January 10, 2007

Polaroid WiFi Media Players

Polaroid has just shown off a few products in their Swinger series of portable media players, two of which have WiFi support.

The MPA-28216 has WiFi, a 30GB hard drive, a 2.8-inch screen, and also plays back AVI and WAV files. The expected cost is around $280 (Rs. 12,400) or if you want, a WiFi-less version for $260 (Rs. 11,500), around the third quarter this year.

The MPA-44315 is also a WiFi media player, but it has a larger 40GB hard drive and a wide-aspect 4.3-inch touch screen. This is expected for around $350 (Rs. 15,500) and a WiFi-less $330 (Rs. 14,600).


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