September 2, 2013

Create your own Wifi Hotspot with your laptop in just a minute

So for a change my 3G data limit got over just a day before my billing cycle end, and it doesn't make sense to get a add-on pack just for a day and like i always say Need is the mother of all discoveries, i discovered this free but one of the most amazing windows applications.

My Home laptop had the built in feature of creating wifi hotspots or like we previously used to call it sharing Internet, with which you can share your existing connections on laptop and connect you handheld devices through it.

My office laptop didn't had this feature and i was not able to fine a driver to do so.

Seeking for the solution Virtual Router Plus came as a blessing.

This small little application  requires that your computer be connected to a wired network and have a functional wi-fi adapter. If you want to re-share a wi-fi connection you’ll need to use another software, like  Connectify Hotspot.

Creating the Hotspot is super simple: Download a copy of Virtual Router Plus, unzip the file and launch the executable.

Enter the name you would like to use for the ad-hoc network that is being created and secure it with a password. Use the drop down menu to select which of the available connections should be shared and then click Start Virtual Router Plus.
The connection can then be used just like any other wifi connection. Other laptops, smartphones and tablets will detect the network and you just need to supply the relevant password.

In my case: it gave me an option to choose between Office Internet limited access connection or a VPN connection with full Internet access that we use and there at the hit of a button my mobile was back online!


June 14, 2013

Android Phone charging too slow?

For last two days my Samsung Galaxy Note2 was taking way too long in getting charged, so much so that even on overnight charging it'll be at around 80% in morning.

This was strange as Note 2 charger is really good and charging usually used to be really fast.

To my surprise the issue was really small:

Check the Battery Use screen carefully and next to Charging within Brackets it mentions the mode of charging (AC or USB)
Even though i was using the original charger it was showing USB.

I found online to plug out and plug in the charger micro USB pin in phone 2-3 times but it didn't work.

Then i checked the other end of charger and the whole issue was because the USB end of the data cable that goes in the power adapter was half inside and half outside. (Samsung gives one of those Data cable + power adapter type chargers)

I just plugged it in correctly and USB changed to AC.


June 11, 2013

iOS7: First look instant view

Well i am confused, it looks beautiful and stupid all at the same time, Apple has copied all the features from every ecosystem around but has done it really beautifully. No doubt whatever Apple does is really classy but somehow i feel it is not enough. So even though iOS7 is a great change (much better than the disappointment iOS6 was) it still left me asking for more and something different.

Not saying Google does a great job its just that Google has a lot of supporters in terms of Handset manufacturers who are bringing innovation independently and together they do a brilliant job.

I do wish Apple adds some options in terms of screen size, without that the entire iOS7 experience will not be that great. to all those saying 4" is sufficient well i think to each his own, having used Note 2 iphone looks so tiny and there is a big gap between iphone screen size and lowest tablet screen size and that gap is all about user preference and not from where to where your fingers can reach :P

P.S: I feel this is the most neutral view i have given ever in terms of mobile OS.

June 6, 2013

Save those Precious Moments..

I don't know about you but my biggest fear is loosing my photographs, no matter how safe you think you PC or that external HDD is might just crash someday and all you'll be left with is nothing.

Thankfully i realized it long back and have since uploaded all pictures in my PC on cloud solutions.

Ever since our Mobiles have replaced the digital cameras our precious moments stay inside them for days and often some of the good ones gets uploaded to Facebook while we keep on planning to transfer all other pics on our PC someday.

The problem with smartphones is they are not that smart to tell you when they might fail and are prone to getting lost more than your old phones.

Let's discuss some of the ways to save those precious moments from getting lost and uploading them to cloud solutions directly from your mobile phones.

1. Google+ / Picasa: Picasa web was always my preferred choice to backup all my pictures on my PC, later it was skinned with Google+ so now even though your pics are on picasa web you can access them privately from Google+ add them into albums and share with your friends.
If you are on Android i am sure Google+ comes pre-installed on your phones if not it can be downloaded from here.
Just hit the Settings>Camera&Photos>Turn On Auto Backup
You have the option to save photos at a optimized size which is not bad for a normal mobile picture and you can save unlimited pictures at this resolution but in case you want original size pictures the storage is limited to your Google Drive storage quota which is around 15GB
You can also select you want the backup to be done on Celluar data, only wifi or both. Also you can choose to upload only when phone is on charging.

The backed up photos and videos can be accessed privately on your Google+ or on picasaweb and also in your android phone's gallery (used on Samsung devices)

2. Dropbox: Most of the Mobile companies now offer a bundled  Dropbox storage of around 50GB free but otherwise drpbox offers 2 GB of free storage which expands to around 6GB if you enable Photos backup.

The dropbox app for Android can be downloaded from here.

The best thing about dropbox is you can access the photographs privately on their website or download the dropbox app from your Windows PC and have it synced so all your mobile pictures stays in sync on your mobile, web and desktop.

All photos are stored in original size. you can manage when to upload the pics (wifi, cellular or both)

3. Facebook: Facebook for android also offers the option to sync all your pictures privately on Facebook which can then be shared with friends or posted in albums.
The Storage is limited to 2GB only at the moment and photos are optimized in size.

Google+ is the best option if you are looking for securely keeping backup of all your pics including them ones collected on your desktops for years, while drop box is a solution if you are looking for something to sync your pictures with your desktops in case you are too lazy to do it manually. Facebook solution is for those who are looking for option to share pics on facebook only and it can not be treated as a complete backup solution.

Besides these there are some solutions offered by the mobile companies and other websites but they are limited in sharing options and features.
Flickr has also recently made a comeback with a whooping 1TB of storage while i tried to include it in the list above i didn't see any option to have auto backup of pics in their mobile app and couldn't spend more time on it to give a fare review.

So choose whatever option suits you but do have at least one (I use all three) option enabled to save those precious moments.

October 9, 2012

Foursquare v/s Facebook Checkin

Reasons Why I prefer over Facebook check-in:

1. Tired of people telling me not to tag them, foursquare only tag friends with your checking only if they check-in at same venue themselves.

2. Facebook check-in is no fun, foursquare makes it a fun game with check-in points, mayorships, surprise badges and offers{although very limited till now in India}.

Some of the awesome badges

3. Facebook check-in through default app has lot of issues even with GPS on most of the times the place you are looking for will not show up and when searched it will just show the name and not location. In most cases you will end up checking in at same venue different location.

4. Privacy is the best part about foursquare, on every check-in you have the option to restrict the audience, you can choose not to share a particular check-in on Facebook or Twitter and who you add on foursquare is your wish, only they will be able to see the check-in. So it's a great way to track all the awesome places you visited and at what time without making it all public.

5. Love foursquare because of the witty messages they add to your check-ins that will definitely make you smile. Also Miles since your last check-in when you check-in at Airports!

Witty Messages ;)
Special Points on your Birthday :)

Foursquare knows how many miles you travelled since your last check-in!

Update: Also now you can tag any Facebook friend in your check-ins even if they are not on Foursquare once you connect your Facebook account with Foursquare.

May 11, 2011

Microsoft takes away Skype from Google & Facebook!

Following rumors of Facebook and Google eyeing a deal to acquire Skype, we now have a surprise winner who is none other than the beast from Redmond, Microsoft.

Microsoft and Skype have now obliterated any lingering doubt in the matter: the Redmond-based software giant will acquire the internet telephony company for a cool $8.5 billion in cash. Xbox and Kinect support are explicitly mentioned in the announcement of this definitive agreement, as is Windows Phone integration -- both the gaming and mobile aspects being presumably key incentives for Microsoft to acquire Skype. Importantly, this purchase shouldn't affect Skypers outside of the Microsoft ecosystem, as Steve Ballmer's team promises to continue "to invest in and support Skype clients on non-Microsoft platforms." Skype was first sold for a relative bargain at $2.5b to eBay in 2005, who in turn sold most of it off to Silver Lake in 2009 at an overall valuation of $2.75b, and now Redmond is concluding proceedings by tripling those earlier prices and offering Skype a permanent home. A new Microsoft Skype Division will now be opened up to accommodate the newcomers, with current Skype CEO Tony Bates becoming president of that operation and reporting directly to Ballmer. The deal is expected to close by the end of this year.


April 21, 2011

How To: Reset forgotten root password

DISCLAIMER -- I do not take any responsibility for your actions if you go and try this on your friends machine!!

  1. Reboot the system and when lilo/grub boot loader get to the point where you select the various installed kernels on the system, type the letter "a" for "append".

  2. You will get a prompt like this to add boot options to the boot string found in your lilo/grub conf file:
    grub append> ro root=LABEL=/

  3. Append "init=/bin/bash" to it to look like this.
    grub append> ro root=LABEL=/ init=/bin/bash

    This tells the kernel to drop to a root prompt bash shell instead of starting the "/sbin/init" process.

  4. The root filesystem is currently mounted read only which needs to be changed to read/write prior to resetting the password.
    # mount -o remount,rw /

  5. Now that the file-system is remounted read-write, go ahead and type `passwd` to change the root password.
    # passwd

  6. Since "init" isn't running to safely take down the system, remount the system to read only prior to shutting down the system.
    # mount -o remount,ro /

  7. You can now safely press on the power button to shutdown the sytem.

----------For Advanced Users only---------

To Protect Grub & restrict access to single user mode, assign a password to grub

Edit grub.conf @   #vi /etc/grub.conf

After Timeout entry add a new entry as -

password=<grub password>

Save & exit

Next time you reboot grub will not allow you to use 'e' or 'a' options. To go to single user mode press 'p' enter password and then use 'e' or 'a' as the process on top.

P.S - Tested on RHEL 5.1


April 13, 2011

Nokia E6 official: a 326ppi portrait QWERTY handset optimized for business

A VGA resolution on a 2.46-inch display equals 326ppi. Talk about pixel density! Nokia's Symbian "Anna" update has found itself a delightful little carrier to market in the new E6. This business-centric device touts awesome battery life, with up to a month of standby time, features both a touchscreen and a portrait QWERTY keyboard, and will be targetting E71 / E72 upgraders, BlackBerry lovers and, evidently, pixel density enthusiasts. Shipping in Q2.