays for the whole year.

If you've already used Google Calendar before, you will shortly see a link (right below the "upcoming birthdays" section) where you can add your orkut friends' birthdays to your Google calendar.

Once you've added your orkut birthday calendar to Google Calendar, you can navigate forward and backwards through time to see whose birthday is coming up and any birthdays you might have missed.

Although a very useful step but there's something missing that makes Google Calender so useful and its the SMS reminder feature it offers... you can get reminders for all the events in your main calender but not for the events in your orkut friends birthday calender, as a matter of fact there are no notification settings for this calender and also if you Google Calender gadget activated through Gmail Labs in your Gmail, this calender doesn't show up there too... so whats the use except that you can just see all the birthdays anytime you want..

As far as the title of the post on orkut blog is totally wrong, you can have all your orkut friends birthday in Google calender but yes you can still miss them because of no notifications...

There's one thing that you can do you can manually add every Orkut friends birthday to your main calender and to do that just click on and event in orkut calender and choose copy to your calendar option in the pop-up... So its something that will keep you busy if you have lots of friends...

March 7, 2009

Something every Google AdSense user must read...

After Google disabled Aaron Greenspan’s AdSense account, he started with a journey to find out what exactly lead to that and even tried to reach out to someone responsible inside Google but Failed.

What he did after that?  well, Interesting Question...

Answer:- He decided to Sue Google and you know the interesting part "he actually won!!!"

Read his winning story in his own words...

March 5, 2009

New Google Adsense Homepage

Google AdSense  new and simple Homepage is now live... The new homepage now looks almost like most of other Google services and is simple and concise unlike the previous homepage which was bulky and long...

here are the screen shots :-

Old Homepage

[caption id="attachment_1136" align="aligncenter" width="378" caption="AdSense old homepage"]Adsense old homepage[/caption]

New Homepage

[caption id="attachment_1137" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="AdSense new homepage"]Adsense new homepage[/caption]