September 3, 2008

New & improved Picasa Web Albums,Now Face tag your friends...

For the very first time i have seen a google update in progress... i was just uploading my albums from my pc to picasa webalbums through picasa2 software... and it was a matter of just one refresh and Magic!!! picasa web album just changed its looks... i was surprised my first thought was maybe because i have used much of the storage space its some kindof upgradation to increase space but no i was totally wrong...

It was a Picasa web album update... So what's new:-

  • New and more clean looks...

  • new tab bar for my photos, Favorites and Explore

  • Face tag feature, yes Picasa now identifies faces and allows you to tag them and also offers lots of settings in case you want to hide tags in public album or in certain specific albums.{Quite effective but a bit slow}

  • Linked Galleries now displayed on the sidebar.

  • Discover photos from around the world on the Explore page.

  • Upload photos by email.

  • Add Creative Commons licensing to your photos

  • Increase or decrease the size of thumbnails when you open an album.

But unfortunately now change in storage space, You still have to purchase additional space.

If you find any more changes do comment...

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