May 9, 2008

Yahoo "Glue Pages" Show All-In-One Search Results

Yahoo released a new type of search result for India called “Glue Page.” Instead of the usual text listing, some queries – like blog, einstein or asthma – will now trigger a comprehensive and very visual result page. This page contains different elements laid out in boxes; there’s “normal” search results, encyclopedic information from health sites or Wikipedia, news results, YouTube videos or Google blog search results (yes, they’re integrating results from competitors, though Google is also a partner of Yahoo in some areas) and more.

This is a very interesting prototypical service; part meta search engine and part original results from Yahoo, and a bit like Google’s universal search approach taken to the extreme.

Note many queries also still return more traditional results; perhaps Yahoo only triggers the “glue” approach when the topic is broad enough to yield lots of results from diverse services.


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