September 30, 2007

Apple Attacks Hacked iPhones

"Hackers Inc" are seeing red after Apple Computer released a software update that renders useless -- unlocked iPhones aka iPhones that have been altered so as to be able to work with cellular carriers other than the official one, namely AT&T.

Hackers had it coming when earlier this week, Apple Computer warned about its upcoming software -- that would not only offer access to iTunes and fix a few security bugs -- but significantly, possibly end-up permanently disabling the unlocked iPhones.

Put-on-the-defensive, the hacker community has responded saying that depending on the type of unlocking program used, iPhones may or may not continue to work after installing Apple's newest software update.

In case of unlocked iPhones that live to tell of the software onslaught, they will be workable only with the original SIM card that ties the phone firmly back to official carrier, AT&T.


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