December 4, 2007

chinese invasion on mobile market...

For quite some time i was thinking about writing something about this topic but i guess "chandigarh tribune" wrote what was there in my mind on paper...
here's what was published in todays edition of chandigarh tribune:-

Duplicate cells from China capture market

but to summarize all this i'll tell you what i feel..
i am also a big fan of these chinese fones n there no. of reasons for that..
i first came to knw about these fones when one of my frens bought a NOKLA N95 (its not nokia bt nokla) n that too jst for Rs.10000 while the original was around 29k,the best thing about this fone was exactly similar looks,filled with all the usefull features n it evn has some features that evn the original one doesn't have...
some commen features of these fones:-
  • audio quality-all these fones have really good speakers i mean none of the original fones have such loud speakers....
  • touch screen-almost all these fones are touch screen n mostly comes with windows mobile.
  • dual sim support- something i really like,how many original fones come with 2GSM sim support?? most of them can run 2 GSM sims simultaneously (incoming from both n select lines for outgoing)
  • moment sensitive-some fones have features like change the song but just giving jerk to fone.
  • price-really cheap
  • no warranty
  • no support
but these drawbacks combined with cheap prices makes this fone a "use n throw one"....

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