Foursquare v/s Facebook Checkin

Reasons Why I prefer over Facebook check-in:

1. Tired of people telling me not to tag them, foursquare only tag friends with your checking only if they check-in at same venue themselves.

2. Facebook check-in is no fun, foursquare makes it a fun game with check-in points, mayorships, surprise badges and offers{although very limited till now in India}.

Some of the awesome badges

3. Facebook check-in through default app has lot of issues even with GPS on most of the times the place you are looking for will not show up and when searched it will just show the name and not location. In most cases you will end up checking in at same venue different location.

4. Privacy is the best part about foursquare, on every check-in you have the option to restrict the audience, you can choose not to share a particular check-in on Facebook or Twitter and who you add on foursquare is your wish, only they will be able to see the check-in. So it's a great way to track all the awesome places you visited and at what time without making it all public.

5. Love foursquare because of the witty messages they add to your check-ins that will definitely make you smile. Also Miles since your last check-in when you check-in at Airports!

Witty Messages ;)
Special Points on your Birthday :)

Foursquare knows how many miles you travelled since your last check-in!

Update: Also now you can tag any Facebook friend in your check-ins even if they are not on Foursquare once you connect your Facebook account with Foursquare.


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