March 9, 2007

Future Watch:- New Autopilot System Could Help to Prevent Another 9/11

After the tragedies that happened on 9/11, many steps have been taken to beef up the security at airports and on commercial airliners. The scientists at Boeing are doing their part by developing a new Uninterruptible Autopilot System (UAS) which would prevent the takeover of an aircraft's controls in the event of a terrorist takeover.

"We are constantly studying ways we can enhance the safety, security and efficiency of the world's airline fleet," said a Boeing spokesman. "There is a need in the industry for a technique that conclusively prevents unauthorized persons gaining access to the controls and threatening the safety of passengers."

With current autopilot systems, a pilot can trigger the system on or off with the flip of a switch. With Boeing's new UAS, autopilot is triggered by switch on the instrument panel are by pressure sensors built in to the cockpit door which detect excessive force being used to enter the cockpit.


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