April 19, 2008

Vodafone will reportedly carry iPhone in India in September

Arun SarinEarlier this year, Apple COO Tim Cook confirmed that Apple's expansion plans for the iPhone included India, but said only that the iPhone would arrive there "one day." For a number of Indians, that day has already arrived thanks to unlocked iPhones, but many people are still waiting for the official release. That day may be coming soon, though, since Rediff is reporting that the iPhone will be coming to India in September of this year and that Vodafone will be the carrier.
The news is technically just a rumor, since it claims to come from a number of internal Apple and Vodafone sources. According to these sources, the 8GB iPhone will launch in September with a price of between 27,200 and 28,000 rupees, which at current exchange rates translates to  $685 to $710. If that's the case, Vodafone will be making a bit of money on the device (even if there is revenue sharing), and the company may also get a chunk of the Australian market as part of the deal.

No information about the terms of the deal, launch quantities, or sales targets is available, although one of the sources does hint that unlocked iPhones may also be available at some point. As usual, Apple and Vodafone are have no official statement on the deal, however we should be seeing an announcement sometime in the next month or two if the official launch will indeed be in September.


Now available: orkut on your mobile phone, on the go

Have you ever wanted to check if your buddy responded to your scrap about this evening's plans, but not been close to a computer? Do you wish you could pass the time on your long commute home by browsing through your friends' profiles?

Fret no more - if you have a web-enabled phone and a data plan, just point your mobile web browser to http://m.orkut.com, and stay connected to your friends anytime, anywhere.

We understand that oftentimes your phone's data network isn't as fast (or as cheap) as your computer's, so in designing orkut for mobile, we focused on offering the features that are most useful when you're on the move, instead of replicating all the desktop features. For example, we've made it easy to send, receive, and respond to scraps on our mobile interface so that you can step away from your computer and have conversations on the go. From your phone, simply click the new "Reply" link to respond directly to a scrap from your friend. You can also read recent updates from your friends, view upcoming birthdays, look up and add friends, and accept friend requests.

After you try out orkut for mobile, we'd love to hear what you think. From the http://m.orkut.com homepage, click on the "help" link at the bottom of the screen to send us your feedback.

Happy mobile orkuting!

Orkut Apps For India, Estonia...Who's Next?

After previously launching Orkut Apps for Estonia, it looks as if Google is slowly opening the gates by allowing Indian users to test out its features.
(Orkut Developer Blog) Last month's prelaunch testing of the orkut developer platform brought a small set of third-party applications to less than 1% of orkut users. After implementing various improvements, tweaks, and fixes, we are moving into the first stage of the official rollout process by announcing the platform's availability in India, which represents about 10% of the orkut user base.

While its good to see more users being able to access Orkut (without having to visit the sandbox aka Orkut beta), Google seems to be ignoring Brazilians, over half of all Orkut users on the site (note: they may have done this for financial reasons, as having millions of Brazilians hitting Orkut Apps could put a strain on Google's servers).

Hopefully Google will decide to include them (as well as everyone else) in the next roll out--otherwise they may have a mini revolt on their hands. :-)


Watch Out Orkut! MySpace India Website Is Now Live

News Corp. today officially launched the MySpace India website at in.myspace.com in a market that is almost ruled by Google’s Orkut and even Facebook to a certain degree.

And in an effort to attract the young crowd here, MySpace India is also sponsoring a TV program that will broadcast on Star TV.


Samsung skips the touchscreen, patents gesture-based phone interface

Samsung's been getting pretty creative with cell cameras lately -- the Instinct lets you pan around web pages by tracking movement with the camera, for example -- but the company's latest patent application, for a gesture-based phone interface, might be a little less practical. The idea is to use the phone's camera to track your hand movements, which, from the drawings, should have you looking insane on the subway in no time. Of course, we've all been guilty of waving at and even talking to our devices when they're acting up, so maybe a little feedback wouldn't be a bad thing -- there's one gesture we'd definitely like to see programmed in there.


The Return of Google’s WHOIS OneBox

By entering a search phrase like [whois google.com] you can quickly see when the domain’s WHOIS record was created and when the domain will expire above the search results. (Somewhat ironically, it doesn’t actually tell you to whom the domain belongs though.)

Google implies it’s getting this information from the Domain Tools website, which is linked to from the OneBox result title too. However, it seems the data being displayed is not coming live from the WHOIS record, so Google must be caching the information somewhere.

It has been suggested in the past that Google may use this WHOIS data as part of its ranking algorithms, possibly giving weight to those domains which are registered for longer periods.

April 6, 2008

Quake 3 hits the iPod touch, makes for portable LAN party

Future generations will most likely divide the timeline of history at this point: when Quake 3 achieved motion-sensing, wireless network play on two iPod touches. Just think, less than a year ago we were salivating (or at least mildly enthused) at the prospect of rocking Doom on this thing, and now Quake 3 Arena is yours for the taking -- or at least will be once we get any sort of hard info on this app.



April 5, 2008

Google Launches Orkut Apps...For Estonia?

While I am underwhelmed over the fact that Google selected Estonia to test out their Orkut Apps (instead of Brazil, India, or even the US), users will now at least have the option of checking out the latest Orkut Apps without the need to register for the Orkut Sandbox (Google's beta site for Orkut).

In order to test these apps for themselves, users first have to visit their Orkut home page (which is orkut.com/Home.aspx) and click on the edit link located underneath your profile image section.
Note: You can also click orkut.com/EditSummary.aspx which will bring you there as well.

Next, locate the menu bar that asks you for your home country and change it to Estonia.

Then click the update button at the bottom of the page. Once you are finished, simply scroll over to the Orkut App Directory (which you can find over at orkut.com/AppDirectory.aspx and add any feature that you desire.

Currently Google is only displaying a grand total of 15 Apps, although you can find more over at Osocial.net.

Hopefully Google will allow other countries to test these apps outside of the beta site, not to mention introduce a few (hundred) more apps onto Orkut.


Windows 7 to arrive next year, says Bill Gates

You know, we should have paid a little closer attention to Microsoft's decision yesterday to extend Windows XP sales to "June 2010 or one year after the general availability of Windows 7" -- if the company was really planning on shipping Windows 7 in 2010, that first date doesn't make a lot of sense unless the plan is to ship Windows 7 much, much earlier. And hey -- what's Bill Gates doing telling investors this afternoon that Windows 7 will come "in the next year" and that he's "super-enthused" about it? As far as we know, the official Windows 7 timeline hasn't changed, so Bill might just talking about beta versions, but something's clearly up Windows-wise in Redmond -- perhaps Vista's wow is not long for this now.


Google Talk, Labs Edition

There's a new flavor of Google Talk: the Labs edition, a desktop client that looks very similar to the Google Talk gadget and has most of its features. The application doesn't support voice chat or file transfer, but it has some new features: it lets you launch Google Calendar and Orkut, while including notifications for Google Calendar events and Orkut scraps. The new Google Talk uses WebKit to render some parts of the interface.

I don't find too many reasons why someone would switch from the full-featured client to the Labs edition: group chats, smilies, tabs, while the missing features are more important. A better decisions would have been to integrate these new features in the desktop client, instead of releasing a separate application. Now we have four different flavors of Google Talk: the original client, Gmail Chat, the gadget and the Labs edition.


YouTube Video ID Tool Is Live - Are Your YouTube Clips Safe ?

It could get slightly tough for people to upload copyrighted video clips from movies and television programs onto YouTube as their Video Identification Tool has gone live.Open your YouTube account page and click the "Video ID matches" link to check if any of the video clips uploaded by your are violating copyright permissions.


Microsoft Surface launching April 17th... with AT&T

No, Microsoft hasn't suddenly transformed its 30-inch, multi-touch Surface into a big-ass cellphone. It has, however, chosen AT&T to launch the world's first Surface into retail. Shoppers in New York, Atlanta, San Antonio, and San Francisco will be treated to what amounts to the novelty (at least initially) of learning about a device (Samsung BlackJack II, pictured) by simply placing it atop the Surface. They'll also have the ability to explore interactive coverage maps. Later, users will be able to drag ringtones, graphics and video and drop it into "the phones." Note their use of "the" and not "your" phone in the press release. Nevertheless, we're happy to see Microsoft get the technology out the door on its long march towards consumerdom.


Intel's Centrino Atom chips are officially official

Intel officially took the wraps off its widely-discussed and readily-implemented Centrino Atom processor / system controller for MIDs last night, and while there aren't a lot of surprises in spec land, it was nice to finally get an idea of what these suckers will cost:

  • Z500 - 800MHz, 0.65W TDP power, 400MHz FSB, 512K L2 cache ($45)

  • Z510 - 1.1GHz, 2W TDP power, 400MHz FSB, 512K L2 cache ($45)

  • Z520 - 1.33GHz, 2W TDP power, 533MHz FSB, 512K L2 cache ($65)

  • Z530 - 1.6GHz, 2W TDP power, 533MHz FSB, 512K L2 cache ($95)

  • Z540 - 1.86GHz, 2.4W TDP power, 533MHz FSB, 512K L2 cache ($160)

That's the pricing per 1,000 units, and is a little bit more than that $30 1.6GHz Atom 230 we were hearing about, but it does include the CPU plus the System Controller Hub with integrated graphics, HD video playback, HD audio and other nifty I/O things like support for WiFi, WiMAX and cellular radios.


Google's Orkut Is Powered By Microsoft .NET Technology!!

Do you know that Google's social networking web site Orkut.com is powered by Microsoft technology? We just learnt that Orkut is powered by its rival company's ASP.NET technology. All the page URLs of Orkut ends with the extension .aspx, which is file extension of Microsoft ASP.NET web pages.

Here are the few web page URLs of Orkut

Orkut was developed independently by Orkut Büyükkökten, a Turkish software engineer working at Google. It's surprising to see that Google employees are fond of Microsoft Technologies.


April 1, 2008

salary increment for all indian private firm employees.

UPDATE-2/04/08-- Ok readers fool's day is over... sorry to all those who believed this post... this was a april fool prank.. So no 15.5% increment no 25 days casual leave... (can't believe it,u thought this can be true).. Get back to work!!!

Finance minister P. Chidambaram has approved a Bill which comes into
effect on 01.04.2008 and it states that all Privately Held companies
need to give a minimum salary increment of 15.5% to all employees every
six months.

This comes as a relief to petitioners appealing against the growing work
hours in the Privately Held organizations and which do not have a proper
system to check overtime.

The bill also mentions that all employees be provided 25 days of casual
leave every year.

Please see the attached document for the list of companies which will be
brought under the umbrella of the Bill in the first round of