April 11, 2007

Scribd - YouTube for Pirated eBooks, But for How Long ?

Download PDF ebooks on Scribd
Looking to download eBooks and magazines in PDF format ? Stop Googling, just visit Scribd, the new safe haven for eBook pirates.

Scribd, where anyone can upload and share documents or presentations, is slowly turning into a huge repository of popular eBook titles and a lot of them are copyright material.

O'Reilly programming books, Harry Potter novels, Adobe Photoshop eBooks, Dummies Series, Complete Idiot's Guide series of MacMillan, How-To series of McGraw Hill .. you name a book and chances are high that someone has already uploaded the title to Scribd.

Even the popular "Getting Things Done" by author David Allen is available on Scribd. Anyone can read, search or download these titles in PDF or Microsoft Word format for free without having to register on Scribd.

What's more - Scribd users have created collections of eBooks that makes it all the more easy to find and download pirated books on related topics. There are collection of O'Reilly books, programming titles, Web 2.0, sex eBooks and so on.


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