November 9, 2006

Indiagames Intros Games on Demand

In an initiative to enable the 100,000 or so private Internet cafes in the country compete with organized players, Indiagames has launched its Games on Demand Partnership Program for Cyber Cafes. For this program, the company has tied-up with leading publishers including Microsoft, Codemasters, Playfirst, Atari, and Activision.

Games on Demand aims to address the issues that typically plague gaming in the country such as software piracy and the prevalent high prices of gaming software.

With Games on Demand, users can choose and play from an extensive catalogue of games, sans the need to purchase or install these on local PCs. Currently, over 100 games are on offer for just Rs 225 per month. Otherwise, these games cost anywhere near Rs 100,000 taking into consideration the retail prices for legal software...

Amongst the games available, internationally renowned titles include: Age of Empires II, Brian Lara's Cricket, IGI 2 Covert Strike, and Toca Race Driver 2, et al. And, new games are intended to be added every month.


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