January 24, 2007

Donations to Temples : Just an SMS away

Airtel has launched the `Temple Offering’ service, which allows you to make a donation to a temple via SMS.

SMS offerings can currently be made to four temples: Mantralaya (AP); Siddi Vinayak (Mumbai); Dharmasthala (Karnataka); and Jalaram Temple (Bangalore). It will be soon extended to Tirupati, Shirdi Saibaba, Vaishnodevi and Mahalakshmi temples.

An Airtel user, who wishes to send a donation, just needs to type the temple keyword, the amount he/she wishes to donate and SMS “temple code amount” to 64655. As soon as the SMS is sent, it gets updated immediately in the temple records through a software deployed at the temple’s premises, which will record the amount donated, time, date and the number from which it has been made. Everything happens in real time and the donation amount goes to the temple. The customer pays Rs 4 per SMS sent.

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