November 21, 2006

final exams

hey frens coz of my final exams i wont be ablr to post entries for a few days.....
till then tc n ks....

November 17, 2006

Yahoo buys polling site

SAN FRANCISCO - Yahoo Inc. said it had acquired, a site that helps users arrange contests to rate others' photos, video or singing, in a move to promote more popular participation across Yahoo sites.

Bix is a 16-person company headed by Mike Speiser, who co-founded dot-com-era start-up, which first popularized the idea that polling user opinions could work as a tool to help individuals find personally relevant information.


Soon: Mobile Broadband Internet

In a move that could well be the beginning of Internet access through mobile Broadband, Hutchison Whampoa has forged a group of global Internet companies, and handset makers - Nokia and Sony Ericsson, to globally launch Broadband mobile Internet access on the same flat fee model as fixed Broadband Internet.

Titled "X-Series from 3," the service will include free Skype calling, unlimited Web browsing, and instant messaging from mobile handsets.

Initially, the service will be available only on select handsets from Nokia and Sony Ericsson.


TechDirt-Reminder: When Ditching Your Company To Build A Competing Product, Don't Discuss It On Work Computers

Earlier this year, we noted that Yahoo had sued some former employees after they jumped ship (as a group) to another company -- but discussed the move using Yahoo's instant messenger before moving on -- allowing Yahoo to claim that the group took trade secrets with them to the new company. While it seems particularly short-sighted to use Yahoo's IM product while at Yahoo to discuss such things, if you're using a company's computers, it really doesn't matter what tool you're using. VentureBeat notes that Iconix has convinced a judge to issue an injunction against a startup, after Iconix reviewed instant messenger messages between two former employees while they were still at the company discussing their plans for the new company. In the messages, one of them even admits that he's confused over which company they are talking about. It probably does happen all the time, but if you're planning on jumping ship from your current company, you should probably find some other way to discuss it.

TechDirt-PS3 Line Insanity; Pregnant Woman Tries Not To Give Birth While Waiting

While there are still plenty of questions about how successful Sony's PS3 device will really be, don't tell that to the die hard fans who are taking lining up and waiting to an entirely new level. There have been plenty of reports of fights breaking out at various stores among those waiting in line, with at least one drive-by shooting (though, using BBs, not a real gun) and even reports of people getting robbed while waiting. However, those don't top the list of most bizarre. Apparently, one woman who is nine months pregnant, has been trying to ignore her contractions in order to stay in line, while another woman who isn't even interested in gaming decided to line up just for the hell of it. Still, for some people, it appears waiting in line is too much work. Engadget reports that a dentist in Georgia wanted to buy a bunch of PS3s for his family, and hired 60 "temps" to wait in line at various stores for him. Meanwhile, if waiting in line or paying people to wait for you is too much, you could just go rob the store of all their available PS3s instead.

MSN Upgrades Storage to 1GB

Microsoft has announced a global storage upgrade for MSN Hotmail's 260 million plus active email accounts, expanding the storage capacity to 1 gigabyte (GB) and extending the expiration period for inactive accounts from 30 days to 60 days for those accounts that are more than two years old.

According to Microsoft, users will enjoy having more storage to keep the files, photos, and emails that matter the most. The storage upgrade and extension of the expiration period for email accounts is part of the company s ongoing commitment to meet the evolving needs of Hotmail users, as they transition to Microsoft's next generation email service, Windows Live Mail.


WinZip 11.0 Betters Compression

WinZip Computing, a Corel company, has announced the official release of the latest version of WinZip, "WinZip 11.0".

WinZip, a powerful and easy-to-use compression utility, quickly zips and unzips files to conserve disk space and reduce email transmission time. It is the most popular compression utility used world-wide.

The new version WinZip 11.0, available in two sections, Standard or Pro, highlights practical image handling through thumbnails, and has a new internal image viewer, more efficient compression, enhanced data backup functionality, and support for RAR and BZ2 files.


Adobe India CEO's son rescued after 5 days

NEW DELHI: Three-year-old Anant, son of Adobe India CEO, Naresh Gupta was rescued on Friday afternoon, five days after he was kidnapped on his way to school in Noida.

The boy was rescued by the Special Task Force near the Noida-Bulandshahr border, Uttar Pradesh police said. He was rescued a little after noon on Friday and immediately returned to his family.

Anant had been kidnapped on Monday morning by two motorcycle-borne men right outside his home in a posh Noida locality. He was being taken by a maid servant to the school bus stop when he was kidnapped. Naresh Gupta was away in the US and returned early Tuesday.

November 16, 2006

The Miniature Earth

The following video is really good one …it tells abt how good we r now

It depicts that get satisfied with what u r
It says that if u have a home then also ur richer than 30 other persons in this world

Just watch following video and learn from it how to live….

Adobe Document Center for Security

Adobe Systems has introduced "Adobe Document Center," a new hosted service that helps users better protect, share, and track usage of Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel documents.

An easy to use Web-based service, "Adobe Document Center" empowers business professionals with the ability to grant and dynamically revoke access to documents distributed inside/outside the firewall; as also to audit opening, editing, and printing of those documents.


Nokia Partners with Red Hat

Nokia and Red Hat have announced a collaboration to develop carrier-grade telecommunications solutions that meet the high performance and availability requirements of operators.

As part of the deal, Nokia will deploy Red Hat Enterprise Linux as its primary operating system for carrier-grade platforms; while Red Hat will provide Nokia with onsite consulting, support, certification, and training services.

Besides, the two teams will work together closely towards development of these high-end telecommunications solutions.


Phishing attack targets SBI customers

NEW DELHI: Websense Security Labs today said it has received reports of a phishing attack that targets customers of State Bank of India.

Users receive a spoofed email message, which claims that banking information needs to be updated because of an upgrade to the servers. The email provides a link to a phishing site that attempts to collect personal and account information.

This phishing site is hosted in the United States and was up at the time of issuing the alert, Websense said in a statement.

The phishing email text to SBI netbanking customers asked for upgrading their account information.

The Websense statement also said it had received reports of phishing attacks targeted at First Exchange Bank, McLloyds Bank International and Central National Bank of Enid.

November 14, 2006

Sun's Surprising Openness

Few were surprised when Sun Microsystems finally opted to publish the code to its widely used Web programming language, Java. Sun executives had dropped hints for months that they would make Java freely open to developers, who in turn would be able to tailor and improve the code, used for creating Web-based programs for use on all manner of computer hardware.
What caught some off guard, however, was how Sun (SUNW) would do it. Specifically, Java will be freely available under what's called the general public license (GPL), which also governs the distribution of the Linux open-source operating system. As recently as October, during a conference sponsored by Oracle (ORCL), Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz suggested that Sun might choose a more restrictive licensing structure—the common development and distribution license (CDDL), written when Sun opened its own operating system, Solaris.


Microsoft to debut wireless music sharing Zune in U.S.

The world's largest software maker Microsoft Corp. will start selling the Zune portable music player and the Zune Marketplace in the United States on Tuesday, hoping to take a bite out of Apple's dominant iPod and iTunes powerhouse.

The rectangular "Zune" player is similar in appearance to the iPod with a round click wheel, but is slightly bulkier with a larger, 3-inch screen.

The 30-gigabyte Zune allows the device to locate other nearby Zunes and wirelessly exchange music and pictures with a few touches of the button.


Vodafone, Yahoo launch ads on mobiles

BANGALORE: Vodafone and Yahoo! have formed a alliance to create an mobile advertising business that will enhance the customer experience on mobile phones while providing both companies with a new revenue stream.

Through this alliance, Yahoo! will become Vodafone’s exclusive display advertising partner in the UK. Yahoo! will use the latest technology to provide a variety of mobile advertising formats across Vodafone’s rich and varied content services. Yahoo!’s sales force and technology team will work with Vodafone to derive benefit from mobile’s unique advertising opportunities while delivering the best possible experience for both consumers and advertisers. Vodafone and Yahoo! intend roll out the initiative in the UK in the first half of 2007.


Intel launches 'four brain' computer

Intel unveiled its latest Haifa innovation Tuesday as the world's largest chip maker with the launch of its first quad-core microprocessor.
"Today's announcement ushers in another new era in computing," said Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini. "The capabilities of quad-core microprocessors will bring new possibilities for science, entertainment and business."
Whereas the dual-core technology launched last year uses two microprocessors to perform tasks at the same time, quad-core doubles the equation, thus further increasing computer processing speeds and energy savings. In the company's words, the technology delivers four "computing brains" inside a single microprocessor enabling it to multi-task more effectively.


Tech Dirt:-Men Use Phones To Impress Women; Women Use Phones To Ward Off Men

Well, it appears some things don't change much. Almost exactly six years ago, we wrote about a study that said that men tend to use mobile phones in the same way that peacocks display their plumage: as a mating call to try to impress women. A new study has found that this still happens. Men are much more likely to actively display their mobile phones in social situations. The article suggests it's a way to pick up women, but it also notes that men are just as eager to display their mobile phones to other men to make themselves appear more important. Of course, what makes this even more interesting is the study we saw this past summer that found that women use mobile phones for almost the exact opposite purpose. They do it to keep men from approaching them. That is, if they see someone approaching them, they may pull out the phone so they have an excuse to avoid talking to the man. No wonder the sexes have so much trouble communicating. They don't even use communication devices the same way.

Tech-dirt:-When In Singapore Make Sure To Turn Off WiFi Network Autodiscovery

For many years, we've put up posts questioning whether or not using unsecured WiFi was a crime or if it even should be a crime. It appears that officials in Singapore decided that it absolutely is a crime and John writes in to point out that a teenager now faces three years in jail for using his neighbor's WiFi. There aren't too many details here, and perhaps there's more to this story. However, from the summary, it sounds like this kid used his neighbor's open WiFi network. There's nothing saying that he got past any security or anything like that -- just that he had "unauthorized access." As many of you probably know, most computers these days have WiFi network auto-discovery, meaning that if you're walking around with an ordinary laptop in Singapore, you could accidentally open yourself up to the potential of 3 years in jail just by waking it up in the wrong spot. The other oddity here is that the article claims the complaint was filed by the neighbor, though it's unclear how he knew that his WiFi was being used by the teen, or how anyone can prove that it actually was the teen. Perhaps there really is more to the story, and perhaps the neighbor did properly lock up his WiFi -- but if it really was open, wouldn't locking it up be a more reasonable response than tossing your teenaged neighbor in jail for three years?

November 13, 2006

New computer virus unleashed via e-mail

A new virus is using the topics of the death of U.S. President Bush and nuclear war as bait.

The Register reported Wednesday that rogue VX programmers had created the Dref-N e-mail aware worm and that it was suing false reports of nuclear war, and of the deaths of President George W. Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin as bait to attract its victims, according to computer specialists in Boston.

The Dref-N worm’s e-mail subject lines include items such as “White House news!” “Incredible news” and “ATTN TO EVERYBODY!”


Reliance, BSNL in Toll-free Tie

In a move that might lead to network-independent access to toll-free services in the country, Reliance Communications and Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) have entered a deal to interconnect each other's toll-free numbers coming under the 1-800 category.

Similarly, Reliance has tied up with HFCL, a private telecom service provider in Punjab; and is said to be in talks with other major operators for network-independent access to 1-800 services across the country.

Toll-free numbers (1-800) enable customers call companies or service providers without incurring any phone charges. For example, customers can call toll-free numbers of companies to find out details of products/services they want to purchase.

Microsoft, Airtel Partner for SMBs

Microsoft and Bharti Airtel have entered into a critical partnership to offer software and services to the near 6.5 million small and medium businesses (SMBs) in the country. Slated to be made available in January 2007, this new service is mainly targeted at companies having five or more employees.

Solutions to be offered as part of the deal include: Microsoft Solutions for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration; plus hosted applications such as CRM, Accounting, ERP, Unified Communications, and some Microsoft ISV applications.


Future Watch:--Asus G1 & G2 Gaming Notebooks

Asus has finally launched its gaming notebooks designed for the gamers. It even packs the power needed to get the best FPS for most games. The G1 is a 15.4-inch while the G2 is a 17-inch. They both have unique styled outers while the inner side is plain sport for both. The G1 has rock green LEDs while the G2 has red LEDs.


Watch out for Beyonce on MSN!

On Nov 15, starting 08.30 am (IST) onwards, MSN India is bringing to its users, Beyonce Knowles, lead singer of Destiny's Child, live in concert.

Users need to log on to, and sit back and watch the seductive songstress perform in what promises to be a sizzler of a show!

In case, users miss out on the show, they can still go back and watch it exclusively on MSN India on demand post the concert.

One of the hottest stars on the music scene today, Beyonce started out with her band, "Destiny s Child" in 1990. Come 2001, and the band fell apart, with members going 'solo'.


PlayStation 3 hits 'grey market'

They are being sold for up to four times the retail price of the console, which went on sale in Japan last Saturday for about £270.

There are also reports that homeless people were paid to queue for the console on behalf of people now selling them on at a higher price.

More... is my new enemy

As part of my ongoing research into social networks, I sign up at pretty much every site I come across. Today, I came across

As part of the sign up process, they offered to import all my contacts from I agreed, entered my login and password, and all the contacts popped over. Then, Gazzag then took it upon themselves to email all of my contacts saying that I invited them to join my network at Gazzag. As something of a social network expert, all my friends have been saying “Well if Jen invited me, there must be something really great here” and wandered into this evil trap of a social networking site. I did not invite them, I did not email them, and there is nothing special about this site. It basically hijacked my email address and spammed these people from me.

The Gazzag Terms and Conditions says...

November 11, 2006

Vista needs no anti-virus, says Allchin

JIM ALLCHIN, outgoing co-President of the Platform Products and Services Group at Microsoft, has suggested that Windows Vista is so secure it may not need an antivirus system.

The claim, which is sure to please antivirus vendors worldwide, was made on Wednesday as part of a telephone conversation with reporters to discuss the merits of the new operating system’s security measures.

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November 10, 2006

Yahoo! Messenger in Yahoo! Mail

According to reports, Yahoo! is planning to incorporate the Yahoo! Messenger Instant Messaging (IM) service into its email service, Yahoo! Mail.

Yahoo! IM will soon be made available on Yahoo! Mail, just the way rival Google has made Google Talk available on Gmail.

This will enable Yahoo! users to run the two programs on the same browser, eliminating the need to download the Yahoo! IM software.


Rajshri Media launches Broadband Portal

Rajshri Media, the digital media arm of bollywood production and distribution house Rajshri Productions, has launched a broadband portal for entertainment and premium video content. The company owned by the Barjatyas is also premiering their home production VIVAH online. The movie will be available for download or live streaming from Friday 12 PM. This is the first time an Indian movie is premiering online - simultaneously being released in theatres and also online. VIVAH is available for $9.9 per download. And the DRM (Digital rights management) licence will expire after 72 hours.


November 9, 2006

Indiagames Intros Games on Demand

In an initiative to enable the 100,000 or so private Internet cafes in the country compete with organized players, Indiagames has launched its Games on Demand Partnership Program for Cyber Cafes. For this program, the company has tied-up with leading publishers including Microsoft, Codemasters, Playfirst, Atari, and Activision.

Games on Demand aims to address the issues that typically plague gaming in the country such as software piracy and the prevalent high prices of gaming software.

With Games on Demand, users can choose and play from an extensive catalogue of games, sans the need to purchase or install these on local PCs. Currently, over 100 games are on offer for just Rs 225 per month. Otherwise, these games cost anywhere near Rs 100,000 taking into consideration the retail prices for legal software...

Amongst the games available, internationally renowned titles include: Age of Empires II, Brian Lara's Cricket, IGI 2 Covert Strike, and Toca Race Driver 2, et al. And, new games are intended to be added every month.


Talking with orkut

You talkin' to me? I sure hope so. At Google, we like it when people talk with each other. So we figured we should make life a little easier for our friends on orkut, where getting in touch and staying in touch is the name of the game. We noticed that a lot of orkut users have been using a separate instant messaging program to chat, which just seems like unnecessary work -- clicking around, keeping separate buddy lists, etc. This is why we've built Google Talk into orkut, so you can see your friends' availability and chat with them more easily. And, as a special Google Talk bonus, if you want to do more than text chat, you can make voice calls, leave voicemail, and transfer files.

Here's what to look for. If your friends are online and using Google Talk, you'll see a brightly-colored ball by their name. Green means they're available; orange means they're away from their computer; and red means they're busy. But no matter which color, if you see that ball, it means you can chat with or call your friends in just a couple of clicks.

We've put some orkut features into Google Talk too. In addition to chatting, calling, and sending files to your Google Talk buddies, you can also scrap them, receive instant notice when others scrap you, and quickly jump to any of their orkut profiles.

It's easy to enable these features -- sign in to talkify your orkut account and we'll get you going. Haven't been invited to join orkut yet? No problem.

Pointsec unveils security solution for Nokia Eseries

MUMBAI: Pointsec Mobile Technologies, mobile enterprise security solution provider, today unveiled a new version of its security solution for Symbian 3.0 S60 edition, offering strong data protection and access control for business users with Nokia Eseries handsets based on the S60 platform.

Supported models include the Nokia E50, E60, E61, E62 and E70. This is the first solution for protecting data stored on S60 devices using real-time encryption, a Pointsec statement said.


"Rock solid" Vista ready to roll, says Microsoft

After five years and many twists and turns, Microsoft on Wednesday said development of Windows Vista is complete.

Windows chief Jim Allchin said Microsoft has signed off on the code: "It's rock solid and we're ready to ship. This is a good day."

Allchin said Vista will go on sale to consumers on 30 January. He said Microsoft is releasing Vista in five languages. The French, Japanese and Spanish versions were actually signed off on before the English version, according to Allchin.


Skype 3.0 Beta Released

Skype users across the globe can now enjoy even simpler ways to talk with the release of Skype 3.0 beta for Windows.

With a series of enhancements to the look and feel of Skype, the latest version also includes features that enable community-led chat and discussion. According to the company, the new enhancements aim at making Skype even simpler, and providing users with instant access to features.


November 8, 2006

Global IT firms on a hiring spree in India

As the talent hunt for skilled technology workers intensifies worldwide, India has emerged as the top destination for global IT companies' hiring spree, a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers reveals.

In order to hire people with required skills, more than 68 per cent of IT companies globally have started or planning to start business operations in India in the next three years, the global consultancy and research major said in a report.


Future watch:-Zalman ZM-NC1000

The laptop cooler from Zalman the ZM-NC1000 is for all those over-heating laptops and especially for the exploding ones. It is a 3mm thick aluminum sled featuring two centrifugal fans spinning up to 1,500RPM or less via adjustable dial alongside the chassis. The cooler is said to not only reduce the laptop heat but at the same time it does increase the noise levels a bit.
This cooler is said to keep the laptop a lot cooler and at the same time even cool your head from the fear of having a bomb on your lap.

Mickey has Eyes only for Nintendo!

Walt Disney's video game publishing arm, the Buena Vista Games (BVG) Group, has reportedly announced a new game studio, the "Fall Line Studio," for developing exclusive Disney and Disney-inspired games for Nintendo's hand-held DS player, as also its upcoming Wii gaming console.

The new studio based out of Salt Lake City in the US, is tipped to create original plus inspired titles based on Disney's iconic characters; Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pooh, and so on.


India recruits beggars to curb spread of AIDS

KOLKATA (Reuters) - Thousands of beggars in eastern India have been recruited to help stem the spread of the HIV/AIDS virus by singing songs and acting in plays about safe sex.

Officials in the impoverished state of Bihar say they want to train many of the state's estimated 100,000 vagrants to sing songs in trains and buses and beside busy roads, as well as enact street plays about the deadly virus.


WiMax Device Cum Mobile Phone

At the recently concluded Mobile Wimax Summit 2006, Samsung Electronics unveiled a new mobile convergence device, the SPH-P9000 Deluxe MITs, which sports a unique three-way folding, and which, according to the company, is the world's first WiMax device that doubles as a mobile phone.
This PDA-based device is capable of voice and multimedia data communications through Mobile Wimax technology. In fact it utilizes both Mobile Wimax as well as CDMA EV-DO connectivity.
The Wimax connectivity provides users with wireless access to the Internet, while CDMA EV-DO technology provides mobile phone connection for voice communication.

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November 7, 2006

Movies, TV Shows on Xbox Live

Microsoft Corp has reportedly tied with several Hollywood studios to sell TV shows and rent movies that can be downloaded through its Xbox Live online video-game service and beamed straight onto consumers' television sets.

Beginning Nov 22, Xbox Live users equipped with the current generation Xbox 360 gaming console will be able to watch shows, including
CBS Corp's "CSI", Viacom's "South Park" on MTV Comedy Central; and movies such as Paramount Pictures' "Mission Impossible III" and "Jackass: The Movie", plus Warner Bros' "V for Vendetta" and "Superman Returns", amongst others.

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Is it a Song? No, its a Mac OS X Virus!

Late last week, Symantec discovered a proof-of-concept Mac OS X virus, dubbing it "Macarena", and claiming it posed a very low level of risk. The company did however mention that certain comments within the code indicate that the author had a real hard time creating it.

"Macarena" was described by Symantec as "a proof-of-concept virus that infects files in the current folder on the compromised computer."

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McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus Launched

McAfee today announced the launch of McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus, the first Web safety tool to actively shield consumers' computers from dangerous Web sites encountered whilst browsing, searching, and instant messaging or e-mailing.

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Meebo in Hindi website for instant messaging from absolutely anywhere. Whether you’re at home, on campus, at work, or traveling foreign lands, hop over to on any computer to access all of your buddies (on AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ and Jabber) and chat with them, no downloads or installs required, for free!

available in hindi now.... enjoy!!!!

November 6, 2006

AT&T announces direct entry into India

BANGALORE: AT&T Inc. today announced its foray into the Indian market with the launch of its new business.

Last month the company became the first international telecom operator to secure International Long distance (ILD) and National Long Distance (NLD) under the government’s revised policy on FDI.

AT&T Global Network Services India (AT&T India), a joint venture between AT&T and Mahindra Telecom Investment Private Ltd, plans to transition its existing customers in India to its network and also introduce a broader range of advanced networking services and solutions.

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November 4, 2006

World's Fastest Monitors from BenQ

BenQ has announced the launch of the world's fastest wide screen monitors in three models; 92W, 222W, and 241W. The new monitors are targeted at the technology led and the digitally inclined.
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November 3, 2006

Sify, Mauj Tie Up with LFW 2006

Now, fashion lovers in the country can stay abreast with the latest happenings at the Lakme Fashion Week (LFW), from anywhere, and at anytime.

Two biggies, SifyMax and Mauj Telecom, have tied-up in their own ways with LFW 2006 that is scheduled to take place in Mumbai between Oct 31 and November 4. The objective is "to not let users miss out on even a minute of the action" at the upcoming fashion fiesta.

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Microsoft loves SUSE Linux (true!)

The bad news is raining thick and fast on Red Hat, the dominant Linux distro, what with Oracle last week seeking to undermine its server revenues, and Microsoft today seeking to undermine, its customer base, anointing Novell's SUSE as its Linux distro-in-waiting.

Top executives from Microsoft and Novell convened in San Francisco today to proclaim a landmark deal that sees the companies improve interoperability between Windows and SUSE Enterprise Linux Server (SLES) on virtualization, Microsoft's Active Directory and Novell's eDirectory, and Microsoft Office and OpenOffice XML formats on the desktop.

Microsoft will also promote SLES where customers pick Windows over Linux or decide to run Linux alongside Windows - a move clearly designed to exclude Red Hat from accounts. Microsoft sales staff will distribute 70,000 coupons for SLES.

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November 2, 2006

Gmail on mobile service

SAN FRANCISCO: Google Inc. aims to close the gap between the classic way people get e-mail -- sitting at a computer -- and the slow-as-molasses reality of receiving e-mail on cell phones, the company said on Thursday.

The Web search leader is introducing a custom version of its Gmail e-mail service that can run on any phone with Java software, or close to 300 different mobile phone devices.

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Nintendo Is Preparing to Kill the Xbox 360 and the PS3

Although it is not making so much noise about it, Nintendo keeps on working hard at improving manufacturing process and meeting its goal of delivering 4 million Wii gaming consoles by the end of 2006.

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Microsoft Vista to Release on Nov 30

Microsoft has announced that their new operating system, Windows Vista, will be released on November 30 this year, at an event in New York City.

The company said that Windows Vista would, however, be available only to businesses at first. The consumer version would be available to the mainstream public early next year, the release date for which is rumored to be January 30, 2007.

But, the November release of Windows Vista would be the first new release of a Windows operating system since 2001. It has been dubbed a world-wide release, and will also include the launch of the new Office 2007 and the Exchange Server 2007 software.

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November 1, 2006

Spy in the sky over Chandni Chowk

With the help of live cameras at the ground level and a spy satellite in the sky, the administration hopes to gather realtime ''intelligence'' on a multitude of ''illegal'' activities...

NEW DELHI: Though hackles were raised over Google Earth posing a threat to the security of the country by making available satellite imagery of defence establishments, the Indian government has begun using similar technology for maintenance of law and order and internal security.

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Google acquires Web applications pioneer JotSpot

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google Inc. said on Tuesday it bought JotSpot, a Silicon Valley start-up that helped pioneer the market for collaborative business software like online spreadsheets, in the latest move by the Web search leader into territory dominated by Microsoft Corp.
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U.S. intelligence unveils spy version of Wikipedia

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. intelligence community on Tuesday unveiled its own secretive version of Wikipedia, saying the popular online encyclopedia format known for its openness is key to the future of American espionage.
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Want to Repair your iPod? Anyone?

iPod owners take heart! A man from 'aamchee Mumbai' claims to be able to repair all Apple iPods...

And, what's more, the man, one Harjeet Arora, owner of "Gadget Boy", a store at the Inorbit Mall, claims to be the only person in the country to be able to do so...

But, what led Arora into a job like repairing iPods? Arora, who sells iPods and MP3 players at his store, says he was getting so many customers coming back to him with complaints about their iPods not working, who were then going ahead and buying new iPods that he felt the need to venture into this territory.
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