March 7, 2008

Website Review: Virgin Mobile


Virgin Mobile is here to give CDMA a revamp. The UK based service provider is clearly targeting the youth and it shows. If one visits the site, you’ll be mesmerised. Believe us, you will think of changing over to this operator. The website is lively and shouts out “it’s time to think Hatke”. The lingo and the appearance used is appealing to the youth, with the content being straight forward.

Why should you choose CDMA? Why do I change over to Virgin? What are the benefits? All these questions answered by just one click. The content challenges the users to demand more from their service providers and tags them to be “unexciting” and “crappy”. No Nonsense is the theme, that the operator focuses on and the website can keep you busy for quite some time.

Be sure to visit it and do let us know your views about it.

Virgin Mobile

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