Create your own Wifi Hotspot with your laptop in just a minute

So for a change my 3G data limit got over just a day before my billing cycle end, and it doesn't make sense to get a add-on pack just for a day and like i always say Need is the mother of all discoveries, i discovered this free but one of the most amazing windows applications.

My Home laptop had the built in feature of creating wifi hotspots or like we previously used to call it sharing Internet, with which you can share your existing connections on laptop and connect you handheld devices through it.

My office laptop didn't had this feature and i was not able to fine a driver to do so.

Seeking for the solution Virtual Router Plus came as a blessing.

This small little application  requires that your computer be connected to a wired network and have a functional wi-fi adapter. If you want to re-share a wi-fi connection you’ll need to use another software, like  Connectify Hotspot.

Creating the Hotspot is super simple: Download a copy of Virtual Router Plus, unzip the file and launch the executable.

Enter the name you would like to use for the ad-hoc network that is being created and secure it with a password. Use the drop down menu to select which of the available connections should be shared and then click Start Virtual Router Plus.
The connection can then be used just like any other wifi connection. Other laptops, smartphones and tablets will detect the network and you just need to supply the relevant password.

In my case: it gave me an option to choose between Office Internet limited access connection or a VPN connection with full Internet access that we use and there at the hit of a button my mobile was back online!



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