November 17, 2006

TechDirt-PS3 Line Insanity; Pregnant Woman Tries Not To Give Birth While Waiting

While there are still plenty of questions about how successful Sony's PS3 device will really be, don't tell that to the die hard fans who are taking lining up and waiting to an entirely new level. There have been plenty of reports of fights breaking out at various stores among those waiting in line, with at least one drive-by shooting (though, using BBs, not a real gun) and even reports of people getting robbed while waiting. However, those don't top the list of most bizarre. Apparently, one woman who is nine months pregnant, has been trying to ignore her contractions in order to stay in line, while another woman who isn't even interested in gaming decided to line up just for the hell of it. Still, for some people, it appears waiting in line is too much work. Engadget reports that a dentist in Georgia wanted to buy a bunch of PS3s for his family, and hired 60 "temps" to wait in line at various stores for him. Meanwhile, if waiting in line or paying people to wait for you is too much, you could just go rob the store of all their available PS3s instead.

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