June 4, 2007

iPhone Out June 29th


Apple have announced a release date for the iPhone, June 29th. The adverts are appearing on TV and, of course, YouTube, and another, and another.

JUST in:-
Apple Inc. will start selling its iPhone on June 29, a debut that will test whether the company's design success with Mac computers and iPod media players can carry over into mobile handsets.

Apple announced the date on Sunday, with three television commercials showing off the phone's large touchscreen and ability to watch video, play music and display photos. The ads can also be seen on the company's Web site.

The U.S. launch date was confirmed by a company spokesman. Apple plans to sell the iPhone in Europe and Japan eventually, but has not announced specific dates.

The iPhone will cost $500 or $600, depending on the amount of memory included and will be sold through the online and physical stores of Apple and AT&T Inc., which is the only current service provider. AT&T has exclusive iPhone rights for two years.


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