iOS7: First look instant view

Well i am confused, it looks beautiful and stupid all at the same time, Apple has copied all the features from every ecosystem around but has done it really beautifully. No doubt whatever Apple does is really classy but somehow i feel it is not enough. So even though iOS7 is a great change (much better than the disappointment iOS6 was) it still left me asking for more and something different.

Not saying Google does a great job its just that Google has a lot of supporters in terms of Handset manufacturers who are bringing innovation independently and together they do a brilliant job.

I do wish Apple adds some options in terms of screen size, without that the entire iOS7 experience will not be that great. to all those saying 4" is sufficient well i think to each his own, having used Note 2 iphone looks so tiny and there is a big gap between iphone screen size and lowest tablet screen size and that gap is all about user preference and not from where to where your fingers can reach :P

P.S: I feel this is the most neutral view i have given ever in terms of mobile OS.


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