December 19, 2007

S60 Gets Its Own YouTube Application

YouTube is one of the best things since, well... Toothpaste! This is a site that, we, in this day and age, as internet junkies want to have accessible from every mode of communication if possible. Having it easily accessible on your mobile device is not a new concept. Apple has already seen to that with a direct link to on their iPhone and iPod Touch. Symbian users I’m sure didn’t want to be left out so a gentleman named Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz developed emTube.

emTube is a freeware that’s been developed for a the S60 3rd Edition platform. Its interface is very user-friendly and simplistic in its form and appearance. The application will allow users to search, view and even save videos onto their mobile device. The downloaded files are stored as flash video files (.flv) which can be played back using the same application.

The developer has thought of everything. Currently there are two versions out. One is for normal S60 users and the second is designed with the N95 specifically in mind. Depending on your connection speed it will take a while from videos to buffer, but the file can be downloaded as soon as it starts to play. All videos can also be played back in landscape mode as well for better viewing. The rotation is courtesy of the N95's accelerometer. I have had a chance to test the application and it’s brilliant.

YouTube fans and S60 third edition or N95 users can download the application from here.

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