July 5, 2007

Nokia's N-Gage coming to PCs

When you hear the word N-Gage, you probably get weird, grossed-out feelings and maybe a little stabbing pain in your side, right? Well, Nokia is attempting to make the transition from the N-Gage as a handheld gaming device (and a bit of a failed one at that), to N-Gage as a standalone game platform -- one which can be implemented on the PC as well as other mobile systems. The company is currently in the thick of development on a top-secret title known as "Project White Rock", which will be the first bound for the PC. The game is being developed by RedLynx (creators of popular handheld fare like "Pathways to Glory"), and produced by Scott Foe, who's known for his work on the first mobile MMOG "Pocket Kingdom: Own the World". According to reports, the game contains over a thousand lines of recorded dialogue, though sources say the game-play experience will be largely the same on both the PC and handheld platforms. Whatever the case may be, the few glimpses we've seen of the "next generation" N-Gage look pretty promising, and this scheme may just be the shot in the arm Nokia's gaming division is looking for.

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