January 3, 2007

TECH~CRUNCH:- A List of Recommended Handsets!

Well into the second day of 2007, and we thought it a good idea to share with our readers - what a couple of leading mobile phone dealers recommended as the best handsets on the market today...

While the Nokia 6600, the Nokia N73, the Sony Ericsson P990i, the Motorola Ming, and the Motorola Razr v3i emerged as the unanimous choice of most dealers we spoke to, these guys also made it a point to appraise us of a few good handsets under each brand.

Favorites under Nokia were the 6600, the 6630, the 6030, the N73, the N70, and the E61. Under Sony Ericsson, the P990i, the K750i, and the W810i scored points. Under brand Motorola, the Ming, the Razr v3i, the W220, and the C168 remained handsets of choice. The dealers also mentioned Samsung's D500 and DSP100 Bluetooth.


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