Android Phone charging too slow?

For last two days my Samsung Galaxy Note2 was taking way too long in getting charged, so much so that even on overnight charging it'll be at around 80% in morning.

This was strange as Note 2 charger is really good and charging usually used to be really fast.

To my surprise the issue was really small:

Check the Battery Use screen carefully and next to Charging within Brackets it mentions the mode of charging (AC or USB)
Even though i was using the original charger it was showing USB.

I found online to plug out and plug in the charger micro USB pin in phone 2-3 times but it didn't work.

Then i checked the other end of charger and the whole issue was because the USB end of the data cable that goes in the power adapter was half inside and half outside. (Samsung gives one of those Data cable + power adapter type chargers)

I just plugged it in correctly and USB changed to AC.



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