January 9, 2007

New Phone on the Walkman Block!

Sony Ericsson has broadened its Walkman phone portfolio by introducing the "W200".

The W200 Walkman phone, according to Sony Ericsson, includes all key features needed to take the first step towards 'music on your mobile'.
The W200 can store up to 37 full length tracks, and can support up to 18 hours of music listening. It enables simple transferring of music from the PC with the Disc2Phone music management software bundled with it.

Talking about the new Walkman phone, Steve Walker, Head of Product Marketing, Sony Ericsson, said, "The W200 is an affordable music phone that compliments existing MP3 players. It's not everyday that you want to carry lots of devices with you; and with the W200, you have enough music storage for your current playlist, and if you get tired of these, the FM Radio allows you to quickly tune-in to your favourite drive-time show."


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