January 22, 2007

‘Biggest ever’ online phishing heist nabs $1.1m over 15 months

Over the past 15 months, Swedish bank Nordea has lost around 7-8 million Swedish kronor (about $1.1 million USD) to an online phishing scam by no less than 121 Russian organized criminals. Emails were sent to bank customers with attachments entitled “raking.zip” or “raking.exe.” The attachments were disguised as anti-spam software, but contained a Trojan which security companies called “haxdoor.ki.” According to the bank, users were redirected to a false home page, where they entered important log-in information, including log-in numbers. After users entered information an error message appeared, and said the site was having problems. Criminals then used the gathered customer details on the real Nordea website to take money from customer accounts. More via ZDNet UK

The best way to avoid this type of attack is be very skeptical of every e-mail/attachment that you open, even if you do have the greatest anti-virus software. Here are 44 tips on avoiding phishing scams!


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