April 19, 2008

Orkut Apps For India, Estonia...Who's Next?

After previously launching Orkut Apps for Estonia, it looks as if Google is slowly opening the gates by allowing Indian users to test out its features.
(Orkut Developer Blog) Last month's prelaunch testing of the orkut developer platform brought a small set of third-party applications to less than 1% of orkut users. After implementing various improvements, tweaks, and fixes, we are moving into the first stage of the official rollout process by announcing the platform's availability in India, which represents about 10% of the orkut user base.

While its good to see more users being able to access Orkut (without having to visit the sandbox aka Orkut beta), Google seems to be ignoring Brazilians, over half of all Orkut users on the site (note: they may have done this for financial reasons, as having millions of Brazilians hitting Orkut Apps could put a strain on Google's servers).

Hopefully Google will decide to include them (as well as everyone else) in the next roll out--otherwise they may have a mini revolt on their hands. :-)


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