February 3, 2007

Tech Dirt:-Windows Vista Ultimate - Part 1

Over the last few days we are sure anyone who is reading this article, must have come across not less than 10 reports a day on Microsoft’s latest consumer effort Vista. It does not matter what media you frequent, be it radio, online print or TV, Vista is the flavor of the season. After all it’s not every day that Microsoft releases a new OS. It is an event which will affect virtually most PC users right across the globe, will influence hardware and software development till the end of this decade and will ultimately be the cornerstone of the entire PC industry for some time to come.
Faffs side, Vista has been spent a long time in development. Since its first public appearance way back in early 2003, Longhorn as it was known then promised to deliver a PC experience that would literally "blow your mind". There were tons of new features promised from a brand new file system called WinFS which was to succeed the now decade old NTFS, to integrated search and collaboration features that would bring business together in ways never imagined before.

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