December 21, 2008

Telecom Operators to Disconnect 25mn Phones

DoT has instructed operators to disconnect all handsets which do not have an IMEI number from January 6th 2009 - this decision has been taken following Mumbai terror attack.

IMEI number is a unique 15-digit code that can identify a handset to a GSM network (prevents stolen handsets from being used and allows lawful interception) - every time a call is made, the IMEI number shows on the operator’s network. DoT has asked service providers to equip networks with Equipment Identity Register (EIR) to check if calls are being made from genuine handsets -

Operators in order to achieve the same will have to invest more in equipments
What the DoT is trying to do is to block all calls with zeroes as IMEI numbers or from blacklisted numbers. That adds extra load on networks. There are so many combinations of non-genuine IMEI numbers that it is extremely difficult to block them. Network upgradation is required to block all such calls and not all of our multiple equipment vendors are equipped to do it, [ET]

In toto, close to 25 million phones in India do not have IMEI number and are expected to be thrown out of the network by Jan 6, 2009.



Kalash Udapure said...

Practically, technically and legally speaking, its virtually impossible to implement this; secondly validating every call through an EIR is an extremly time consuming process on the network. I dont see it flying!

P@$$iØÑ\/@i(3H@\/ said...

well kalash i think you are right but don't say its impossible it just needs networks up gradations... what the SC is asking is already being used in USA... this is difficult but yes most imp step needed to stop use of stolen handsets n illegal handsets.