October 20, 2007

Airtel unveils mChek

Airtel mobile bills can now be paid through SMS using mChek services. If you have a Mastercard or a Visa credit card, you can now pay your Airtel mobile bill anytime and from anywhere.

Airtel and mChek guarantees the safety of your transaction and assures the user that the information provided during the transaction will be secure. The registration for mCheck can be done through SMS or through the mCheck website.

The registration via SMS is very simple:

1. SMS ‘MCHEK’ to 121
2. Enter any 4-digit numeric PIN of your choice
3. Enter your credit card details
4. Re-enter your PIN
5. You are registered!

Now, there are two more steps involved for the payment procedure. Every time the user wishes to make payment:

1. SMS ‘PAY AIRTEL’ to 121
2. Enter your 4-digit numeric PIN

You will get an instant payment receipt through SMS.


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