January 2, 2008

smsgupshup v/s vakow updated.

SmsGupshup n vakow are two big sms fwding/chat services available on net.... although both the sites allow you to send a common sms to your friend list but after using both the services i can easily compare the two sevices...

Lets start with positive & negetive points of webaroo's smsgupshup.com

plus points..

  • picture msg can also be fwded

  • normal chat is also possible so once joined u can easily chat free of cost

  • more sms in gallery because of more users

  • poll,quiz and reviews are some really good features becuase of them one can quiz its friends or can start a poll.

negative points...

  • premium no so more charges to post and subscribe

  • ads gets attached with fwded sms's

  • less control on subscriptions (u cant set limit of msges u want to get in a day or cant set time of day when you dont want to recieve any msg)

  • website navigation not very good.

analysis of vakow.com

plus points...

  • 10 digit no. so very esy to post n to subscribe (national msg are free or cheeper than premium no.)

  • u can set a limit on no. of msg's u want to recieve in a day n can also set a time span when u don't want to receive any msg {u can sleep properly}.

  • website design really comfortable

  • no ads so looks like a personalized service

  • can also scrap all ur orkut frens a common sms fwd.


  • very fast now.. msg delievery is almost instantaniou...

  • can be used as an sms blog.

  • creatingan acc from mobile has also been made simple.

  • use of tags really help when searching for a particular type of msg.

negative points... looks like all the negative points have been converted to positive points..

  • no picture msg support  vakow now allows you to send picture msg too...

  • no personal msg allowed {a msg needs to have a score of more than +2 in order to get fwded to ur fren list} but as a matter of fact this also acts as a plus point for some ppl who just want to use this service to fwd n get fwded msg's.   you can now post any msg no minimum score required.

  • simple sms fwd engine so no extra features like poll n quiz.

well this is my analysis if you find any more diff. just add it in the comments.


rg said...

Hey Vaibhav,

Great comparison. Vakow! is a SMS Forwards site as against a group SMSing service and hence the differences.

Would like to point out some things that you have missed:

1. Tags (help organise SMSes in categories which could be subscribed to and searched)
2. Search (if you need a new year SMS just search on Vakow!)
3. Interactive features like comments and favorites

...basically we are more fun :D


HUMDUM said...